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Chapter 14: Slicing Off Mountain

The day before the start of school, Ryujiro woke up to sudden news the next morning.

That news was about Naruto stealing the Scroll of Seals.

This made Ryujiro somewhat silent. Has history not been altered?

Or was there a force manipulating this world, perhaps him?

The Sage of Six Paths.

The legendary ancestor of ninjas, the founder of Ninshu. 

Although the Sage of Six Paths no longer walked the earth, he continued to watch over the ninja world from the afterlife.

As a legendary figure, Ryujiro didn't want to draw the attention of this old geezer.

After all, his own strength was limited now. Even if he fully unlocked the template of Mihawk, his strength couldn't compare to Hagoromo.

Just his Planetary Devastation was enough to give Ryujiro a headache.

At this moment, Ryujiro had arrived at Naruto's doorstep.

He knocked.

Naruto, still groggy from sleep, opened the door and was momentarily stunned by Ryujiro's presence.

"Ryujiro, what brings you here?" Naruto asked in surprise.

Ryujiro swiftly entered Naruto's room, followed by a series of Naruto's pained cries echoing from inside.

After a while, Naruto had three large bumps on his head. He covered his head and yelled indignantly, "Ryujiro, why did you hit me?"

"Why did you steal the Scroll?"

Naruto's expression instantly stiffened, then he awkwardly chuckled. "Ryujiro, how did you know?"

Ryujiro looked at Naruto with a knowing gaze. "Alright, stop pretending and just be honest."

"I just heard from Mizuki-sensei that the Scroll of Sealing contains many interesting ninjutsu, so I wanted to take a look."

"And then?"

"Then Mizuki-sensei suddenly tried to ambush me. After I gave him a beating, Iruka-sensei came and took me to see the Hokage."

"And then I came back."

So, it was Mizuki after all.

But this plot did undergo some changes. Mizuki got beaten by Naruto, and Iruka didn't suffer any fatal injuries. Though the alterations were minor, they still affected the original storyline.

"Show me what you've learned."

Ryujiro said casually.

Naruto became flustered and widened his eyes in shock. "Whoa! Ryujiro, you even know about that?"

Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu!

*Bam bam bam—*

The room suddenly filled with many Naruto clones. Naruto's house was already small, and with so many clones gathering, it became even more crowded.

Indeed, Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Ryujiro wasn't surprised; in fact, he found it quite normal.


"Hey! Stop pushing me!"

"You're the one pushing me!"

"It's you! It's you!"

"It's you..."

Naruto's clones started arguing, and the room instantly became noisy.

People outside heard and thought Naruto was up to something in the house.

After dispelling the clones, Naruto wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Do you want me to teach you this jutsu?"

Naruto smirked temptingly.

"No need. I'm not interested."

Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu consumed too much chakra, and it could even drain one's chakra reserves in an instant because of the enormous amount required. 

That's why it was classified as a forbidden jutsu. Only someone like Naruto, who was an Uzumaki and has access to Nine-Tails chakra, could use it without hesitation.

Naruto's face stiffened.

He thought he could tempt Ryujiro with forbidden techniques, but who would've thought Ryujiro wasn't interested at all.

"Ryujiro! But this is a forbidden jutsu! A forbidden jutsu!"

"Oh, so what?"

"Isn't a forbidden jutsu powerful? I can now finally beat you."

Naruto: "..."

Can't have any fun anymore!

Naruto, disheartened, lowered his head and, like Sasuke the day before, fell into silence, a sign of disappointment. Truly, they were good buddies.

The relationship between Naruto and Sasuke was still good, although they sometimes bickered due to the competitive nature, typical of children their age.

These two sets of good buddies had a pretty good relationship now.

In the subsequent school life, Ryujiro continued to send shadow clones to school, and only during major exams would his real self appear.

As for Hinata, due to her family reasons, even though she could use shadow clones now, she still went to school in person.

And so… Time passed…


At the edge of a cliff, Ryujiro, now towering at 1.77 meters (5'8"), stood. In the eyes of his peers, Ryujiro seemed like a giant.

Hinata and Naruto stayed far away because that's what Ryujiro instructed them to do.

"What are you doing, Ryujiro?" Naruto asked, puzzled.

In the next moment, Hinata suddenly widened her eyes and looked at Ryujiro. In an instant, her eyes contracted sharply.

That momentum!

Ryujiro sword exuded a Flying aura, and his dark green eyes gleamed with a divine light.

Armament Haki!

Black Blade! Flash!


A sharp sword sound was heard as a massive black slash soared into the sky, reaching a height of seventeen or eighteen meters.

In the air, even the white clouds parted as the black slash split them in two. A storm erupted, overturning everything around.


Underneath the black slash, not far away, a mountain peak was severed right before Hinata and Naruto's eyes. 

The mountain crumbled, shrouding everything in a cloud of dust, even attracting the attention of the Third Hokage in the village.

At this moment, the Uchiha clan, Anbu, and Root all rushed toward the sliced off mountain peak.

"The mountain... the mountain was destroyed by Ryujiro!"

"Oh my god! Is Ryujiro a monster?"

"Can the Third Hokage really slice a mountain peak?"

Even Naruto began to doubt if the Hokage of the village could beat Ryujiro.

Hinata, at this moment, was shocked speechless, unable to calm her heart for a long time.


That slash! It's the power of an S-Rank ninjutsu!


Even an S-Rank ninjutsu couldn't slice a mountain peak.

Just how terrifying is Ryujiro's strength!


Ryujiro exhaled heavily, and the sharp edge in his eyes gradually faded away.

A year ago, Ryujiro had already stepped into the realm of the Great Swordsman, but within that year, he still wasn't a match for Mihawk in his mental world.

Because Mihawk in his mental world belonged to his peak. Even though Ryujiro had stepped into the realm of the Great Swordsman, he still wasn't Mihawk's match.

[Character Template: Dracule Mihawk]

[Character Unlock Progress: 73.3%]

Though Ryujiro would still eventually lose to Mihawk, it wouldn't be as disastrous as before.

And now, what he severed was just a small mountain peak, while Mihawk's slash could effortlessly split a large mountain peak in two.

There was still a gap between him and Mihawk.


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