Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 73 Village


Root Headquarters.


Behind the heavily guarded steel door deep within the root headquarters, bound to a table with thick steel cuffs was a naked man whose screams of despair and agony rang around.

The man screamed and tried his best to escape the cuffs that bound him but unable to, thick veins that seemed like would pop out any moment everywhere on his body, blood running down his pores.


The screams of the man lasted for more than ten minutes; his right arm having turned into a small tree branch and saplings having grown out from most parts of his body, the man himself dead.

"This didn't work as well"

Struggling to contain his anger, Danzo, who had been standing near the table, intently observed the scene before him. Upon witnessing the man's death, he turned to the researchers beside him and inquired.

The researchers could clearly feel that Danzo was on the verge of exploding from anger, sweat running down their brows like water.

"Umm… he clearly showed more resistant to Hashirama cells than others which proves our hypothesis of experimenting on senju isn't wrong, Lord Danzo"



Yelled Danzo in reply to the researcher's explanation, banging his fist on the table as cracks appearing on it but not giving a single damn about it keeping his wrathful eyes on the researchers.

Only Danzo knew how difficult it was for him to catch a pure senju without getting noticed by Sarutobi, yet these people not only experimented the precious test subject to death but were hinting for more.

The pure senju population in the village was reducing over the years as the first hokage years ago had allowed the senju to marry outside the clan but this decision was met by a fierce resistance from within the clan.

If it weren't for the hashirama's strength, this decision would have been outright rejected by the clan elders.

Eventually Hashirama and the elders reached an agreement brought up by Senju Tobirama, those who wanted to marry outside the clan would have to give up the senju surname and same for the children born out of them.

The elders preferred quality over quantity and Hashirama and Tobirama who put village before everything didn't care much about the possible disappearance of senju clan, as long as it prospered the village.

{A.N: - There are fan theories out there that senju clan was put to death by Sarutobi and Danzo together, while I believe Sarutobi was an incompetent hokage but I do believe he had limits unlike Danzo, eventually he didn't hesitate giving up his life for the village, so I decided to use a different lore for the disappearance of senju clan which I think kind a makes sense according to the personalities of Hashirama and Tobirama.}

The current population of the remaining pure senju in the village including those who gave up the surname won't exceed single digits, so their disappearance had high chances of getting noticed.

Danzo already took a big risk in kidnapping one and asking him to do it again was like nearly killing him.

"Lord Danzo… we understand the risks of experimenting on senju and know it's difficult for you to catch them… but since we are taking risks, why not take a big one for once and be done with it?"

The researchers nearly peed their pants in fright at Danzo's tone but knowing that closing their eyes won't stop the arrow, one of them stepped forward and gave a suggestion.


Hearing this, Danzo turned his wrathful gaze towards the researcher who just spoke who barely maintained his calm at this.

"What do you mean?"

After a minute of eyeing the researcher, Danzo asked about his plan in a rather mild tone from before.

"The experiment on this senju clearly showed how much resistant they are from others; he was able to survive ten minutes while others won't even a minute."

"The data also shows how his body actually began a process of adapting to the Hashirama cells but couldn't completely"

"Why don't we experiment on someone who is even closer to first hokage in terms of blood relation?"


The researcher's words fell and Danzo's eyes widened, looking at him like he had found someone even more cruel than himself, truly shocked.

"It's just a suggestion… Lord Danzo"

Seeing Danzo's loss for words, the researcher feeling he might have said something really bad, explained himself in a hurried tone.


Danzo ignored him this time and turned his head down to gaze at the floor, all kinds of emotions flashing in his only visible eye.

After a long silence, words finally left danzo's mouth on whose face a determined look.

"I did it for the village, Hiruzen!"

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