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Chapter 25: Chunin Exams Comes early

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A year later, as the number of missions Ryujiro undertook with Guy increased, the amount of blood on his hands became countless.

He himself didn't even know how many enemy ninjas he had killed in this past year, and Ryujiro's name as a genin had spread to the ears of several major villages.

However, many unexpected events occurred during this year for Ryujiro, one of which was that Naruto and the others had graduated half a year ago.

And this week, ninjas from several other major villages also arrived in Konoha to participate in the Chunin Exams.

The Chunin Exams were earlier than expected, the timeline was completely shifted forward, which caught Ryujiro off guard.

At this moment, Konoha was much livelier than usual, looking at the ninjas from other countries in Konoha.

Ryujiro couldn't help but frown.

"Is it because of my influence that the Chunin Exam is happening early?"

As the teams sent by various villages arrived one after another, Konoha became lively.

Especially when the Fourth Kazekage arrived, it caused a lot of discussion among the people of Konoha.

The Fourth Kazekage...

Ryujiro's eyes narrowed involuntarily.

The Fourth Kazekage, Rasa, had long been dead at the hands of Orochimaru.

The current Fourth Kazekage was either Orochimaru in disguise or someone impersonating him.

That guy Orochimaru seemed to be ready to cause trouble in Konoha.

The Chunin Exams were just a small episode for Ryujiro. With only a week left until the exams, the other genin were all preparing for it.

And at this moment, Gaara and his group had already arrived in Konoha.


"Konoha is still interesting. I've already grown tired of our village."

Ryujiro's gaze was involuntarily drawn to them.

It was the three of them.

The future Fifth Kazekage, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro.

The strength of these three was not less than of Chunin at all.

At this time, it seemed that most of the genin advancing from the Chunin Exams were talented ninjas like Gaara.

Whether it was due to the attraction of strong individuals, Gaara's attention was also focused on Ryujiro.

That guy was a strong one.

Temari and Kankuro also noticed the fervor in Gaara's eyes.

That boy had caught Gaara's attention.

It's really pathetic.

Konoha's Genin.

Temari and Kankuro knew very well what kind of monster Gaara was. Even the thought of him still made them feel afraid.


Ryujiro smiled faintly.

He turned and left the bustling street.

For Gaara, one tails Jinchuriki, this exam was really something to look forward to.

A week passed, and Ryujiro arrived at the venue of the Chunin Exams.

At this time, there were also a few more people in Might Guy's team.

Tenten, Neji, Rock Lee, and Hinata.

Originally, Hinata's supervising Jonin should have been Kurenai, but perhaps because of Ryujiro's influence, Hinata still chose Might Guy.

"Ryujiro, Hinata-sama."

At this point, Neji was full of respect for both Ryujiro and Hinata, and he vowed to live to protect Hinata and Ryujiro.

Is this Ryujiro?

Tenten and Lee couldn't help but focus their gaze on Ryujiro. 

Although they were both students of Guy-sensei, they had never seen Ryujiro in all the time they had been with Guy-sensei.

However, not seeing doesn't mean not hearing about Ryujiro's name. It's impossible for them not to know how famous he is.

Graduating as the top student from the Ninja Academy and winning against a Jonin in the graduation exam, such brilliant achievements were hard to imagine.

"The exam is about to start, let's go in quickly."

At this moment, Tenten hurriedly said.

The first exam was quite simple.

At this moment, the exam hall for the Chunin Exams was already filled with people, and what surprised Ryujiro was that Temari was also in this exam hall.

This Chunin Exams was divided into two exam halls, and the main examiner on Ryujiro's side was not Morino Ibiki.

This guy was also in this exam hall.

Temari glanced at Ryujiro without paying much attention to him.

In her eyes, Ryujiro was already a dead man, and the fate of anyone targeted by Gaara was extremely tragic.

Temari didn't think a Konoha ninja could stand up to Gaara.

As usual, the first exam was a written test.

The main examiner casually explained the rules of the exam hall, and then the test papers were distributed to all the examinees.

For Ryujiro, these test papers were like elementary school papers, with no difficulty at all.

But many examinees showed a dumbfounded expression. The exam questions might be simple for Ryujiro, but not for others.

Some examinees had already started to panic and pull their hair out.

As for Temari, when she saw the test paper, she also showed a hint of difficulty on her face.

Many examinees, unable to solve the problems, began to consider cheating, but they were caught by the examiner and directly disqualified from the Chunin Exams.

"Don't even think about cheating. If I catch any of you little brats, you won't even think about becoming Chunin in this lifetime."

The voice of the main examiner warned coldly.

For most examinees, this was undoubtedly torture. They racked their brains to write as many answers as possible.

Some who couldn't solve the problems simply gave up and left the exam hall.

However, unlike most people, one of the examinees kept writing on the test paper.

The sound of his pen scratching on the paper attracted everyone's attention, and they all looked at Ryujiro writing non-stop on the test paper.

Even Temari felt a bit surprised.

Was this guy just randomly scribbling, or were these questions really not difficult for him?

And the main examiner glanced at Ryujiro and then withdrew his gaze.

This group of kids must be dumbfounded.

This is our Konoha genius, Ryujiro, whose swordsmanship is even more terrifying than that of the White Fang of Konoha.

Since Ryujiro and Might Guy returned from that border mission, Ryujiro's achievements had been announced by the high-level officials of Konoha and posted prominently to inform everyone in the village.

It's hard to imagine that all the incomplete bodies outside the borders of the Konoha were done by Ryujiro. 

It is said that on that day, the ninja who went to clean up the border couldn't bear it and vomited.

Such a scene is truly unimaginable.

A genius is indeed a genius. If he were like an ordinary person, would he still be a genius?

Ryujiro spent less than half of the exam's allotted time. After finishing the last question, he handed in his paper without even checking it.

Such behavior undoubtedly stabbed a knife into the hearts of the other examinees.

Damn it!

Is this guy serious?

Only half the time has passed, and this boy really has the confidence to pass the exam?

As time passed quickly, the exam time became shorter, and many impatient students had already stopped thinking too much because of the shortened time.

They wrote down everything they could think of related to the questions on the test paper.

Except for Temari, most people only turned in their papers at the last minute of the exam.

And among them only Tenten and Rock Lee didn't have any confidence in passing this exam at all.

But fortunately, when the results were announced, neither Tenten nor Rock Lee was eliminated.

This made both of them breathe a sigh of relief.


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