Hidden Marriage With My Imperfect CEO

Author: Renata99
Contemporary Romance
Ongoing · 3.4M Views
  • 1048 Chs
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    123 ratings
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What is Hidden Marriage With My Imperfect CEO

Read Hidden Marriage With My Imperfect CEO novel written by the author Renata99 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering action, romance, comedy, hiddenmarriage. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Anya dreams to have a simple, and peaceful life. However, there has only been misery in her life. This beautiful girl must work hard Every day to support her mother and herself. Until one night, Anya accidentally spent the night in a luxury hotel room, with a handsome man she didn't know! That night changed her whole life... Aiden offers Anya a marriage, for unknown reason to the girl. But Aiden also promised to make Anya's dream come true: wealth and a peaceful life. Will Anya live quietly and happily like her dream? Can Anya live in peace by becoming the wife of the CEO of the largest company in Asia?

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Hai thank you for reading my book. I hope you can enjoy it, and I am very sorry if I make a lot of mistake on this book recently. But I am trying to make it better in the future. Well I just resign from my work, so I can be a better author for you. 🥰🥰🥰 Have a nice day to you all.


What should I say?i just came across this book and gave been reading continuously since yesterday I might even unlock with fast pass..i have been looking for decent book with good plot and here it is...hop you will like mine, we might have similar taste...keep writing...some errors here and there but good work...loving it so far...let me see till where I can read it..Thank you first book I ever read properly in web novel..🥰🥰🥰




I got into this story mistakenly but I'm glad..this story is by far very interesting with a vry nicely written plot n beautifully described characters ..


Hallo Kk, aku udah ya... 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


love reading books which will not cause me headache. chill book is a must.i think this is one of thise book. i love the plot.the storyline is a breathe of fresh air.