Falling Stardust

Author: QingDomCom
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What is Falling Stardust

Read Falling Stardust novel written by the author QingDomCom on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, r18, comedy, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


To protect my family, I became a Devil. To protect my people, I became a God. In Semeria, the war for cultivation resources is as old as time and as constant as the rising and of the sun. Even in the Abandoned Region, where the energy was so poor and polluted that one wouldn’t send their worst enemy there, had endless conflicts for resources. Humans had been living in this nightmare made a reality, fighting over what anyone else on the continent would consider crumbs for millions of years. Enter Xasha, husband, father, patriarch, Genius, artificer, creationist, and leader of the Falling Stardust Trading Company, who learns the truth of the world from three remnant souls he met on a journey. Having learned they had been living like frogs in a well. Humanity reluctantly united under Xasha’s rule and sets off. Determined to rise from their standing and one day ruling the entire continent. Xasha soon realizes their strength, even combined, was the weakest on the continent. To become stronger, they needed better resources. But all the lands had landlords and all the resources had owners. He could not turn back, they could not give up. He had a person to elevate, a family to care for, and a daughter who had a powerful and mysterious entity eyeing her from afar, to protect. In order to achieve any of his goals, any of humanity's goals. Those landlords had to die, their people had to be pillaged, and their lands had to be plundered. He inadvertently fell into the cycle. According to the Laws of cultivation. Law of Cultivation: To cultivate: acquire and retain resources. To acquire resources: plunder and pillage. To retain resources: Leave none Alive.

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Volume 1 :Estia's Embrace
Volume 2 :Becoming a Villian
Volume 3 :Mountains and seas


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Author's comments. "At the root of it, Falling Stardust is about overcoming hardships, learning from mistakes, having trust in those around you, and finding one's place in this world. It is a coming-of-age story but also a one-man against the world story that will have you on the edge of your seats. Don't believe me? Try it and see."


First off, I dislike giving 5 stars as I feel there can always be something improved upon. However, try as I might, I just can’t find what that is with this novel. My absolute most favorite thing that this author has done is their character design. Even in a lot of fantasy books it’s simple run of the mill colors and names. That was NOT the case here. It starts off with such amazing character color and description in the first paragraph alone. At one point I did get a LITTLE confused with some of the names because they were so similar. Many X names. But this is still not something to be marked down on. It just means I probably read too fast and missed important details. Either way, I would ask the author to take that into advisement. The second thing was the world. If looked at from outside it would feel similar to an open world game that had soooo much going on it leaves the player overwhelmed. However, while it does feel very massive, the author eases you into very smoothly. Taking it from the viewpoint of a student and teaching the reader as the student also learns. It was very cleverly done. They built the school and the world architect with beautiful detail. While I did enjoy the chaoters I read, there is one critique I have. Well… maybe two haha the first is a problem with me haha the Storybis too in depth for my reading style right now. I’m unable to divest the time that would be required to fully take in this massive world. Again, that’s not on the Author, but me. Secondly, I was looking for more history between Blossom and Xeik. It’s brought out that she brought him into his social skills but not what he was like before. I wish that had been mentioned possibly off key before or even DURING the first exam. Beautifully written and well thought out. Bravo author!


There's a lot going on in the first few chapters and it may feel a little crowded because of all the character names. I know, it made me dizzy too. But the story is well-written, shame the MC got a girl. Makes me want to kill him for having a girlfriend before me.


Reveal spoiler


This is novel reminds me of anime. Author has loads of characters, sets up in an academy, and powers. What more can one ask for? Each character is unique and entertaining. I think Author also does a great job in moving from one character to the other. I am interested in each character’s growth this jam packed novel. Well done author!


Magical in all aspect, just needs a little touch here and there especially grammar. I think the uniquely-built characters are the best gems here. Overall an enjoyable read [img=recommend]


This book has been moved so many times, hopefully this is the last. Anyway, this is One of the most underated novels on the entire site. Read it and thank me later


This story is all things you are used to, told in an entirely new way. It's familiar and refreshing at the same time. Before, I had a bit of tiff with the author about format. This time around, it was cleanly formatted, a mix between my favorite one lines and the sensible four lines. The language is easy flowing, story is depicted in front of your eyes as you read onwards. Try it. It just might prove to be your cup of coffee !!!


Wow, epic. After reading the synopsis I could tell that I was in for a treat. As a fellow author I can say that this novel is great! Awesome world building and interesting plot.


An amazing novel. The world-building, and I mean not just the world itself, but all the characters is overwhelming at first, but compelling to the point of insanity. <3


Honestly, this was an amazing story. I didn't expect to get hookef from the start, everything from the characters and the world is amazing! Keep up the good work author!


Here are my honest thought about this novel based from what I read so far, World Building: The world-building is pretty interesting with a lot of interesting locations such as a flying city and a unique type of landscape. But, I do believe the author will expand more about the whole world itself to make it more interesting to be explore. I also like the author put some kind of lore in this novel in a form of showing. Character: Xasha as the main character is pretty decent and quite original compare to some MC in webnovel. Yes, he have a relantionship with Blossom that I believe the author will expand more and he is an easy going guy too. I also can't wait for the future development he will have in the futures. As for the side characters, they all seem fine especially that they have a distinct personality with one another. However, I want to give some suggestion for the side character to have a significant role and development to make the story much more interesting. I am also sorry to say this especially this is quite my nitpicky advice. I suggest the author to give more showing about the character reaction and even feeling, so it can make character more fleshed out and deeper to understand or in simplest way, reduce the telling for the character. Overall, that's all I have to say about this novel and I do believe this novel has a potential. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!


The story was/is quite an interesting read. The author uses an above-average writing style in comparison to the usual novels you find here on WN. Characters are as colourful as their varying hair colours.


Reveal spoiler


This is the most well written we novels I've had in a long time! The worldbuilding is second to none. The characters are so distinct and lifelike. Their personalities are all unique and don't feel robotic at all!


It was a good read. I liked the starting and the grammatical errors were minimilisatic so far. My favorite character was Alexi. I wish that he gets Ari. The author has done a good job. Looking forward to read more [img=update][img=update][img=update]


Where do I even start!! first of all the world building is one of the best I have seen in a looong time, the writing quality is genuinely top tier and ngl im a bit jealous. The characters are very well fleshed out and the interactions between them is one of the best I have ever see. This is a certified page turner and infinite potential. Best of luck author!!


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being a faster reader making it to chapter 27 (even though it might not be enough for a review) I’m giving a 4.8 star to this because I could unlike other stories(not that I’m saying others are bad) this would make a great story to watch instead of just reading. I love the characters with their own unique character traits or looks. And you written what you said you would write unlike some. And if there is other things that I’d like to say is LOVE ITTTT!!!! And I better hope that your novel would be noticed more! Ah by the way I’ll mention your story once in the chapter that I have this week. The reason I gave this rate was because you can get better in some areas of the story. [img=coins][img=exp][img=recommend][img=fp]


This is a masterpiece. The plot, descriptions, and flow of the story are top-notch. The pacing of the story makes it enjoyable to read. Well done, author.


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