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My Undeath


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Gerard lived a peaceful life. He worked hard until retirement age and watched as his children and their children lived their own lives. One night, he woke to find himself in the presence of a divine entity who explained that he had died in a terrible accident. After being offered several choices, Gerard asked to die peacefully. Respecting his wishes in an unexpected fashion, they allowed him to become a skeleton in a world of sword and sorcery, becoming dead in every sense of the word. An undead creature... Thus begins the tale of Gerard's undeath. ------------------------------------------------ Note From Author: My Undeath is currently on hiatus until the 15th of December, 2023, as the author works like a madman for 50 hours a week while studying for their Bachelor's degree. ------------------------------------------------ Power Goals: 300 Powerstones = 1 Extra Chapter 500 Powerstones = 2 Extra Chapters 750 Powerstones = 3 Extra Chapters 1,000 Powerstones = 5 Extra Chapters Golden Goals: 100 Golden Tickets = 1 Extra Chapter 500 Golden Tickets = 5 Extra Chapters 1,000 Golden Tickets = 10 Extra Chapters ------------------------------------------------ Schedule: 4-14 chapters per week Chapter Length: 900 - 3,500 words (currently averaging 1,660 words per chapter) Disclaimers: 1: This novel may not suit your tastes. The main character is an elderly man trapped inside the body of a skeleton, persecuted and hunted by the living. He must sometimes turn to the darkness within him to survive his tribulations. There will be a few dark times, indeed. But fret not, as there may be an end to some of the darkness eventually. 2: There is no planned romance, and Gerard definitely will not have a harem. No planned romance doesn't mean there won't be any, but it will be kept light and not detract from the overall story. 3: There will not be fast-paced, fist-clenching action in almost every chapter. Sometimes there will be a bit of conversation between the characters, but I try not to let these moments drag on longer than they should. 4: The main character spends a lot of time levelling up in the beginning, as he's cautious about the powers of the world and wants to protect himself. This leads to a little less story in the beginning and more action/adventure, but as time passes, the story becomes a bigger focal point. 5. One of the main character's goals is to regain his humanity. So, be prepared for this story to eventually change dynamics. ------------------------------------------------- Discord Server: https://discord.gg/B8z9yX3QwQ Please feel free to join the Discord. You can discuss my novel, see announcements about additional or postponed releases, new books in the works, personal issues, and events. You'll get some fun icons and roles, use dozens of custom emojis, be privy to beta reading, and get insider information into the worlds within my novels. There's also a Gerard bot! ------------------------------------------------- Themes: fantasy, video-game-like system, evolutions, magic, adventure, dark, survival, reincarnation ------------------------------------------------- Inspiration: I gained inspiration from plenty of video games and fantasy novels, and this story is directly inspired by the Manga and Anime: Berserk. I think the relationship built between Sprite and Gerard is similar to Puck and Guts, giving a way for Gerard to voice/think about his opinions. Sprite/Puck are characters who hear those opinions and help the main characters reflect.