I, The Freest Man On The Sea (Completed)

Luo Ning, who traveled to the world of One Piece, was listed as a pirate and thrown in Impel down because he kills some corrupt Marines. At the same time, the system wakes up. Since then, Luo Ning has become the freest man on the sea. ______________________________________ This Fanfic is not mine. I just edited the MTL of this Fanfic with A.I's help (most part). So, some words are bound to be inconsistent and maybe feels kinda robotic. You can find this MTL Fanfic on MTLnation with the same title.

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Chapter 83: The Independent Impel Down

Sengoku and the others held out a little longer than the rest, but they too succumbed to the fainting spell.

All the high-level Marines fainted, their bodies more or less affected.

However, with the exceptional physiques prevalent in the Pirate World, this wouldn't have a lasting impact.

Luo Ning had made a significant profit this time around, but he still fell slightly short of the funds needed for the next lottery draw.

Therefore, Luo Ning set his sights on the Shichibukai.

"You have a choice: admit defeat, or I will fight you"

Luo Ning disregarded Sengoku and the others. Aokiji later retrieved this group and the Marine soldiers. Aokiji acknowledged their complete defeat.

His next steps were to tend to these individuals and then focus on restoring the Marines' reputation by combating the pirates.

The Marines couldn't afford to be entirely incapacitated; their duties still needed to be fulfilled.

"I admit defeat. I have no desire to fight you"

Doflamingo readily conceded. After all, he had witnessed nearly all of the Marines' top brass succumb to a single attack. He had no wish to face Luo Ning and conceded defeat when necessary.

"I am no match for you, and I too admit defeat!"

Hancock also spoke up. Not only had Luo Ning captured the Celestial Dragons, but she also harbored a slight fondness for him. Additionally, the display of his power earlier deterred her from engaging him in combat.

"There's no need for a completely impossible and unnecessary battle, admit defeat!"

Kuma was also very straightforward. After that, Moria and Jinbei also conceded defeat, acknowledging the futility of fighting an unbeatable opponent. All except Hawkeye.

In that moment, Hawkeye's hand twitched towards the black knife strapped to his back.

"Do you challenge me to a duel?"

He eyed Luo Ning, the man with piercing eagle eyes.

"Indeed," Hawkeye replied. "While I won't surrender without a fight, your power clearly renders escape impossible. So, one duel it is!"

Hawkeye couldn't simply surrender, not just for his reputation as the world's number one swordsman, but for his honor as a swordsman. Even facing a terrifying opponent, a fight was inevitable.

And so, Hawkeye drew his blade.

"It's a pity," Luo Ning said, shaking his head in understanding. "I'm no swordsman, a complete amateur when it comes to combat."

This, of course, didn't mean he'd let Hawkeye go. A fight was still necessary.

A tense aura rose between the two, prompting the others to retreat hastily. It was best for bystanders to clear out when titans clashed.

"Understood," Hawkeye said curtly, launching into a direct attack. There were no flashy flourishes, just a blade cleaving towards Luo Ning.

Hawkeye knew a simple slash wouldn't suffice against someone like Luo Ning. So, he opted for a straightforward close-quarters attack.

Luo Ning was rendered speechless by Hawkeye's honesty. Sure, he could see through the attack, but couldn't Hawkeye give him a little face? Such bluntness! If he weren't aware of Hawkeye's personality, he might have mistaken it for mockery.

Luo Ning's fist collided with Hawkeye's black sword, but the powerful sword was no match for his bare hand. Luo Ning's punch easily overpowered the black sword, sending it flying. The disparity in strength was undeniable.

Luo Ning, after all, was an existence capable of effortlessly subduing all of the Marines' top fighters in one fell swoop. While Hawkeye possessed impressive combat prowess, he was simply outmatched.

"Defeated," Hawkeye acknowledged with stoic acceptance. He only lamented that Luo Ning wasn't a swordsman.

"Finally complete!" Luo Ning grinned as he saw the lottery draw progress bar reach its full capacity, granting him another draw.

This time, he'd accumulated a significant amount of free points, not to mention the most valuable lottery draw itself. The previous two draws had yielded him enhanced strength and a collection of practical items, ensuring he could find anything he needed anywhere. "Very convenient," he thought.

He eagerly anticipated the next draw, curious about what the third reward would be.

"Ah, one last thing," Luo Ning interjected, addressing Magellan and the others who had been observing the battle from afar.

"The Marines have fallen, and their defeat is so absolute that even the World Government trembles." Magellan had made his decision the moment all the Marine leaders were incapacitated.

"Henceforth, Impel Down shall fall under your dominion, Master Luo Ning. It will become a truly formidable prison, independent of any governing body, a true hell on earth for criminals, capable of housing even the Celestial Dragons!"

Magellan, now firmly under Luo Ning's wing, voiced his allegiance and broadcasted the news of Impel Down's independence live.

Everyone witnessing the event, both in person and through the live feed, were left stunned. The operation's audacity was simply overwhelming.

Luo Ning had seized control of Impel Down, transforming it from a World Government facility into his own. This prison now housed even Celestial Dragons, with the invincible Luo Ning himself acting as warden – a truly terrifying prospect.

"Well said!" Luo Ning boomed. "Declare it across the seas! From this day forward, Impel Down is my territory! We will accept prisoners from the Marines, the Revolutionary Army, and any other force."

"However, a clear criminal record is mandatory for all incoming inmates. Impel Down will conduct thorough investigations to ensure no one attempts to exploit this system. The consequences for such actions will be severe."

As Luo Ning concluded his speech, the audience erupted in a frenzy. Reporters scribbled furiously, capturing the news of the grand prison's independence – an unbelievable turn of events. Several newspapers would be hitting the streets that very day.

"Quite the change," Aokiji muttered, staring at the imposing prison. Though independent, Impel Down would still accept prisoners. Luo Ning's approach effectively put an end to the practice of falsely imprisoning innocents.

Of course, with his mind-reading ability, Luo Ning could easily discern the truth behind any prisoner's claims. Nami, too, possessed the potential to achieve Enel-like feats with further development of her Thunder Fruit and Navigation skills. Additionally, Viola, who Luo Ning planned to recruit in the future, possessed the Stare Stare Fruit, granting her mind-reading capabilities as well.

Multiple options existed to ensure no wrongful imprisonments occurred. However, Luo Ning also recognized the need to warn potential collaborators; bringing in a group of innocents would be disastrous. After all, he himself had been a victim of such injustice.

Without his extraordinary cheat, he would have perished on the first floor, likely fed to the ferocious beasts of Wild Beast Hell.