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Chapter 16: Kakashi Hatake

Itachi's eyes contracted, and a few more shurikens appeared in his hand.

The moment they were thrown, Itachi quickly formed seals.

Fire Style! Phoenix Fire Jutsu!

From Itachi's mouth, several fireballs were continuously spewed out, the scorching heat causing the surrounding temperature to rise.

But under Ryujiro's Observation Haki, he had already anticipated what Itachi would do.

"Clang! Clang! Clang!"

All the shurikens were deflected.

Ryujiro's sword blocked the attack from Itachi behind him.

Once again, the kunai broke into two pieces.

"Even with your eyes closed, you can sense my location."

"Such a terrifying perception."

Itachi's expression became unusually serious. 

The combat experience and mature mindset displayed by the young man in front of him were not something that could be possessed at his age.

In the next moment, a fierce aura emanated from Ryujiro.

Instantly, Itachi felt a sense of threat and quickly distanced himself from Ryujiro.

Yet even so, Ryujiro's figure seemed to disappear, and the next moment he appeared in front of Itachi.

In an instant he drew his sword!

Black Blade! Flash!


At the moment the blade flashed, an extremely dazzling light deprived Itachi Uchiha of his sight.


Behind Itachi, the continuous spread of the slash extended for forty to fifty meters, like a monstrous beast destroying everything underfoot.

The ground cracked and trembled uncontrollably. In the instant of the slash's spread, it exploded with a thunderous roar.

The shockwave rushed forth, like a hurricane, snapping trees and covering the sky with dust. Under the slash, the scattered stones turned into nothingness.

Itachi stiffly turned his head, his face filled with horror as he looked at the abyss behind him.

The two statues of the Valley of the End also showed cracks.


Itachi couldn't help but swallow hard, staring at Ryujiro in horror.

"This... is your strength?"

At this moment, Ryujiro had already sheathed his sword.

If he hadn't held back in that moment of vulnerability, Itachi might have died under his sword. 

However, Ryujiro didn't do that because there was no killing intent from Itachi; it was just an ordinary confrontation.


Ryujiro opened his eyes, his gaze fixed on Itachi.

"How many times can you perform such a slash?"

Itachi looked gravely at Ryujiro.

Ryujiro glanced at Itachi indifferently and said calmly, "This is just an ordinary slash."

"Such a power can be used effortlessly."

Itachi stood still for a long time, dumbfounded. As a cold and aloof figure in this world, Itachi was as stunned as a log.

Such a slash, comparable to an S-rank ninjutsu, could be unleashed, casually ?!

Is what he said true or false?

Regardless of its truth, Ryujiro at such a young age already possessed the strength of a Kage. Thinking of this, Itachi could no longer remain calm.

If this news spread throughout the entire ninja world, it would likely cause a sensation.

Such swordsmanship was already more terrifying than the former White Fang.

If a casual strike is an S-rank ninjutsu, who in this ninja world could threaten Ryujiro?

"Did we make too much noise?"

"It seems someone is coming."

Ryujiro's Observation Haki sensed several auras rapidly approaching. 

Perhaps because of the commotion caused by the previous slash, it attracted the attention of the Konoha Village ninjas.

Itachi furrowed his brow. He didn't detect any ninjas within his sensing range. 

No matter how skilled the Konoha Village's sensing department was, they probably couldn't match up to Ryujiro's perception.

"If possible, I hope you can take care of Sasuke for me..."

Itachi's words echoed faintly in the valley.

Ryujiro clicked his tongue and then turned his head, casting a serious glance at another location.

Just now, that place.

Was it Obito?

Troublesome. If that guy sets his sights on them, it won't be good.

Just as Ryujiro turned around, several voices suddenly appeared in front of him.

Kakashi Hatake, Asuma Sarutobi, Might Guy.

Might Guy looked at the changes in the landscape not far away and exclaimed in shock:

"What happened here?"

"This situation seems similar to when that mountain peak was cut off in Konoha."

"Has the terrain been altered?"

Seeing the cracks extending tens of meters deep, the three Jonin fell into contemplation, then unconsciously shifted their gaze to Ryujiro.

"This kid looks familiar."

"Oh! I remember now, speaking of which, Kakashi."

"This guy is hailed as a genius who can rival you. His swordsmanship is said to be as exquisite as Sakumo-sensei."

"Did Sakumo-san secretly have another kid behind your back?"

Asuma teased with a wicked smile.


Asuma noticed Kakashi's unfriendly gaze and quickly shut his mouth, not saying another word. 

In terms of strength, he was no match for Kakashi. After all, Kakashi's reputation as the Copy Ninja had already spread to the other four major ninja villages.

Kakashi's dark expression gradually softened, and then he carefully scrutinized Ryujiro in front of him.

This young man was not simple; his unique aura and the sword at his waist completely concealed his sharpness.

Even if they had never met before, Kakashi could feel the extraordinary nature of the young man in front of him.

"Young man, do you know what just happened here?"

Might Guy grinned and asked.

Facing the three Jonin, Ryujiro's expression remained unchanged, but his gaze lingered on Kakashi for a long time.

So this was the legendary Kakashi Hatake.

Regardless of who his opponent was, it seemed like he always had an equal chance of winning, like he had some plot armor. 

You say Kakashi is strong, right?

He wasn't particularly strong, just slightly stronger than an elite Jonin. With the use of Kamui, Kakashi's strength might already be close to that of a Kage.

But during the Pain invasion, Kakashi and the Six Paths of Pain could fight evenly, or even might have a slight advantage. Then there were later fights with Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Otsutsuki...

His strength increased according to the opponent's strength.


Kakashi felt Ryujiro's gaze and expression becoming somewhat unnatural.

"Ryujiro, what exactly happened here? Don't be afraid, even if that person comes again, the three of us have the power to fight him."

Asuma thought Ryujiro might have been scared by something that happened earlier, so he comforted him.

Ryujiro couldn't be bothered to even look at him, calmly saying, "Itachi Uchiha was here."


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