Reviews of I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible


I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Halfway Breeze

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pretty sure i know this got a chance in different name but this is good just like to tier Providence nice calm cool headed. mc only problem is the story streches itself somewhat but that Chinese novel things

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why can't there be a novel were the little sister character or female character isn't pampered by the MC for once I mean come on it's getting on my nerves


its lack luster.. if you don't have anything to read then try otherwise not worth it.. there are many more novels with similar setting who have done a far better job than this


seriously every week the new translation is becoming more and more absurdly mess can't they just picked a good one without describing how invincible the mc is sigh... this week picked sucks even more


Translation is terrible, the story itself is boring and rushed, there's nothing redeeming about this novel.


neet system Raw link plz ..........................................................................................................................................


Reveal spoiler


I don't know why people are giving it 1star but all I know is that I read it on mtl and I loved it... end of story.............................


A lot of these reviews are weird. The braindead behaviour of so many MCs of so many novels is apparently what novel readers want. This is a very fun novel and one of the better sign in novels, for sure. the MC is good, not a moron, not a simp, the story is developing well. It's funny at times. Overall, very good.


I am for this novel, read the complete mtl, it's really fun to read. I become invincible after staying home for a hundred years, you can find it on NovelMTL


This book is scary. The entire book has a premise: we have a character within a setting. However the author describes the scenario too lazily to talk about irrelevant techniques and irrelevant villains. The truth is, there is no scenario, it's just a demonic fantasy and he's in cultivation detour. A tragedy without a doubt.


garbage thief people try to hide a little, this is literally theft.............................. ........................................................


This work is so extremely derivative that it physically hurts me to read it. The entirety of the novel's setup and plot points are regurgitated from other sign-in novels. The only deviation from the standard is that the system has literally no characteristics beyond powering the main character up without effort; not even some token restrictions like location. The author had to go so far to make a unique system of cultivation that it isn't even coherent anymore. Substitute clan descendant for merchant descendant, branch house for monastery janitorial department, and cousin for token useless but sympathetic relative, and you've read the novel.


Most novels entertain me up until a certain point and although this novel has many cliches it is the only novel I have ever fully read through, for reasons I don’t know myself this is the best novel I’ve ever read both on and off of webnovel, the chapter updated are too slow, every day 2-3 new chapters are released but Im constantly hungry for more, I don’t know why I love this novel so much but please release more, i wish I could read this novel forever


Really bad discount Budda Palm MC supposedly transmigrated, but has no motivations at all. He acts and thinks like he is on a holiday trip, he also just knows things and has things just on hand whenever it is convenient for the story.


Spoiler alert... About cultivation realm of this Novel.. Finished the whole story (558 chapter) 1. Mortal Realm 2. Profound Realm 3. Spirit Realm 4. Void Realm 5. Unity Realm 6. True Realm 7. Emperor Realm 8. Supreme Realm 9. Heaven realm 10. God/Devine Realm 11. Tao realm (36 minor stage) 12. Open world Realm (1 mile to 100 millions mile) ( Many minor stages in this realm) 13. Chaos Supremacy Realm 14. Transcend chaos realm/ Dao realm (minor stages) 15. Dao Creation Realm (minor stages) 16. Supreme Dao Realm 17. Supreme Dao Lord 18. Way of Heaven 19. Heavenly God (not sure about the name) 20. Endless Realm (One thought can creat everything) (Final realm of MC)


translation is so bad it's crazy. 1. the author is using a translator 2. author doesn't edit chapters before uploading 3. descriptions are long and meandering 4. mc is annoying and unlikable 5. mc is a transmigrator for no reason whatsoever 5. THERE'S ZERO ORIGINALITY. I'd give this 0 stars if I could. Only read this if you're desperate for trash, but I can promise you there are stories with similar premises that execute way bette.r


2 star for now a lot of this kind of novel Mc alway weak and a lot of bs. So I will see how it go if novel is good I will delete and change it


actually this is on par with the best of this type of genre(?) greatly underestimated because of this type. I enjoyed it to the latest Ch hoping for the author to keep it up


Story has potential, but either the translation quality or the writer's writing style is making me re read each sentence twice to understand what's writter. For example in one chapter, it's written something along those lines (no spoiler): "the person besides him, or the person besides him also the person besides him". It's a bit like reading MTL.