Shigaraki in Marvel

Read about a teenagers descent into madness and destruction as he faces the reality of the marvel world. Not only does he face the reality of marvel but also fights with it hand to hand, read about him versus the rest of the world.

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Big Hole

Tomura felt the bullet whiz past his ear, He grabbed Strykers ankle and pulled hard watched the man fall to the floor.

His eyes focused onto Strykers still form and he made his way to his feet, he quickly dropped back to a crouch as bullets whizzed past his head.

He touched the floor hoping his mutation would work but nothing, he snarled and had to suddenly duck out the way of a snarling mutant with shining claws.

Her claws slashed past his quickly retreating face, he was still on his knees as he awkwardly leaned back.

In his peripheral he saw Styrder picking up his gun, he winced and heard dozens of footsteps as the guards quickly ran towards them.

This might be it.

He dodged another claw coming for his face and threw himself to the side when he saw Stryker pull up his gun.

The bang left his ears ringing, he quickly jumped onto Stryder grabbed his gun, turned and fired at the child lunging at him.

Mid way through the shots the gun suddenly decayed in his hand.

Decay is back.

His red eyes widened in relief as using his strength he pushed off the ground and threw himself to the closest soldier and grabbed his arm.

That started the massacre.

In seconds all 38 armed soldiers were torn apart and left in bloody piles on the floor while Stryder watched with wide fearful eyes while X-23s eyes were wide as she tried to find a weak point.

She couldn't, but she still threw herself at the teenager. He dodged out of the way easily from her strikes, now his mutation was back he was faster, stronger.

She couldn't touch him.

Her footclaws were surprising and her fighting style was fluid but it was of no use.

"X-23 I know-" he ducked from a sudden kick "I know a relative of yours, he has the same mutation-" he ducked under a sudden kick "I can bring you too him."

His focus was split between Stryder and X-23. He dodged another swiping kick aimed at his ankles and then in a sudden snapping motion sent a powerful kick into X-23s chest.

She smashed back first into a sparking database. In a flash Tomura had grabbed the already struggling Stryder and pinned his against a wall.

"Tell me, how do I her break her conditioning or whatever the fuck it is!" His hand was wrapped around the man's throat as he pathetically tried to knee the teenager.

X-23 came lunging at him but he lazily kicked her again and sent her back where she came from, he had definitely broken something with that kick.

He slowly started to decay away at the person infront of him who only screamed in pain as his skin rotting away and burned at his bleeding flesh.

"You can't!" He screamed through a hoarse throat "That's how she was raised!" His blood was dripping down Tomuras hand.

He then let go of the man, Stryder dropped to his knees and took in painful deep breaths. Tomura then kicked the man into a nearby wall, he grunted but before he could move Tomura started punching.

After 2 punches his nose was broken and his face was bleeding.

After five punches he couldn't speak.

After ten punches his own mother wouldn't recognise him and a closed casket would be the only option.

The sound of flesh and bone smashing into one another was one sound Tomura never really thought he would enjoy.

Until now.

He stood and looked at the barely breathing body, Tomura was surprised the man was still breathing.

He definitely heard a few cracks and snaps.

Blood dripped down his pale right hand, he turned his head and saw X-23 staring at the body, her eyes were wide.

Her knees looked to be shaking, her breathing was heavy as her hands were dropped down lifeless at her sides.

"You, uh want the last shot?" He asked, he honestly wasn't sure what he was meant to do.

A few still seconds pass the only sound was Stryders heavy breathing and moans of pain.

Her face changed, her wide eyes suddenly narrowed while her open mouth closed and turned into a vicious snarl.

She ran at a speed no regular human would match and plunged her metallic claws straight into the man's chest.

After a few second she pulled the claws out violently and met Tomuras eyes with her own narrowed one's.

"Uh, Follow me" Tomura said as he walked out of the database with the USB in his pocket. "So you were his guard right?"

X-23 nodded.

"You got a name?" He asked.

She nodded

He waited

"Well, uh what is it?" He felt awkward as he asked but pushed forward.

Her eyes narrowed and she scowled up at him "Laura" her voice was clearly even surprising to herself.

He nodded, "Right do you know where the valuables are?" He asked bluntly.

She nodded

"Well lead the way Laura." He gestured for her to take the lead and she did.


He had 3 whole duffel bags filled with stuff that he could sell or Sterns could use back in New York.

Now his final destination, the assassins in training area of the facility.

"You uh, ever talk to these guys?" He asked Laura who shook her head in the negative.

Tomura sighed "They're all mutants?" He asked the girl who only nodded in confirmation.

"Are they any stronger than you?" She quickly shook her head in the negative.

Tomura smiled, right…this would be easy.

He went to the first out of the 20 cells in the room. Inside sat a blank eyed teenager with horns and a large hammerhead shark head.

His eyebrows furrowed but he decayed the glass and the Hammerhead lunged at him, he backed away and tried his best to explain.

"I killed your boss" he dodged a bite "Now I'm freeing you" he said as he dodged a punch followed by another bite.

He kicked the teenager in the stomach and sent him back into his cage.

It took another 3 minutes of explaining while fighting the boy for him to realise the futility and just agree to not attack.

He didn't seem to even grasp the concept of freedom.

So he went around to every cell in the room, beat the mutant up inside while explaining what he was doing.

Some joined him instantly, some took a while, some took ages.

And some didn't accept his offer, but they're kids so he wasn't going to let them die down here.

So he did the humane thing, knocked them out and stuck a bag over the idiots heads with air holes.

One of the nicer assassin mutants happily accepted the job of carrying the 2 people that didn't accept his gift of freedom.

He then sent the assassins in training up the elevator and told them to wait once they got to the top.

If they didn't listen that wasn't his problem.

He and Laura got on the elevator last,

As the elevator rised to the concrete hut he turned to the girl. "How old are you?" She shrugged.

"You don't know?" He asked and she nodded in confirmation.

"Huh" she looked at him oddly "Oh, yeah me too, I think I'm 17…maybe"


They eventually got to the top and surprisingly found all the kid assassins happily waiting while all simultaneously seeming to be enjoying the nature around them.

Except the two knocked out ones, they were just on the floor.

'JEANNN!!' He screamed in his own head, hoping that someho-

'Tomura! Are you okay!'

'That was fast, how did she get back to him so quickly.' He thought to himself.

'Tomura! Are you alright?' His eyebrows furrowed.

'I'm hurt, I need a jet to pick me up ASAP!' He shouted in his head.

'Okay on the way!' Jeans voice rang through his head.

'Don't you need my location?' Tomura asked in his own head.

Jean responded 'No I can find you throu-…what the hell are you doing in Canada?' She asked.

Toruma winced, 'just hurry, I'm bleeding real bad' he didn't want to have to explain the whole situation.

'Okay hold on! Tomura we're on our way!' Jean said.

'Tomura? Are you there! Pressure on the wound!' Jeans voice rang through his head.

'Uhm, yeh it's not life threatening, I probably have a good two hours left in me…just uh hurry!' Tomura responded half heartedly.

Tomura tried to make some conversation, they would probably be here a while longer "you guys wanna see my mutation?"

Laura's eyes seemed to light up and then other kids started to pay attention. "I wanna see your mutation, do it do it." What looked to be a blonde 7-9 year old boy said while bouncing on his toes.

He dropped to a knee, the kids behind him for closer and watched. His palm touched the ground and the floor started to shake as suddenly the grass started to turn to ash.

Then the dirt, the rock and the concrete from the base, all turned to ash in the face of his ability.

Within seconds all that remained of a base that count millions to build was ash. The giant hole in the ground was hundreds of meters deep.

He stood back up and looked at the awe of most of the faces in the crowd as they looked at what used to be their prison.

He nudged Laura "Pretty cool right, aren't you glad you're on my side" she only snorted and walked away.

He admired the hole for a few minutes while keeping the children at least 5 meters away from the death trap he made.

Until he heard the sound of engines, the blackbird had arrived.