Obtaining 10x rewards! Reincarnated into a novel as a side-character!

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What is Obtaining 10x rewards! Reincarnated into a novel as a side-character!

Read Obtaining 10x rewards! Reincarnated into a novel as a side-character! novel written by the author WinterDragon_1 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


After being hit by a car, Oliver wakes up only to find himself reincarnated as the 4th young master in one of the most powerful clans in the world. However, just after his birth, he is declared to be useless by his mother. Devastated, he later realizes that he has been born into the world of a novel that he used to read. This world is plagued by war between exorcists and demons, where only the strong survive while the weak are devoured. In such a cruel world where death is only a mile away, he, born without talent, is expected to only suffer his whole life until he hears it... [Ding! Conditions met. Binding System has been activated.] A system that guarantees a 10x reward... [Ding! Target has awakened one of the 4 special eyes!] [Obtaining 10 times the reward....] [Host has awakened the...] It is not only a matter of time before he can reach the top of the world and live comfortably! _____________________________ Patreon: https://tinyurl.com/winterdragon573 Discord server: https://discord.gg/YXHmERu2mH

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5 stars because it is. Different from typical settings.


Author, please update faster! This novel is so good. Was getting sick of cultivation novels with pathetic brainless mc. Finally a novel where MC has a good brain and the system is also 10X reward system! Upload faster and I'll give you more coins.


Honest reviews are here.. [Spoiler Alert] This novel is about an MC who reincarnated into a novel world and was born in one of the most powerful families in the world.. But MC can be considered as a trash by his family due to lack of mana affinity. Hence, he was unable to become an exorcist, whose purpose was to fight against the demon.. Actually, he got his golden finger "the binding system" since he was born but unable to use it due to the way the families treat him.. He has been locked in the room and unable to meet anyone except guard, teacher, and maid.. MC, as someone who has knowledge about this novel world, the future event, and important character who plays an important role, he tries to use a binding system with his twin sister.. This novel is not like wuxia or xianxia, it give a different feeling.. It kinda nice that I found this novel.. Except for the fact that I found it too earlier.. It just has 33 chapters for now.. I feel it is not enough.. I need more.. Also, I hope there is no love between siblings.. The 10 times reward is also good.. Some novels have some things like 10,000 fold system or 1 million times rewards, but even after 10,000 fold rewards, the item/treasure just improved slightly, like one rank higher only.. But this novel is different.. The 10 times reward is really give a huge improvement, like it has evolved the treasure/pill for 10 times.. I hope it stays like this and not weakening the effect..


Only 17 chapters, but I enjoyed every single one of them. This is a five star and I can easily see this novel going big. Worth!!!


Fairly common tropes mash well together with unique world backgrounds, or well, not so common ones. The author does a good job at baiting readers with the usual tropes and then actually offers them an actual, proper story with some soul to it, well done


The premise of the story is very good but the progress of the plot is very slow so that makes the story very boring to read and there are too many cliffhangers in this book (I mean almost every chapter in this book ends up with a cliffhanger)


While I believe this story has a lot of potential, author needs to stop repeating sentences and delaying the story. Also, please stop explaining every single detail about how everyone is going to behave if something "would" happen and instead just show us things actually happening. example: how the elders would behave if the MC killed a main branch character, like bro, we get it without you saying the hypothetical scenario, so stop delaying the story and get on with it.




honestly the book is good, but the author lacks the ability to convey. He overexplains, repeats, drags a scene for far too long, destroys the charcters personality he built by making them say and do dumb stuff…there’s so much I can talk about. Author a message to you. Idk if it’s ur greed to pump out more chapters, but ur quality has drastically fallen after starting premium. This is how you lose fans. It’s honestly disappointing.


Reveal spoiler


So far so good don’t drop this it’ll disappoint me tremendously




Give meeeeeeeeee more chapterrrrrrsssssss plz 👀


1. world building: 5star-good 2. characters:4star-good but nothing special 3. grammar:okay ig 4. powers and background: 10/10, one of the best


Reveal spoiler


it's a unique novel. Hope the author can give faster updates 😜


Honestly this is a good story. The Author slowly to moderately speeds up world building but that's fine. he post one story a day which is good on my book. The characters including the MC hardly get any tetails. The story overall is well made and will keep you hook till the 2×ad wall pops up on you.


Reveal spoiler


I really enjoyed this book. The way the characters of the story go together. It's a different way looking at the story. I was able to see a new perspective from how the Author would be apart of the story. It is very exciting to see how the Butterfly Effect takes place. Especially when it is the author changing the very nature of a story he himself wrote. I hope to be able to read and experience more from this series.


This is truly a masterpiece of art. MC has an intelligent mind The novel is beautiful in every sense of the word. If only it had many chapters, I would have been addicted to it, and I am actually addicted to it now[img=recommend]


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