Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 75 Request


"Isn't the timing a bit too suspicious?"

Kazuki looked at the new main task and couldn't help but think that was it really a coincidence?

He was just about to reject Kushina and other two's request but the system released a task related to the jinchuriki; he couldn't convince himself to believe that it was just a coincidence.

A bad feeling rose in the heart of Kazuki due to this sudden main task.

*Although troublesome… but can't let anything happen to any of them after all*

Shifting his focus from system panel to the trio before eagerly waiting for his response. Kazuki gave Kushina who was a jinchuriki a long look and made a decision inwardly, a serious look deep in his brown eyes.

"Ok I agree, but only till the exams."


Kazuki's words fell and the trio jumped up and cheered, shaking their arms frantically.

"Your training will start officially from tomorrow as before that I need to inform lord hokage of this matter and come up with a training plan as well"

"Be here tomorrow at five in the morning, don't be late"


Saying that Kazuki flashed and disappeared from his place without giving the three any chance to thank him at all.


Hokage Building.

Hokage Office.

"How can you promote him again when he was arrogant enough to reject it before Hiruzen? You should have at least waited till he asked for it himself!"

Said Koharu who sat on the sofa with a displeased look on her face, her eyes with some frustration on them stuck at Sarutobi who leaned back on his seat and smoked leisurely.

"She's right Hiruzen; I get it that he played a part in Konoha's victory in the war but that doesn't mean he is above the rules and can do as he likes"

Homura said, agreeing with Koharu's statement and putting his own thoughts before as well.


At their words, Hiruzen took a long, thoughtful drag and then exhaled a whiff of smoke through the tobacco pipe that curled lazily towards the ceiling.

"If there was a higher rank than jonin I wouldn't have hesitated from granting him that; I already regret not stopping that trial and you are asking me to continue troubling someone who did nothing but protect the village?"

"Don't bring this subject again!"

Saying that, Hiruzen turned to give them a death stare as expressions of both changed at his words, feeling the anger hidden in every word that left his mouth.


Just when Koharu and Homura having been put to their place by Hiruzen were planning to slip away, the door was knocked as Sarutobi gave permission to enter.

The figure who had just left hokage building a while ago entered the office, taking complete attention of three.

"Haha! Did you like the tea served here so much Kazuki?"

Joked Sarutobi while laughing loudly, pointing out at his visit again in a funny way.

"I would love to have it again but not now as on some important matters I need your permission, Lord Third"

"Oh~ what is it?"

Asked Sarutobi looking at him curiously, Koharu and Homura cancelling the plan to slip away as well and listening to what he had to say.

"Since I'm a jonin now, I think you will agree that I'm qualified enough to lead a genin despite my age, right lord third?" Asked Kazuki while keeping his gaze on Sarutobi.

"Of course" Agreed Sarutobi with his words immediately, like a second's delay would cause the world to be turned upside down.

"The chunin exams are closing in and I plan to guide who I spent most of my time in academy; for a month I want your permission to train Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina"


His words fell and there was a sudden silence in the office, the expressions of Sarutobi and other two changing.

"Namikaze Minato is Jiraiya's pupil but guiding him doesn't require any permission so it's fairly easy to guess for whom you are asking"

"That also means that you are aware of her identity; so you should also be aware of the dangers in training her"

The long silence was eventually broken by Sarutobi, who no longer as breezy as before put his concerns before Kazuki in a serious manner.

"I'll take full responsibility in case of any slight mishap so you don't need to worry Lord Third"

Assured Kazuki with a sincere and confident look on his face.

"Hiruzen it's too-

Kazuki's words fell and the elders finally couldn't hold themselves back, Koharu with a worried look speaking out but stopping midway as she was met with another death stare of Sarutobi.

"Ok, I agree!" Said Sarutobi and raised his head to give Kazuki a trusting look, the elders clearly angry at his decision but unable to say anything.

"Thank You Lord Hokage but I still have another request"

"Go on!" Said Sarutobi to him to continue, curious as what else kazuki wanted.

"I would like to request the forbidden jutsu invented by Lord Second, Flying Raijin"

His words fell and Sarutobi who had his eyes on him, suddenly finding his eyes blurry and a man in blue armor with red eyes and red lines appearing in Kazuki's place but quickly disappearing as well, like blending with kazuki, Sarutobi muttering with emotion.


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