Obtaining 10x rewards! Reincarnated into a novel as a side-character!

After being hit by a car, Oliver wakes up only to find himself reincarnated as the 4th young master in one of the most powerful clans in the world. However, just after his birth, he is declared to be useless by his mother. Devastated, he later realizes that he has been born into the world of a novel that he used to read. This world is plagued by war between exorcists and demons, where only the strong survive while the weak are devoured. In such a cruel world where death is only a mile away, he, born without talent, is expected to only suffer his whole life until he hears it... [Ding! Conditions met. Binding System has been activated.] A system that guarantees a 10x reward... [Ding! Target has awakened one of the 4 special eyes!] [Obtaining 10 times the reward....] [Host has awakened the...] It is not only a matter of time before he can reach the top of the world and live comfortably! _____________________________ Patreon: https://tinyurl.com/winterdragon573 Discord server: https://discord.gg/YXHmERu2mH

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Honorable Stars Essence! Getting ready to meet Nadia again!

Chapter 38

The [Sovereign Strike of Infinite Freedom] was an extraordinarily powerful rapier technique from the knowledge he had obtained.

According to the information, this technique was so strong that it could pierce through an army of armed soldiers when mastered to perfection!

Not only that, but its name was derived from the [Press of Liberty.]

The [Press of Liberty] was created by an ancient exorcist who excelled in rapier combat. He had no rivals when it came to using a rapier at that time, and he used his skills to fight against the tyranny of the lord of the kingdom where he lived and his army, ultimately freeing thousands of slaves from the tyrant.

Later, the exorcist fought against demons until his last breath in order to let every single person on Earth be free of their fear of demons.

This rapier technique at that time was not named by the exorcist but by the people who recorded his art and skills.

Due to his admirable attitude of providing everyone freedom and liberty, this art of rapier was later called the [Press of Liberty] as it helped countless people achieve liberty.

The ancient exorcists were unparalleled when it came to refining their arts and exorcism techniques.

The [Sovereign Strike of Infinite Freedom], a technique obtained after evolving the [Press of Liberty] tenfold, was undoubtedly better.

Using this martial art could help him exorcise an entire legion of demons at its full power, which was terrifying.

Of course, he must master this technique first for all that to happen.

From Nadia, although he received tenfold rewards, the training experience he received, however, was also tenfold, but the requirements for the evolved techniques were also much higher than the normal ones.

So, he must put in his own hard work to be able to master the technique, or else his own body would not be able to endure the burden of using such overpowered techniques in the future.

He also felt it was reasonable; otherwise, it wouldn't make any sense.

"I found the answer to my earlier question..." He looked excited as he found out from the experience he gained from Nadia about how to properly control and coordinate his body and mind with his line of sight and strength.

Holding onto the branch, he closed his eyes and focused in front of him. He slowly aligned the branch straight in line with his chest.

A moment went by, and he stood still; the world around him was still at this moment in his mind, he was alone in this world, no one was there to disturb his calm.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and made a forward motion with the wooden branch.



A strong shockwave blasted through the trees, wrecking them.

The branch he was holding onto was also destroyed, unable to bear the load.

Oliver looked in front of him; just the shockwave produced from his strike was enough to graze through the toughness of these thick tree trunks.

He could only imagine how strong an esper-infused strike of this technique would be.

Looking at what was left of the branch in his hand, he felt satisfied. He should get himself a decent weapon soon.

"But for now... it's time to finally awaken an attribute."


Oliver returned to his courtyard and got out the black box that he had received from Jenna.


With a clicking sound, he opened the box and saw the syringe containing the seaweed-green colored liquid.

He hadn't forgotten about this mystical thing at all; instead, he had been reading the documents Jenna had given him, plus the exorcist web, to learn about this strange liquid.

Although he could not find many clues about this syringe on the exorcist web, he was able to obtain information from the Codex web.

This liquid in the syringe was called the Honorable Stars Essence, a mysterious essence that was concocted during a special phenomenon when the planets were aligned in a certain order. It required many precious materials to be made, from the dew of stars to lunar lotus.

Overall, this was a very rare and expensive potion that could not be bought with money alone. It required connections with expert alchemists.

Oliver felt it was a waste to drink it on his own; he wanted to give it to Nadia and receive tenfold benefits, but over the past weeks, he could not get an opportunity to enter that area.

Those brats had ordered guards not to let him enter... he knew the guards would obey their duty and wouldn't dare to be careless.

Plus, he was sure that even if the brats had not told the guards, the state he put his second brother into would definitely raise serious concern among his backers in the clan, which would lead to tighter security of the area.

Any unauthorized person would need to undergo a serious scan to enter the central area... and he was sure they would find the Honorable Stars Essence instantly if they scanned him.

He was quite in a bind at the moment.

Oliver, however, was not one to give up easily.

He must make Nadia drink this no matter what. This was for his own benefit as well as hers.

So, to counter the tight security measures in place, he had come up with two ways.

The first way was to use his lazy cat to secretly reach out to Nadia.

What he meant by that was that he would have to let this cat of his carry the Honorable Stars Essence and give it to Nadia safely.

Although it would involve the clan guardian knowing about his affiliation with the Black Codex Federation, and he honestly had no idea how she would react to that, overall, it was a risky gamble that he wanted to avoid.

So, he felt more inclined towards the second approach, which was to abuse his newfound powers that he had gained.

It was now the moment for him to make use of some of his cards...


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