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Princess Assassin


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This story is slow-burn to show the characters' desires and emotions properly. The ML will appear in Chapter 28. If you'd like to skip the earlier chapters, you can go ahead to Chapter 28, where the main story begins. Chapters 1-28 give a glimpse of Yohana's life before she's resurrected in Runa's body. They also contain hints for several mysteries, but not major ones that would disrupt your reading flow. ___ [updated daily] Yohana, a skilled and relentless assassin, is killed after eliminating a prostitute. But she returns from the dead and finds herself in the body of the prostitute, who turns out to be the former princess. Now Yohana must unravel the mystery of her death while navigating high society as she assumes a new identity. As she uncovers the truth, she faces unexpected allies, enemies, and love, challenging her at every step. ___ Instagram: merakiconstellation Discord: merakifiction Join my discord channel here https://discord.gg/dgHBGW84