MHA: 8 Gates Till Death Book

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MHA: 8 Gates Till Death


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In the world troubled by heavenly wishes, everybody carries their own kind of justice. The crybaby who wants to save everybody, even without any powers. The bomber who changes for the better, regretting his past actions. The filial son caught up in the web of his family's sins, trying to be a better child. "Who exactly are you?" ".... Just call me the Green Beast of YOUUUTTTH-Nah, just kidding!" Except for one, who has long forgotten his justice. Reborn in the world of MHA, Anzai Masato will do his best to die a death worthy of living two lives. Dying once can't stop him from dying again. Follow his unstoppable journey towards his inevitable but badass death. ---------------------------- Disclaimer: If there are any mistakes in the novel, please comment.


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