Obtaining 10x rewards! Reincarnated into a novel as a side-character!

After being hit by a car, Oliver wakes up only to find himself reincarnated as the 4th young master in one of the most powerful clans in the world. However, just after his birth, he is declared to be useless by his mother. Devastated, he later realizes that he has been born into the world of a novel that he used to read. This world is plagued by war between exorcists and demons, where only the strong survive while the weak are devoured. In such a cruel world where death is only a mile away, he, born without talent, is expected to only suffer his whole life until he hears it... [Ding! Conditions met. Binding System has been activated.] A system that guarantees a 10x reward... [Ding! Target has awakened one of the 4 special eyes!] [Obtaining 10 times the reward....] [Host has awakened the...] It is not only a matter of time before he can reach the top of the world and live comfortably! _____________________________ Patreon: https://tinyurl.com/winterdragon573 Discord server: https://discord.gg/YXHmERu2mH

WinterDragon_1 · Fantasy
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153 Chs

Eternal Twelve Lies Palm! The 12 illusions!

Chapter 75

Not only that, but he also felt that using [Cosmic Void Gaze] would be too easy for them. It would be less painful for them if he directly attacked their minds and was done with it. He did not want to give them the same treatment he had given the 2nd brother.

They were the ones who had actually beaten him, not the 2nd brother, and thus they deserved an equal amount of punishment from his hands, which had been itching for a while. Using [Cosmic Void Gaze] would be less painful for them; beating them with his own hands was far more satisfying given the treatment they had given him the last time.



Another clash of her sword against his axe. She could not help but grit her teeth when she saw how tenacious he was, even after being pierced by her sword. It was as if he was a wall she could not breach no matter what she did. He was strong.