Shigaraki in Marvel

Author: RewindTime
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What is Shigaraki in Marvel

Read ‘Shigaraki in Marvel’ Online for Free, written by the author RewindTime, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, MAGIC Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Read about a teenagers descent into madness and destruction as he faces the reality of the marvel world. Not only does h...


Read about a teenagers descent into madness and destruction as he faces the reality of the marvel world. Not only does he face the reality of marvel but also fights with it hand to hand, read about him versus the rest of the world.

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Hope you all enjoy the story, I’ve so far enjoyed writing it and hope to enjoy writing the rest :)


It's been a long time since I've read good stories without a harem, love lines, the main character of the op and the stupidity of the authors


Definitely got some potential, I like that Tomura isn’t just killing everyone for no real reason. That gets old fast, anyway good luck with this story


I like this Shiggy better than the original, he feels like an actual person rather than some spoiled child with power. Like for real even the urge to destroy everything has an actual reason rather than to destroy for the sake of it. T.L.D.R.: It's good, give it a read


every chapter is a spam of "Destroy"....


Reveal spoiler


ch.9 right onwards is the gae school arc. imma just wait till further chapters are not about school and teenage drama and then come back. adios. keep up the gud work.


Been waiting awhile for a shiggy fanfic.


It's a fantastic story, but unfortunately I dislike it. I'm not a big fan of mood changes, it entertained me since I thought he would be a villain who destroyed everything, but seeing the mood changes in each chapter made me embarrassed.


I like this one it's not too bad.i hope that you won't drop this😁😁


Is it possible for you to do a Shigaraki in DC? I have no clue whether this is translation or not since I'm waiting for more chapters before reading. I feel like it would be a lot more interesting if he were to interact with the justice league and yj, considering their extreme difference in both morals and beliefs.


Good start! I like the mc, he seems to have more depth that some. Especially given he doesn’t just destroy anything and everything for the sake of it I guess.


nice ........ .........djdjfbfjfbfjfbfjfjfjdjfjf


Honestly this is one of the best way anyone could've written a shigaraki fanfics, I myself dont like villain mc since its cringe. turning Shigaraki into a morally gray is an S tier decision. now Mr author stopped uploading, it seems he was unable to keep up uploading every two hours. that's rough buddy... The biggest gripe i have with the story is the amount of "filler" some chapter will be just Shigaraki going to do someone chore like the ancient one's. another thing is when is AFO becoming an actual menace? or any progression with the plot? your edging me too much 😭


Reveal spoiler


Very well written novel, just push through the early chapter if it annoys you coz they turns out to be important for worldbuilding and plotbackground.


This author is so goated. They bring out new chapters left and right. I swear their working 24/7.😭


I am enjoying it, the story feels like it’s going in a good direction and I don’t have any issues with it definitely would recommend Awesome work by the author


My first impression was that this was a wish fulfillment power hungry fic, imagine my surprise when shigaraki who is a SI was a genuinely well written character. At first it seemed like a character who didn’t have anything in mind other than killing everyone in sight, but now there’s been genuine connection with other characters he’s interacted with and a genuine progression of his character where he’s also conflicted on hos purpose which was to kill all mutants because of said connections. Not just that the progressiob in power feels very natural and there hasn’t been a showing of him to insta killing everyone in sight as id fear there would be near the beginning of the story.


Good story, like the plot so far.


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