MARVEL: Scientific Path

Science and Technology in Marvel is very skewed with the heroes being able to time travel and warp reality but people still die of random diseases and poverty still exists. Our MC wants to find out, if Kang alone can conquer multiverses then can combined might of humanity punch through OAA's walls?

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Making a hero

"Are you really fine to be able to walk around like this? You were stabbed just a few days ago you know." Sage said with concern.

She had arrived a day ago after hastily handing over all the work to poor kid Cypher, Doug Ramsey. He is a genius though so he should be able to manage.

I waved my hand, "I'm fine. A very, very old man helped me heal with magic. Focus now, look at that guy." I pointed out of the car window at a man who was juggling fireballs in the busy streets with plenty of tourists watching.

We were parked across the street and had been observing the man. Along with us was one of the heads of the newly established organization under the Indian government. This organization was made to deal with mutants, supernatural and superhuman events.

Although the Indian government already had one such secret organization, this one was created specifically for the mutant integration plan to be the more public face. It was called Trisul, the Indian word for trident, keeping in line with strange organization names in Marvel like shield, spear, hammer, and such.

As Trisul or tridents have three prongs, this organization was set to have three leaders as well. All of them are Omega-level mutants that are directly or indirectly under the control of the government. Although, the organization only had three leaders for now since it had been formed just after my stabbing.

And of those three, the one sitting currently in the driver's seat of our car was a disciple of the old man Atri I had met earlier. Codenamed Vaman, he gets reborn every time he dies with a new alpha-level ability. As for how many or what powers he has it was kept secret.

"Since you guys are going for the whole Trimurti concept, this guy should fit right in as the first hero sanctioned by the government." I explained my motives to Vaman.

I had been reading Hindu mythology-related books in the last few days and I must say, for a majority Hindu country, the way the government was packaging these guys was very smart. The three leaders of Trisul each were given codenames related to the three main gods of the Hindu pantheon also called the Trimurti.

Even their powers were somewhat in line with said gods. Vaman here would die and come back with different powers, paralleled with the god Vishnu who takes different avatars to save the world.

There was Rudra whose body turned blue and shot destructive beams of energy that constantly explode, in line with the god Shiva the destroyer.

And finally, Sarjak, who can create and shape any material as long as he has enough energy. Technically, if he understands the atomic structure and all properties of Vibranium, he could create if provided with enough energy. He can only absorb ambient energy slowly though so, unless he is near a massive power source he can't create things that are too big.

The three of them combined are the three leaders of the new organization that will monitor and enforce laws for mutants. They will also represent mutants in the government. At least that is how it will be to the public.

"I think it can be done." Sage finally replied after observing the guy for a while.

Vaman asked curiously, "What is it that you two want to do? I still don't understand."

"As discussed with your superiors, I will be giving you a gift in the form of a poster boy, a superhero to act as your poster boy, someone who will unite the people in the future." I smiled.


{Surya POV}

Look at these idiots, all giddy at me just juggling fireballs. They are all inferior to me who was blessed by the gods but I still have to do parlor tricks in front of them to make money. But I'll have to do this and stay low for a while.

"You there, lady. Yes, you with the blue scarf. Do you want to try juggling these? I promise it won't hurt." I have to make gimmicks so these idiots will actually loosen their pockets or they will just watch and leave. Ungrateful bastards.

What is she scared of so much? I can control these flames like they're a part of me. I can burn her to ashes or just cloak her in the fire as I wish.

"May I try?"

Who spoke? Sounds like a female foreigner? Hmm… let's see. Oh! She's a beauty. And look at that body. Should I try to seduce her? These foreign women always like the exotic magician with great power act.

"Of course miss. Please come over here and stretch out your hand."

She looks even sexier from up close. Heh, let me try to feel her up while teaching her to 'juggle'.

Huh? Why is it suddenly dark? What's going on? What's happening to me?


"Ugh!" Did I just faint out of nowhere?

What? Where am I? What is this place? Looks like an abandoned mill?

"Hello, Mr. Sanjit. Are you fully awake now?" Who is this man in front of me? What's with his creepy smile? And how does he know my name?

"Who are you? Why did you kidnap me? What do you want?" I'll just confuse them while talking and then use my power to take them down.

What? How did my fires go out suddenly? What is happening?

"I wouldn't try escaping right now. My friend over there can teleport you to outer space faster than you can use your powers. So you should just sit down and obediently listen. I have a deal of a lifetime for you." He is threatening me with such a gentle smile. Deal? Is he a devil of some kind?

"Oh, I forgot. I am Savant Smith, a partner of sorts with your government. The lady behind me is my assistant and the man over there is a government representative and your future handler." I finally noticed that woman. That bitch actually trapped me. Also, did that guy just read my mind?

"Your body gives away all your thoughts Mr. Sanjit. Your contempt for my assistant, your wariness and curiosity towards me. It's all in your eyes and body language. Although I can indeed read minds if that is what you are wondering."

What? He can really read my mind? I need to stop thinking! Stop thinking! Stop thinking!

The other guy spoke up, "Will it really be fine? He is so stupid."

Fuck! If I could use my powers.

"Okay, let's not waste our time. The deal is simple. From today you will become the first Indian government-recognized superhero 'Surya the Sun'. You will fight crime, save people, do acts of heroism, and become a symbol of hope for India. Like Captain America of the West.

Don't worry, we don't expect your pea-brain to do the thinking. We will promote you, advertise you and make you a household name. You just have to follow this guy's orders."

"How is this a deal? What do I get for it?"

That Savant guy's smile got brighter? But it's still so creepy.

"This is indeed a deal. You will get all the luxuries of the rich. A private villa with servants to take care of you, all the food you want in the world, and more. Of course, things you want have to be reasonable. You can't just ask us for a girl. Although we won't object to you finding a consenting partner."

Did these people recognize my power and now want me to be their savior? Maybe I should act along and later I can control them and get anything I want.

"Please don't have any unreasonable thoughts. That guy who is to be your handler can take on five guys like you at once and not break a sweat. So put away any stupid thoughts. Just follow orders and enjoy the life you can only dream of."


{3rd POV}

On the plane back to Ney York, Sage was looking down at the city that was getting smaller and smaller. "Will it be fine? What if he goes berserk with all the power he has? Giving an asshole like him so much power just feels like a bad idea to me."

Savant smiled, "It won't matter. The Indians have it under control for now. And we don't need him to be a hero for too long. We need a flame that burns the brightest for the shortest time. Only such a flame will cut through the darkness and light up the path to a brighter future."

"You sound like those hellfire guys when they use high-sounding words to justify their shady work." Sage chuckled.

"There is always something to learn from everyone. Even your enemies." Savant said with an exaggerated solemn expression, making Sage laugh.

"Jokes aside, we need to hire more people. The factories are to start construction next month and we will also expand more into the Asian market. We need to hire a whole medium-sized corporation worth of people in the next year." Sage complained.

Our company was a bit weird in that regard, I brought in a lot of business but I don't have enough employees to do those businesses.

"I'm sure the brilliant mind of Miss Sage will figure it out. That's one of the reasons I hired you. As for money, just take out loans as much as you need. In a few years, we will have more money than we need."


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