Reborn: The Unexpected Twist
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Reborn: The Unexpected Twist


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What is Reborn: The Unexpected Twist

Read Reborn: The Unexpected Twist novel written by the author ShinSungmi on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering reincarnation, campus, mystery, teen, revenge. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend, Lee Jinhee found herself being heartbroken, and due to her impulse, she got into an accident, leading to her death. But fortunately for her, she was provided with a second chance! Lee Jinhee found herself being satisfied with it! However, what the hell had happened in this life of hers? Why was her best friend and boyfriend acting so strange? Hold on! Why was her best friend, Han Taehee, acting so clingy? Why was her boyfriend, Kim Jaehyun, the one chasing after her this time around? Why was they paying this much attention to her this time around? However, despite the weird changes, Oh Jinhee was determined to make those who had wronged her in her previous life pay!


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So, let me shamelessly review my novel with 5 stars. Honestly, compared to other works I have written before, I have put more consideration and effort into thinking out a plot for this. I tried to go with the cliché plot, but changing it into something that is not so cliché. That's my forte. Unlike my first novel on Webnovel, which was impulsively thought of, I took a lot of time into this and tried my best to leave no plot holes. I tried my best to make the characters, emotions, and scenes be as realistic as possible. So, please give this a try, and I promise to not disappoint!(⌒∇⌒) The female lead gradually develops into a strong character because even if she is reborn and knows the plot line, she's still a human. She'll feel all types of aches and emotions. She'll be confused on her path and sometimes even make wrong decisions. That's because even if normally we're given a second life, we're bound to make some mistakes. The female lead is not invincible; she's just a character like you and me. That's what I'm trying to portray. I'm trying to go as unique as possible so please support me!


Really amazing work author......I recommended this novel to one of my friend and I know she is gonna like it......there is no reason for not like this amazing novel but i can't understand one thing author is taehee a boy or a girl??????why is everything going out of plot after jinhee ribirth????I think this novel has everything suspence, comedy, family drama, a little bit mystery and I think in future there will also romance so I am very exited.....thanks author for this novel🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


Highly recommend this book! i like the character development and writing style it easy to read and the author gets his image across really well! i for one will be reading more! good job author and keep at it!


Okay I'm confused is teahee a girl or a boy and really what going on with there attitude one minute they like her the next minute they don't is this and alternate universe.did she really dead or is she in a dream


When reviewing, I always give each category one extra star to the score. Writing Quality 2: The novel has some grammar errors, that pop up with some frequency, but that's only one reason for this score. The second reason for the low score is how unnatural the writing feels, as if it had been poorly translated from another language, which I would guess to be the case. Stability of Updates 5: Personally, I don't like this category, as sometimes the writer needs more time to finish up a chapter, but may end up sacrificing the quality to keep the release rate, so I always give it a 5. Story Development 2: A basic principle of writing is to show, not tell. Very rarely it occurs in this novel. It's the difference between reading a story and someone telling you how the story goes. One is much more engaging than the other. Character Design 3: Characters have some personality but they don't feel believable. E.G.: Taehee, who keeps throwing herself at MC no matter how much she is pushed away. World Background 4: The author did a good job of describing the world, and I could paint a had a good idea of everything that had happened. Review score (2+5+2+3+4)/5 = 3.2 Score given = (3+5+3+4+5)/5 = 4


Can say more but good. As I think it's interesting to read it. But still....... Why not add more jealous brother also. Who is sis-con in it?


anger before thinking about tomorrow my god I just want my girl my FL to gett an email and be together and be your happy so I can be happy in everybody be happy and in the novel inside with nobody above but it's really good novel


I've read this book until chapter 66, this is my review as far as i read : *writing quality : 8/10 it's really good , the writer is really talented but there is some typo and weird grammar, some of the events feels jumping out of nowhere without bridge *stability of updating : 10/10 It's already completed when i start reading this *story development : 6/10 the face slapping is too little (almost none for me) and the story is a little bit slow to my liking , but it's still fast enough to keep me going on and the story itself keep saying some mystery that make me want to know more *character design: 6/10 I'm sorry but this still feel like another character from any other novel with this two or more male character that suddenly fall in love with MC without rhyme or reason, it kinda confuse me about why jaehyun date her if in her last life he doesn't really like her, the writer too focused in the mystery thing but somehow forgot about love development between character *world background : 6/10 The world background a little bit too simple like our 21st century modern world with some rich family in there This story has so many potential, i wish my review could help the writer to improve in some aspect, and thank you for your beautiful story


Shinsungumi, firstly, i still remember you from the cover thread, and that was where I first read your novels, I'll be blunt, I really like them, no flattery! I like the way you are creative in the romance part, and I like how the story is well paced, something not very common nowadays. I'm just waiting for the next chapter!


You’re definitely missing out if you haven’t added this book in your library yet. The title and synopsis says it all but what’s interesting about this reincarnation/reborn story is the, as stated in the title, the unexpected twist. I was quite surprised to find out that this author was also the one that wrote “Loved him and still loved him”. As expected, this book is just as good (or even better). Writing Quality: The author’s writing style is amazing and their grammar is on point as well. The way they described the characters and scenes were also captures beautifully. It was easy to visualize what was happening. Stability of Updates: I’m not quite sure how frequent the author updates. Story Development: In my opinion, it’s rather early to say anything about the development. So far, the plot and characters have been promising. This definitely won’t disappoint current and future readers.


Half the time i dont understand whats going on, we move from location to location in seconds, everything goes to fast and i feel it is very messy. Nothing is builded up, one chapter we are at a banquet, next chapter we are at a birthday party, and there is no story in between, it just jumps from one moment to a new one... and the characters names are to similar, it takes some time before you start getting who is who.


I will not vote for both males. They both are unfair to her and played with her emotions but taehea and fl intimacy and conversations is eye catching. I'm looking forward to it, how author will mould this story


you should just leave my girl alone because she does not want to buy right you left her and she's not a boyfriend because you don't as well with that is just being selfish I don't think that he is a girl I think she's a boy I think she's still want I was wearing a mask the man that was only mask because I have a crush on her because she he acting just like a man


The first thing I noticed was the name Taehee. I used this name once in one of my novels. XD But Jaehyun cheating? :( My NCT heart. :( I'm reviewing based on the synopsis alone. I'll drop another review after I catch up with the latest chapter!


This is a review of the first seventeen chapters. The main character, Jinhee, was run over by a truck right after finishing her final exams for her university degree. She is reborn into her freshman high school body. Her life prior to rebirth was filled with bullying from her immediate family and the death of her loving distant family members. She becomes the rare heroine who prioritizes keeping the people she loves alive over person vengeance. The story is unique in having a heroine who concentrates on increasing the love/friendships in her live over revenge. There are some disappointing aspects. Chapters tend to not connect with the previous one. This leads to sudden jumps in time and locations that seem to come out of nowhere. Additionally, the author puts in a lot of effort to describe a character, but then has the character act contrary to the former characterization. There are also a scattering of grammar errors.


I really like the plot....which is something new....until now I have read many reincarnation story but this is something new...but I got confused between characters due to their similar names.


The story flows without any problems, you go from chapter 1 to chapter 10 in a blink and that's a good thing 😜. Definitely worth to read. Looking forward for more


Reveal spoiler


I usually finish the books that I read but this time, I couldn't... There is a lot of mistakes in this book (not the grammatical ones) they're just too confusing... It's still bugging me that I didn't finish it properly, I really doubt that I'll come back to it tho.


This story really stands on its title with many twisted plot and lot of mysteries. Should add on your library if you want something unique about reincarnation story! Definitely not a cliche! Trust me that you need to work up your mind to figure up what is the next plot!


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