Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 72 A Memory


(Three and a half years ago, just half a year before the start of second ninja world war)


At the forest behind the hokage mountains, among the towering trees trained a kid who looked around nine or ten with his silver hair soaked from sweat even the black tank top he wore drenched as well.

The ground around him had pits and puddles of water near as well, the figure seemed busy in his ninjutsu training.


Suddenly there was a subtle movement in the woods around the silver haired kid, couple of shurikens cutting through the air approached him at high speed.


Kazuki noticed the approaching attacks immediately as without panicking he gathered chakra in his soles and dashed away, easily dodging the sudden attack.

Clap! Clap!

Dodging the attack, Kazuki turned his head to look towards the woods with a calm face as next moment there was a sound of clapping, followed by a figure around 160 cm tall walking out of the woods.

She wore a konoha headband on her forehead with a chunin jacket and looked around fourteen and fifteen, her black hair reaching her back and black eyes looking at Kazuki with an interesting look in them.

"Yui? What are you doing here?"

Asked Kazuki with some surprise on his face, it's been nearly half a year since he last saw her.

"We came back today knowing you have a day off from academy but you weren't home so I came out to look for you"

"So this is where you have been training over the years, I can see the effort you've put into your training, both from the condition of this ground and your impressive dodging earlier."

Said Yui in response with a rather impressed look on her face, the way kazuki had dodged the sudden attack without showing a slight panic was truly impressive to her as most of those still in the academy would panic encountering a fatal attack suddenly.

"It's nothing out of ordinary" Responded Kazuki calmly and after wiping the sweat on his forehead, continued speaking.

"Anyways I still have some training left for today; I'll go back home in an hour or two, you can go as well."

Saying that he closed his eyes, beginning to mobilize the chakra in his body to practice his chakra control.

"Come on Kazuki! Aren't you excited for a family gathering after nearly half a year? Put your training on hold for a day."

Tried Yui to convince Kazuki to go back with her right now, since joining Anbu a year ago she had stayed on missions all the time and family gatherings to her were like a breather.

"Two more hours after half a year won't make much of a difference."


Said Kazuki without opening his eyes, Yui at his words going silent and a sad look flashing in her eyes for a second.

*He's getting more and more distant from the family.*

Thought Yui while looking at Kazuki who stood statue at the spot with his eyes closed, and it was not like she could not understand why.

Unlike her who from time to time would meet her parents at Anbu headquarters, Kazuki had grown up without spending much time with family and that perhaps led to him not develop strong feelings for them.

But what Yui didn't knew was that Kazuki was a soul from another world and his feelings of affection for his parents were way less than that of a typical child.

He did love them and perhaps would feel happy if he sees them smiling and sad if he sees them crying but that love was more of inherited from his previous self.

*I need to do something*

Yui who couldn't see her younger brother growing distant everyday suddenly reached a decision to stop this inwardly, a determined look on her face.


Bringing a bright smile on her face, Yui stepped forward and came closer to Kazuki who was busy in his training.

"Then I'll stay here till you finish, we'll go back together"

"Actually do you want me to train you? how about this? do you want to learn this?"

Asked Yui smiling and began to make hand signs before Kazuki who was forced to open his eyes and watch due to the noise she was creating.

Water Style! Water Bullets!


Flashing the last hand signs, Yui took a deep breath and when she breathed out, small bullets of water blew out of her mouth and hit the trunks of trees around, leaving a deep mark on them.

"How about it? Do you want to learn?"

Asked Yui in a tempting voice, a proud look on her face.

Swish! Swish!


But the proud look on Yui's face didn't last long as whizzing through the air couple of water bullets flew past her face and hit the tree trunks around but unlike Yui earlier, they easily penetrated through the trunks and even managed to damage the tree behind a lot.


With an embarrassed look on her face, Yui eyed the trees that got hit by Kazuki's water bullets and opened her mouth several times to say something but unable to everytime, stuttering.

"Your chakra control is actually quite good; with a little better control you could have managed to replicate the damage I did with lesser chakra consumed"

"Anyways you are in no position to train me, go back and wait for me to come back"

Saying that Kazuki who had given Yui a reality check; once again started to regulate his breathing to get in a proper state to mobilize his chakra.


With a complicated face, Yui letting out a sigh left the training spot.

{Half a year later, the same year}

At the forest behind hokage mountains,

Water Style! Water Bullets!!


Water bullets roared out of the mouth of Yui and hit the tree trunks, not only penetrating through them but also managing to do the same damage to the tree behind.

"How about it? Do you want me to train you now? I can teach you couple of other jutsu as well"

Offered Yui with a pride filled face, seems to have improved a lot in half a year.


But the answer to her question was no different from half a year ago, this time the water bullet shot by Kazuki blowing most of the tree trunk to bits.

"I hate you!"

After launching the jutsu, Kazuki turned around to say something to Yui but she with a frustrated face ran away, her frustrated voice falling in Kazuki's ears.

"That was some great improvement…Yui"

Kazuki was left alone at the spot muttering words which he wanted to say but couldn't because of her running away.


(Back to Present)


Under the moonlight, Kazuki walking through the streets of konoha arrived outside his house after having a meal together with Tsunade and Nawaki.

On his face was a little smile and the stress because of the trial seemed to have been swept away completely.


Turning the knob of the door, Kazuki pulled it back to open the door but frowned immediately after seeing a familiar figure leaning on to the wall of the corridor.

"The matter is settled; you don't have to worry about anything anymore"

Said Kazuki calmly to Yui who stood in the corridor wearing a black night suit.

Saying that, Kazuki without giving her another look headed upstairs.

Kazuki walked up the stairs and soon disappeared in Yui's vision who kept looking at him all the time.


"Forget love; we are not even worth his anger"

The moment Kazuki disappeared Yui muttered while letting out a sigh, a sad and dejected look on her face.

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