Konoha: The Template System

Author: Tobi_444
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What is Konoha: The Template System

Read ‘Konoha: The Template System’ Online for Free, written by the author Tobi_444, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey.{The Temp...


Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Du Huashen

Jia Pangzi is the first born son of the Eastern Supreme and is engaged to the princess of the Shensheng Diguo. Unfortunately, he was swapped at birth and replaced by the imposter—Yang Cheng—who wishes for nothing more than the destruction of the "surface" which he hates so much. Yang Cheng is the first direct disciple of the plague demon cult's great venerable Hao, and an expert in poisoning. He grew up alongside his mother, whom he killed, and was taken in by his master, who see sees as high and mighty as God himself. But after a few years as Jia Pangzi, Yang Cheng "forgot" his purpose and was retrieved on the orders of his master to come back to his true home—the plague demon sect. After Yang Cheng's arrival at his forgotten home, he re-entered the plague demon sect and got admitted as an inner disciple, where he was reunited with his master. The only problem being his forgotten his memories. With his master's mysterious techniques, he remembered himself as Yang Cheng, and vowed to destroy the surface and bring down everything else there. Meanwhile, on the surface, unknown tensions broke out due to his tensions. After his sudden return, many began to question his origin, but were shut up by supreme commander. Unfortunately, force could only govern outside words and actions—not thoughts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a summary of the 45k word and three part backstory and summary of Jia Pangzi with some extra details. The full version is found in the auxiliary chapters. (the numbers are somewhat important) 1. Yi 2. Er 3. San 4. Si 5. Wu 6. Liu 7. Qi 8. Ba 9. Jiu 10. Shi 1. 一 2. 二 3. 三 4. 四 5. 五 6. 六 7. 七 8. 八 9. 九 10. 十

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In the end, the void opened and the world was sent into an apocalypse. An existence born from the void wreaked havoc to its people, defiling their bodies. Catastrophe broke the land turning it into a wasteland. The realm of mortals and the mysterious opened to one another gathering together in darkness. They cried, they begged and they prayed, hoping for someone or something to come take them away from their suffering. In their darkest moment, their prayers were answered but they were given an unfortunate missive from above. Messengers of light descended to fight against the threat, calling it the Blight. The one that could save them all, the god of life, went missing and they were cast out of the Realm of Light, left to be stranded in the mortal realms. The messengers alone cannot rescue them from their fate. All would be consumed and creation will cease to be. No god, no savior, no hope was given unto them and the light within them faded. One person, bearing the Essence of the Cosmos, came unto them and said, “We shall make our own fate for all that has been said and done passed.” He became the very first to become a vessel to a celestial being, lighting everyone’s soul. Carrying the light of dreams, the High Chief lifted the people out of the darkness and pushed away the Blight, sealing the void they came from. For the first time, all of creation came together as one under his leadership and when peace was conducted in the realm of mortals, he disappeared never to be seen again. His age of faith, hope and love continued on carried by those he had left behind, holding his torch many years after allowing humanity to connect to the cosmos, growing and gathering. But as the Light illuminates the vastness of the infinity, so does the Darkness loom over waiting.... adapting. Our story begins with a runaway, dreaming the same dream he had ever since....

LMonkey · Sci-fi
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22 Chs
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Volume 1 :Second Ninja World War
Volume 2 :Love and Village
Volume 3 :Resolve


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The grammar needs serious work... So many 5 star reviews with nobody mentioning the simple fact that the grammar is horrendous at times is fishy.


Great story and it’s not even close to being half way yet. The fact the mc is just like my favourite Naruto character Tobirama Senju makes the story 100x better. The author is talented and is a good story teller


please don't drop one of the best TOBIRAMA fanfic


It's pretty good! Too much point of view of people we don't really care about, since I want to read from the MC's pov. Except from that it's really good! Did I say it's good?!


I would like to know who is the love interest in the story?


The author answers me one thing, when the MC gained the Tobirama model will he also inherit Tobirama's Senju lineage? Why, if so, will the MC have vitality, physical strength, a large amount of superior chakra, and will he pass these advantages on to his dependents?




i reallyyyyyyy like it because its Tobirama senju template i dont see him often like i see few fanfictions but "few" and i must say its really good but its shame that he doesnt look like tobirama and he isnt from senju clan so that it would make sense well he does have his silver hair but not his red eyes i would imagine him like a boy tobirama but have some similiarities like one red line which tobirama has 3 lines and i mean the middle one and red eyes and ITS


This is a gem. Although i never really liked the template system, this makes me have a second thought. Continue producing those chaps my guy. this is absolutely fantastic.


as of this chapter (ch: 10) this is good


Very good fanfiction. I have been following this fanfiction from the first few chapters. Randomly found it while scrolling through Anime and Comics section. Give it a shot, especially if you like Tobirama.


once Kazuki makes out Tobirama's template is he getting a new one??? loving the novel so far


The grammar needs corrections, but the story is really cool and very engaging. I hope that someday someone or the author himself will correct the grammar errors.


This fanfic definitely deserve a five-star review! My only hope now as of chapter 73 is that I really hope the author won't drop this but actually finish this fanfic.


A very good novel with a lot of potential, and a really good author at writing, the story is on the right track. I hope that it continues with this rhythm and that it does not end halfway like many other stories. GOOD LUCK KEEP IT UP!!!




(I’m writing with the help of a translator) Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of NarutoI’m writing with the help of a translator. Will he have other templates and if he does it will be from the world of Naruto


well the story was great but the fact that nobody has been talking about that his parents was killed by third lord and danzo and others but he just kill danzo and he is just like not care about his parents well the author himself has said the he hasn't meet his parents everyday and only 1mo or 1y but if you parents die and has power to revenge Why? not Kill them 😭 he is so positive he is like nothing has happened but the story is good if not for family well I'm just read it for time go by and the way lord third act he is just like new character for the story well if you read countless fanfiction you may know that lord third has kill the mc family many time but he is like that was good for greater well this part I'm not understanding it 😔 there was no need for character development 😕 you have just kill lord third he know it that was this boyfriend plans and he didn't stop it if you fix this parts you maybe be a par of best fanfiction


I haven't started reading this but I heard it was good plus it is about......


Reveal spoiler


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