MARVEL: Scientific Path

Science and Technology in Marvel is very skewed with the heroes being able to time travel and warp reality but people still die of random diseases and poverty still exists. Our MC wants to find out, if Kang alone can conquer multiverses then can combined might of humanity punch through OAA's walls?

PyteWriter · Anime & Comics
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90 Chs

Meeting Hank

"Sir, we've reached San Francisco. It's your stop."

I woke up to a polite conductor telling me to get off the train. The moment I woke up, a shit-ton of pain came rushing in. My head felt like it would burst at any moment should I use it for any mentally tasking work. My body was sore all over and I could feel the hunger in my body from every single muscle.

After barely getting off the bed, I nodded to the conductor and weakly limped to the station. With whatever little cash I had left, I bought as much food as the money could get me at the local deli next to the station.

Finally, after eating a meal that could feed a family of four, I just slumped by the side of the deli in a parking lot. By the time I woke up, it was already evening. Considering that I got off the train in the afternoon, I must've slept for hours already.

My body was still a little sore but the headache was completely gone. In fact, my mind felt refreshed like never before. My thoughts jumped at speeds I couldn't keep up with. It was like a computer upgraded from a 1980s PC to a supercomputer but the software didn't upgrade.

It took a while to adjust his thinking to the new speed. Did I get some mutant ability related to the mind? I wondered as the memories from the moment I woke up in that morgue became as clear as rewatching a movie at hyper speed.

Damn, I left too many clues. I had the thought immediately as I reviewed the very short memory.

I should've incinerated those two guys. I should've put on some shoot on my face to mask myself in the factory. I didn't even wear a mask while selling the car. How could I be so stupid?

Thankfully I had enough sense to move around the bodies in the morgue to make it seem like I was one of the incinerated ones. Hopefully that will keep Hydra off my back for a while.

I cursed myself but I could think of the reason why made those mistakes. I had just woken up from death, about to be incinerated in an unfamiliar and scary world. Not to mention that my body had almost no energy and was recovering from whatever Hydra did to me, so the fact that I could escape safely is already a big achievement.

Anyway, for now, I was sure that I had super-fast thinking and photographic memory. So that's a piece of good news. For exploring the full extent of my abilities, I would need more time and resources.

So, I had to get to the next part of my plan. Meet Hank Pym. I knew from the movies that Pym Technologies was in Treasure Island and Hank Pym lives somewhere around Buena Vista. Now all I had to do was to approach the grumpy old man somehow and convince him to help me.

I remembered passing by a large map when getting out of the station and with my perfect recall, I had the map of the place in my mind instantly. I tried to place a dot in the location I currently was and voila I actually had google maps with my very own GPS positioning.

I now needed more money to survive until I found a way to swindle Hank. I was walking lost in thought while following the map in my head when I was suddenly pulled into an alley.

Looking around, I could see three gangsters surrounding me. Surprisingly, information about these gangsters started pouring into my mind as I observed them in that moment.

All of them had needle marks and their pale faces and sunken eyes were a dead giveaway to them being junkies. The one in front of me should have a gun tucked in his pants and from the subtle shaking of his hand that was holding a knife, he is probably too high to function properly.

The one on my right was limping a little and he seems to have some leg injury. The one beside me who was holding his hand was probably the strongest of the three but looking at his jittery movement and light grip, he wasn't all that strong.

Having made inferences from the information I got within seconds, I immediately took action. First, I used full force to throw the guy holding my hand at the guy on my right. Taking advantage of the gap in reaction time, I lunged at the guy in front of me slapping away the knife with one hand and punching his face with another.

Wasting no time, the moment the gangster hit the ground, I took the gun from his pant. I then rolled forward and immediately turned back and pointed the gun at the gangsters.

"Ow! Fucking Shit!" "Damn" "Motherfucker"

Curses rained as the gangsters screamed in pain while getting up.

"What the fuck kind of Ninja did you pull you shithead?" One of them cursed at the guy who had pulled me to the alley.

"How would I know? The kid just looked skinny and weak."

I was pissed off, "Shut up! Give me all the money you've got or I'll put a hole in your heads and then take the money."

And so I walked away from the alley with enough cash to live on for the day and a quick moneymaking idea.

I once again have a gun so this should be easy if I find the right targets. I shouldn't have dumped the guns while boarding the train but I was too paranoid at that moment.

Also it seems that my power is more complicated than I thought. For now, it looks like I have become Sherlock Holmes. But the optimal action that my mind simulates and my body's action doesn't seem to match. I need to train my body.

After walking around some alleys for a few hours and making a couple of hundred bucks I decided to get away from the area before gangs get involved.

I took a cab to a motel and stayed for the night before heading to Treasure Island.

My approach was very simple. I went to the reception desk of Pym Technologies and asked for an appointment with Hank Pym. The receptionist was skeptical and gave me a look over. I could tell by her eyes that she thought I was a hobo. I should have a wardrobe change.

"What business do you have with Mr. Pym?" She asked with barely hidden disgust in her voice.

"Just a business proposal. Please inform him that it's about the Quantum State technology."

When the receptionist reluctantly agreed, I went to the waiting room and sat down. I had to think of what he was going to say to the grumpy old man during the meeting.

After waiting for 8 hours until the office hours ended watching mindless movies playing on the TV, I was never called. I expected as much. When I asked about it the woman irritably replied, "Mr. Pym was busy today. Come another time."

And so I did. I went back to the place the next day. And today I was wearing a suit even if it was cheap. I waited in silence again watching movies mindlessly. And this time I was called up to Hank Pym's office.

Walking through the massive door, I saw a huge office with floor-to-ceiling windows all around with a beautiful view of the ocean. The office itself was just a standard office you'd expect a rich CEO to have with a slight techno flavor with all the gadgets and mechanical parts lying around.

"Hello, Mr. Pym. It's an honor to meet you." I politely greeted.

Hank Pym looked me in the eye and nodded in response before observing me from head to toe. He then gestured for me to sit down.

"So, Mr. Savant, I am told you have some business with me?" Hank asked.

"Instead of a business, I would call it more of an investment Mr. Pym."

"Oh? And what would I be investing in? I don't see any documents or materials with you. So you have already failed in preparedness."

"Mr. Pym, the object of your investment is me. I want you to invest in me."

Hank Pym frowned at the answer. "I don't like lies or jokes Mr. Savant. My time is precious."

"I'm completely serious and sincere in my offer. I want you to invest in me."

Hank interrupted, "And what kind of investment are we talking about here? What returns do I get?"

I sighed. 'Gaining his interest done. Now on to the second part.'

"I'm sure a man in your position is aware of the darker sides of this world. You can say I'm a product or maybe a reject of such a world. I was a subject of human experiments until a few days ago."

At this point, Hank Pym's frown got deeper. But he motioned for me to continue.

"My first memory started when…" I went on to talk about my adventures with some omissions like his killing people, his deliberate robberies, and such. I had to appeal to his heroic Ant-Man persona. Heroes after all are people with strength to act upon their savior complex.

"Hydra…" Hank murmured as I continued.

"So, I have no memory and no identity. After my body started to get better, I slowly realized that I might be much smarter than normal people. And I thought of finding an investor. I will provide you with a guaranteed ten times return or two favors for you to call on anytime."

Listening to the story of the young man in front of him Hank Pym was lost in thought. Survived death, lost memory, escaped Hydra, and a self-proclaimed genius intellect. Not to mention, the confidence to offer two favors as a return for investment to him, Hank Pym.

It was all so absurd but Hank with his experience in life could tell that the boy in front of him was not lying. Or he was too good of a liar. Either way, Hank was very interested in the boy who named himself Savant. In this investment, at most, he would lose a couple of thousand dollars. He could afford it.