I, The Freest Man On The Sea (Completed)

Luo Ning, who traveled to the world of One Piece, was listed as a pirate and thrown in Impel down because he kills some corrupt Marines. At the same time, the system wakes up. Since then, Luo Ning has become the freest man on the sea. ______________________________________ This Fanfic is not mine. I just edited the MTL of this Fanfic with A.I's help (most part). So, some words are bound to be inconsistent and maybe feels kinda robotic. You can find this MTL Fanfic on MTLnation with the same title.

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Chapter 199: Final War (1)

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Garp rose to his feet, a target for blame regardless of the outcome. A Revolutionary Army victory wouldn't spell doom for the Marines. However, a World Government victory would undoubtedly lead to a purge, potentially ending Garp and stripping the Marines of any remaining autonomy.

Despite the risks, Garp chose to take a stand. In his eyes, the World Government's odds of winning were slim. Even with a weapon like Uranus, Luo Ning's power seemed otherworldly. Garp held little faith in Uranus's ability to secure victory. Conversely, he believed Luo Ning had the upper hand.

Therefore, Garp shouldered the burden of resistance.

"Are you aware of the repercussions of your actions?!"

Akainu glared at Garp. He was in a precarious position. A fight would leave him without support, as most would side with Garp. While Akainu believed his own strength rivaled Garp's, even surpassing it due to Garp's age, a physical confrontation wouldn't be easy. Akainu's frustration was evident in his contorted face.

"Absolutely," Garp retorted. "Your reminders are unnecessary, Sakazuki. Have you forgotten the core principles of the Marines?"

Akainu's blind obedience might be considered exemplary by lower-ranking Marines, but the organization as a whole wasn't a simple pack of dogs for the World Government. There had always been an underlying current of independence. The Marines harbored deep frustrations – forced to turn a blind eye to the crimes of their superiors.

"What about the rest of you? Are you going to follow that old fool Garp on his rampage?"

Akainu scanned the room. While few dared to meet his gaze, the situation was now clear, and hesitation hung heavy in the air. One thing was certain – no one was eager to join Akainu.

At this critical juncture, internal conflict was the last thing anyone desired. The majority of Marines clearly intended to remain neutral and observe the coming events.

"Excellent, very well," Akainu muttered through gritted teeth. "I sincerely hope you won't become Marine's sinners!"

Without further ado, Akainu called upon those willing to follow him and marched out. However, even among the aggressive and ruthless faction, only a portion heeded his call.

Everyone present possessed a modicum of intelligence. While the radicals were known for their fierce and decisive tactics, it didn't equate to a complete lack of reason. Despite being a radical himself, Akainu couldn't deny the World Government's precarious position, even with Uranus looming as a threat.

The prospect of Uranus hung over everyone like a double-edged sword, and most Marines were unwilling to extend further aid to the World Government.

"Well, Garp, I must say, your decision to take a stand surprises me."

Kizaru remarked, watching Akainu's sulking departure. The ever-tactful Marine admiral found himself genuinely surprised by Garp's sudden intervention. After all, Garp hadn't exactly been a vocal figure in recent times.

Since the curtain fell on the Great Pirate Era's runaway stage, Garp, though retaining his Vice Admiral title, had retreated to the sidelines. Even as a peripheral figure, Garp rarely intervened unless absolutely necessary.

Kizaru, known for his smooth demeanor, was genuinely surprised by Garp's sudden action. After all, Garp had been noticeably quiet in recent years.

"If the old guard doesn't rise to the occasion," Garp grumbled, rolling his eyes, "who else will? You two Admirals are more than qualified!"

Kizaru remained silent this time. Aokiji's injuries had significantly hampered his combat prowess and diminished his prestige, especially after Akainu's rise to Fleet Admiral.

Both Aokiji and Kizaru possessed the qualifications for leadership, but Garp, undeniably the strongest within the Marines, held the most sway.

Now, Garp's intervention could be seen as a gamble, a last-ditch effort for the Marines. If they joined the coming battle, even a World Government victory wouldn't bode well. The Marines, unable to initially utilize Uranus, would be reduced to cannon fodder – a fate Garp vehemently opposed.

Thus, Garp stepped forward. Even in a World Government victory, the Marines would likely face restrictions, but their core foundation could be preserved. Following the previous course would lead to certain annihilation.

"Should we still address you as Vice Admiral Garp?" The other Marines were stunned by Garp's bold stance.

"And what about our undercover agents in Impel Down?" Momousagi suddenly remembered the group stationed there.

"Have them return if possible," Garp instructed. "Their continued presence will only lead to complications."

Momousagi acted swiftly to contact the agents, but her expression soon morphed into one of unease.

"Impel Down... Luo Ning himself intervened to shield the entire facility in order to thwart the World Government. Entry and exit are currently impossible!" Momousagi explained helplessly. The World Government use of Uranus had temporarily sealed Impel Down, effectively rendering the undercover agents irrelevant.

"That's alright. Honestly, their extraction wouldn't have been much help at this moment. The Gates of Justice are under their control anyway, effectively trapping them inside."

Garp acknowledged the situation. The undercover agents were currently powerless.

"Forget it then," Garp concluded. "We have our own problems to deal with for now."

With that, Garp ended the discussion and Marine Headquarters entered a state of high alert. While they believed the World Government wouldn't be foolish enough to attack them directly without internal resolution, they couldn't completely discount the possibility. Caution was paramount in these uncertain times.


On the other side, after Akainu relayed the news, Sengoku exhaled in relief. To be honest, he harbored a deep reluctance to involve the Marines.

The Five Elders, however, sank into a temporary depression, though they were powerless to intervene with the Marines' decision, they had no choice but to accept it for now.

"Don't worry about the Marines," Im said dismissively. "We'll settle with them later. Our priority lies with those in front of us!"

Im wasn't concerned with the Marines either. In his eyes, as long as he emerged victorious, he could deal with the Marines however he saw fit at a later time. There was no need to waste energy on them now.

Their primary targets were the Revolutionary Army and Luo Ning. Now, Uranus was prepared, and all soldiers had been assembled in the Holy Land Mary Geoise.

The World Government's forces were amassed. The Revolutionary Army and Luo Ning, with no intention of fighting on their own turf, had arrived directly at Mary Geoise.

"To think," Dragon mused, gazing at the Red Line drawing closer, "a revolution initially deemed impossible for decades has been brought to the doorstep of World Government HQ so soon, all thanks to your influence."

This world has always been ruled by the strong. Toppling a dominant power like the World Government requires absolute strength or overwhelming public support.

The Revolutionary Army lacked the former. They were nowhere near strong enough to overpower the World Government in a direct confrontation. Thus, their only option was the latter – public opinion. By delegitimizing the World Government in the eyes of the people, they could erode its power, regardless of its initial strength.

However, this path was arduous and time-consuming. Any unforeseen event could derail their progress. The Revolutionary Army's situation was precarious, to say the least.

But with Luo Ning's arrival, the timeline was drastically compressed. Now, they were taking the most direct approach – war. Dragon himself understood the inherent risk. A head-on clash with the World Government was akin to a suicide mission for the Revolutionary Army.

However, Luo Ning's presence was a game-changer. He alone represented a formidable force.

This time, Luo Ning opted to leave Fujitora and the others behind, tasking them with monitoring the seas. After all, with two titans locked in combat, it was anyone's guess what opportunistic forces might emerge.

Therefore, Fujitora, Garp, and others remained vigilant, monitoring the seas for any sign of trouble. Any attempt at disruption would be met with swift retaliation. The Marines stationed around the world were also on high alert.

This was precisely why the Marines were an indispensable organization. Their sheer manpower, material resources, and the time invested in building such a vast structure were staggering.

The Marines played a crucial role in maintaining relative stability. Their continued existence was vital for the world's equilibrium.

Morgans had deployed a massive flock of Newsbirds and personnel to capture the event live. The broadcast footage spread like wildfire across the world.

This battle, unlike the Summit War, would be a turning point for the future. The World Government and Luo Ning were destined for a decisive clash. As for the Revolutionary Army, it wasn't that Morgans underestimated their strength, but in the face of these two behemoths, they seemed like bystanders, a group of administrators.

The world would still need such administrators after the World Government's fall, and Dragon and his comrades fit that role perfectly. Consequently, they weren't the center of attention at this moment.

"Meteor Shower!"

Just as everyone reached the Red Line, a torrent of magma erupted from the sky.

"A welcoming ceremony? That grumpy dog Akainu strikes again," everyone remarked upon witnessing the fiery assault. Luo Ning remained unfazed. Dragon, wielding the power of powerful winds, swept across the world, directly intercepting Akainu's devastating attack.

Simultaneously, a swarm of figures clad in black suits materialized around them, with a few scattered individuals in white suits amongst them.

"It's the CP0! Those bastards have shown themselves as well!" Ivankov exclaimed, recognizing these agents all too well, though the recognition wasn't exactly pleasant.

He was particularly familiar with CP9. While agents from other clandestine organizations were relatively unremarkable, Luo Ning had managed to poach several from CP9. Now, the most formidable opponents were undoubtedly the members of CP0.

CP0 housed the elite among the elite. Most possessed combat prowess comparable to a Marine Vice Admiral, with a select few approaching Admiral-level strength. Such a fighting force couldn't be taken lightly.

"The war has begun!"