I, The Freest Man On The Sea (Completed)

Luo Ning, who traveled to the world of One Piece, was listed as a pirate and thrown in Impel down because he kills some corrupt Marines. At the same time, the system wakes up. Since then, Luo Ning has become the freest man on the sea. ______________________________________ This Fanfic is not mine. I just edited the MTL of this Fanfic with A.I's help (most part). So, some words are bound to be inconsistent and maybe feels kinda robotic. You can find this MTL Fanfic on MTLnation with the same title.

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Chapter 116: The Talk With Katakuri

Since Katakuri himself came to the door, Luo Ning naturally met with him. Soon, Katakuri was brought to Luo Ning's side.

"Greetings, Lord Luo Ning. I am Katakuri, from the Big Mom Pirates."

Katakuri introduced himself, omitting his status as one of the Four Sweet Generals. He did this for two reasons: firstly, such a title paled in significance compared to Luo Ning, and secondly, introducing himself as a mere general would be somewhat shameful.

"I am aware of who you are. What brings you here?"

Luo Ning dispensed with pleasantries and got straight to the point. His directness caused a few beads of sweat to form on Katakuri's forehead.

"I... I am here to deliver an invitation letter. An invitation to my mother's tea party," Katakuri stammered slightly. Even someone like him stuttering is a testament to his current nervousness. After all, a misstep could very well cost him his life.

Death was a small concern; if he truly angered Luo Ning, the entire Big Mom pirate crew could be wiped out.

"An invitation to a tea party? What exactly is that?" Nami, despite having learned a considerable amount since joining Luo Ning, was still a little puzzled. Her knowledge primarily focused on navigation and seafaring knowledge.

Nami only had a general understanding of the power dynamics at sea, having not encountered information about the Big Mom's tea parties before.

"The tea party invitation? I seem to recall it's usually connected to the weddings of your siblings. Is one of you getting married?" Luo Ning expressed a flicker of interest. The tea party was a notorious event associated with Big Mom.

Big Mom, believes that becoming Pirate King requires a massive force. To establish a world under her rule, she also needs immense power. This is why she has borne so many children, using them as bargaining chips.

These "bargaining chips" are married off strategically. Her daughters are wed to influential figures from other nations, or her sons marry into powerful families. This strategy is designed to continuously strengthen the Big Mom Pirates' hold on the world.

The tea party is often used to facilitate these alliances. Big Mom invites prominent figures in the sea, and these individuals, fearing to offend her, typically attend.

Of course, the invitation Luo Ning received is different. In the past, Sanji was the one targeted. It was his wedding. If he refused, the head of someone he cared about deeply would be the next "dish."

Sanji's greatest concern, naturally, was the safety of Red-Foot Zeff and the Straw Hat Pirates. He couldn't bear to imagine the consequences of refusing, so he made the difficult decision to leave.

Thankfully, Big Mom is known for her volatile personality and exploitable weaknesses. Otherwise, encountering her at that time could have spelled doom for Sanji's crew.

For Luffy, it was simply too early to confront a Yonko like Big Mom. Of course, anyone who dared to kill Luffy would be buried alongside him. After all, in this sea, Luffy has the most formidable backing, undoubtedly.

Anyone who kills Luffy would face relentless pursuit from his powerful allies. There's no question about it.

Now, the invitation has been sent to Luo Ning. Unlike Sanji, Luo Ning doesn't believe Big Mom is interested in him personally. He simply assumes this is another attempt to marry off one of her daughters.

Nevertheless, he has to admit, Big Mom certainly has some nerve, sending him an invitation.

"Actually, what Mama means is that you'll be one of the main figures at this tea party. You'll have your pick of any of Mama's daughters!"

Katakuri dropped the politeness and spoke bluntly.


Luo Ning wasn't the only one confused. Several others voiced their doubts, and even Luo Ning himself questioned what he thought he heard.

Big Mom lost it again? Everyone knows messing with Luo Ning is a bad idea. What gives? Big Mom wants to recruit him?

"Son-in-law? Seriously?" Luo Ning stared at Katakuri, dumbfounded.

"Lord Luo Ning, you know our Mother. We can't control her," Katakuri sighed after a long pause. Luo Ning wasn't surprised. Big Mom's crazy antics caused trouble all the time.

Her kids wouldn't dare defy her wishes. They say a tiger wouldn't eat its cubs, but that doesn't apply to Big Mom. Loyalty? Her kids are just tools to her. Works well? She praises them. Doesn't work? Discarded.

Big Mom has killed some of her own children. No one dares disobey her, not even Katakuri, her strongest son.

"I understand that Charlotte Linlin has a ruthless personality," Luo Ning said. "But you know I can't agree to this kind of thing."

"If I refuse, she won't let me go easily. It seems it will come down to a fight between me and your entire Big Mom Pirates."

Luo Ning glared at Katakuri, the pressure evident. Big Mom's volatile nature means she won't accept rejection. If Luo Ning refuses the tea party invitation, she'll definitely come after him.

If war breaks out, both sides will be locked in a deadly stalemate, leading to countless deaths. The consequences would be catastrophic. Everyone knows it's unwise to provoke him, and ultimately, the only outcome would be the destruction of countless nations.

"We understand the potential consequences," Katakuri said, "but we can't disobey our mother's orders. We're powerless in this situation. If war truly erupts, could you please spare my brothers and sisters?"

He had lowered himself to an incredibly submissive position.

"Honestly, I have a great deal of respect for you and the Big Mom Pirates. You're the ones I find most tolerable."

"Compared to those who lack any sense of family, you're undeniably better."

"But unfortunately, your captain is a madwoman. As for you all, you're not innocent either. You know that deep down, don't you?"

Katakuri was surprised by Luo Ning's evaluation. He hadn't expected such a powerful figure to hold him in such high regard.

"What price must I pay?"

Katakuri understood. Luo Ning hadn't killed him or let him go for a reason. There was still room for negotiation.

"You're perceptive. I'll spare any of your siblings who haven't committed atrocities. However, those who've ravaged other countries and taken countless lives will be sent to Impel Down."

"As for you, I propose you replace Charlotte Linlin as the new ruler and establish a proper nation."

Luo Ning laid out his plan.