Naruto: Mihawk Template

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What is Naruto: Mihawk Template

Read ‘Naruto: Mihawk Template’ Online for Free, written by the author plotplanner, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Transmigrated into the Naruto world with nothing but Mihawk's Template, follow Ryujiro as he forges his path to power in...


Transmigrated into the Naruto world with nothing but Mihawk's Template, follow Ryujiro as he forges his path to power in the world of shinobi. If you want to support me and read advance chapters, please visit: patreon.com/plotplanner

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5 stars because why not? Even though sometimes Danzo can be annoying




All though the powerscaling is a bit off. The story itself is pretty good 😃


A story that keeps you engaging & keeps your interest to read. Hope it reaches it's grand completion on it's journey. 🙏


if in a story there is the Mihawk or something like his model, you can be sure that the story will be a blast lol good's chapter 10/10 ✡🎗☤❄


I love the way the plot is right now so I want to see where this goes and see if it stays as good as it is because some fanfictions start to go down hill so I hope it stays this quality if so I'll read it till the end.


Overused idea but written well so far, I really like the story as of chapter 9, will definitely want more. 5 stars


Good start for now, lets see where this goes


conqueror haki is impossible for a ninja who do things according to villages command so either he goes rouge nin or have a big fight with konaha


you are doing good job author with the book it's good see a different approach on this topic




its honestly fun to read op and naruto fans arguing about the power system lol anyway honestly its good ill recommend to read this and read the comments of all paragraph lol i laughed so hard


very good story and development of the storyline


Everything was good... The only downside was actually my knowledge of the Naruto world. so it was hard to catch up on who the nation,characters,and powers were. I had to search it up. so nothing on you, it was just hard to catch up on the story.


Good story, waiting for more chapterss......


It's a great Naruto fanfiction!! I like it!!! 👍👍 It have a very great story/plot and great english/translation.. The grammar is great too... I don't mind about MC/Ryujiro is too op (as long as he's not become strong in instaneous / he still need training or time to get stronger, then it's ok).. I like Mihawk template, he's one of my favourite character.. He's so strong without chakra, but it still can be done in Naruto world.. But I think MC 2nd template (Aizen) is a little too absurd/strong,, how MC/Ryujiro play with soul like he experiment to create hollow is wrong.. There should be no hollow in Naruto, because who can defeat it?? Can't wait to see next chapter author san.. Keep up the great job 😁👍😍😍


it really amazing to read this book. Everytime I read a new chapter I'm amazed on how good it is. I just wish it update new chapters faster so that I can read more .




👍 sigue actualizando ...................................................................................................................................


It makes one of my favorite anime characters an puts home in a very good anime.


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