I, The Freest Man On The Sea (Completed)

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What is I, The Freest Man On The Sea (Completed)

Read I, The Freest Man On The Sea (Completed) fanfiction written by the author StaringCat on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, harem, overpowered, onepiece. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Luo Ning, who traveled to the world of One Piece, was listed as a pirate and thrown in Impel down because he kills some corrupt Marines. At the same time, the system wakes up. Since then, Luo Ning has become the freest man on the sea. ______________________________________ This Fanfic is not mine. I just edited the MTL of this Fanfic with A.I's help (most part). So, some words are bound to be inconsistent and maybe feels kinda robotic. You can find this MTL Fanfic on MTLnation with the same title.

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Volume 4 :The Emperors
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For a translation this is definitely a five star fix. It doesn’t have that weird problem where almost all character names are wrong.


This is a very good fanfic, recommended. I don't really know what to tell more. One thing that bothers me is that mc killed whitebeard's so called son, but when whitebeard joined him this tipic never came up for some reason.


It's a nice book you picked author for atleast now it's readable and it's a great book you did nice job translating 👍👍👍


One of the better Chinese translations. Not too much of the young master or over all chineseness that are incredibly annoying. The story itself is in a direction that I’ve personally never read before. The og one piece characters kinda act pretty one dimensional with no depth to them but that’s not really what I’m here for anyway so…this gets a thumbs up from me.


Really good story hope you make another similar but have a little more romance for the mc


well it was very good besides you post the chapters quickly even though it is considered a small fanfic with 200 caps it was very good if everyone I translated fanfic was like you we would have more fanfic to read


The MC is a pedo groomer, but that aside, the ff and especially the translation are of a very high quality. Thank you for your work.


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