Prince of Sentinels Book

novel - Fantasy

Prince of Sentinels


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Do you like magic? Yes? Do you like advanced technology? Yes? Do you like fascinating and unique worlds? Yes? Do you possibly like steampunk? Not sure? Well, then give it a try. Set in a steampunk world, our lovely main character transmigrated into a body named Silas von Sterling. Encountering challenge after challenge, he struggles to adjust to this new world, while also trying to figure out what exactly his previous body had been up to before dying. Illegal drugs? Illegal tech? Illegal connections? Getting kicked and banned from one of the most prestigious academies in the country? So, hey, give my book a shot and I promise my world will captivate you! Extra Tags - Steampunk, Unique System, Aether, Magic, Magic Evolution, Quests, Mystical Creatures, Mystery, Intruiging World, Science and Sorcery, Transcendence, Innovation, World-Building, Enchanted Academies, Character Development The cover is not mine. if you are the artist and would like it taken down, plz dm me