MARVEL: Scientific Path

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What is MARVEL: Scientific Path

Read MARVEL: Scientific Path fanfiction written by the author PyteWriter on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, transmigration, sliceoflife, kingdombuilding, marvel. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Science and Technology in Marvel is very skewed with the heroes being able to time travel and warp reality but people still die of random diseases and poverty still exists. Our MC wants to find out, if Kang alone can conquer multiverses then can combined might of humanity punch through OAA's walls?

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the potential of this fanfic is unprecedented, I've been scrolling through the webnovel for 1 or 2 months now and I'm always disappointed (I had reached a point where I was even getting angry at all the wish-fulfillment fics) but this fic is really the rope in the sky that appears when you're in a hole 5.0/5.0


author i love you work but i have request can you launch some nuclear bomb on china or cpi ..there hypocrisy and racism have no bound...pls drop some nuclear bomb on crazy nationalist racism China people ....


Reveal spoiler


Started out great but quickly went downhill. The MC pretty much became a cringe simp.



liked it until the whole india thing. marvel is centered in the usa its made like that for a reason. novels that try to change that bother me.


This is amazing and honestly I'm way more interested in reading about DOOM being leader of the Earth Federation than the mc shown in this lol. 10/10 DOOM without his ego is the best leader.


Great Fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good. [img=recommander][img=recommander][img=recommander][img=recommander][img=recommander][img=recommander][img=recommander][img=recommander][img=recommander]


One of the best fics I have seen from the Marvel tag. Love the MC and his powers are really interesting. I also like how you touched upon how op knowledge based powers are, like bro has a watered down ver. of omniscience. The romance "subplot" is of the only major weak points for me, only because it's not fleshed out enough in my opinion. All in all a solid read, hope it thrives and prospers. I actually like the inclusion of DP in this, he gives the needed comedy into this serious fic.


rare it is to find a story this good . not to mention it's taking a more business/political approach which i really liked .


Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work Good Work




its really good another banger lets keep going.




bro do not drop please loving the story


Reveal spoiler


Can’t wait for more, keep up the good work👍🏻


5 stars because his powers are like from Cn: The Omniscient or in raw title: 信息全知者 and ima gib ya power stones


Great start to what is looking to be a great story! Can't wait to see what happens next. If you are taking suggestions read below, otherwise take it as my enthusiasm for enjoying the story so far. I'm hoping the main character coverts sentinels from mutant killers to earths version of the asgard destroyer. Maybe find a way to upscale Wakandas forcefield to surround the entire planet. I think it could be possible to create the start of a Mars colony/terraforming plan before the chitauri invasion. Salvage any alien tech to understand operating principles/physics, but recreate with earth tech. destroyed kree ships from carol danvers, skrull stuff, chitauri, dbari if dark phoenix is part of this, dark elves during convergance, that asgard berserker staff hidden on earth.


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