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Come with me as I start my adventure in the Spider-Man world. I'm Jonathan Anderson from California, and I'm half Filipino and half American. When I died, I didn't end up where I thought I would. Now, I'm in the Spider-Man universe. But I'm not alone. I'm going to be a Spider-Man with Peter Parker, teaching him along the way. And remember, with great power comes with great responsibility.

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Chapter 20 School Arc (4)

As I swung into action, I felt a surge of sadness and anger seeing the bad guys beating the students, and injuring them badly. The shock and anger surged within me, knowing that these monsters were mercilessly killing out the futures of these students.

"Why is this happening?" I thought to myself, my heart heavy with disbelief and sorrow. "I've only ever seen this in movies and cartoons, where Spider-Man swoops in to save the day. I never imagined that I'd witness such tragedy firsthand."


The realization hit me hard, the stark contrast between fiction and reality leaving me reeling. In the stories, even if minor characters might get hurt, , everything usually turned out to be okay in the end. But here, it was different. There were no guarantees. People were really getting hurt, and I had no idea if they'd be okay just like a story.

The stories I'd grown up with didn't prepare me for this. Seeing minor characters get hurt was one thing, but knowing that real people were suffering was a whole different story.

As I moved to intervene, a sadness washed over me, realizing the tragedy unfolding before my eyes. "This is unacceptable," I muttered to myself, my voice filled with a mixture of sorrow and determination.

I clenched my teeth and promised to stop this incident and make things right for those who were hurt. But while I fought the bad guys, I felt really sad. I knew that even after the fighting was over, people would still feel scars of this tragedy.

During the fight, I asked my System, "How many health potions do I have?"


The AI replied, "You have 100 health potions, Host."

[Health potion: is like a magical medicine that can heal injuries and make someone feel better when they're hurt or sick. It's often portrayed in stories and games as a liquid that, when drunk or applied, restores a person's health and vitality in full recovery state. It can even save someone's life if they're really badly injured or almost died. But unfortunately, it can't bring back people who have already died.]

I felt better knowing I had this many health potions to help the injured. Even though I couldn't bring back the people who had died, I could at least heal the ones who were still alive. They had a chance to get better and full recovery from their injuries.

But then, one of the bad guys recognized me. " You... you're the new vigilante Spider-Man," he sneered, his voice dripping with malice. "Too bad you're late. These kids have already suffered. They've got broken bones, nearly died... some didn't make it," he laughed cruelly, reveling in the pain and destruction they had caused.

His words made me even more determined to stop them


As I stood against the terrorists, I felt like there were way too many of them. There were about twenty, and they all had weapons strapped to them. But I didn't let that scare me. I quickly shot my webs at their weapons, making them drop their guns and stuff. Now, things were more fair.



In a split second, I shot my webbing at their weapons, snatching them away. I was quick, but I aimed with care, making sure not to hurt them badly. "I'm not like them," I reminded myself. "I'm holding back, not trying to hurt anyone too much."

Just as the bad guy came at me, my Spider-Sense tingled, telling me to move fast. I dodged to the side, missing his punch. Then, I hit him in the stomach with a Quan bei, making him stumble back. He didn't see it coming

Another assailant came at me from behind, but I sensed his presence before he even made a move. With a quick move, I spun around fast and kicked him hard in the chest. I made sure not to hurt him too bad, just enough to stop him from fighting.

Even though they kept coming at me, I didn't let my anger take over. "I'm not here to kill," I told myself again firmly. With every punch and kick, I made sure not to hurt them too bad. I wanted to stop them, but I didn't want to be like them. I kept thinking about the people they could hurt, so I fought carefully, trying to keep everyone safe.

As the fight reached its climax, my determination never wavered. Once I took down each bad guy, I quickly tied them up with my webs, making sure they couldn't do any more damage. I moved fast and carefully, making sure incapacitating the attackers one by one.

After stopping the bad guys, I really made sure again to tie them up tight with my webbing before calling the cops with my mcall connected to the system. They needed to pay for what they did, I'm pretty sure they will get executed by the law, that's their crime for doing these things, but right then, I needed to focus on keeping everyone safe and getting things back to normal at the school.

Suddenly, a notification popped up in my mind, indicating that I had received an award for my actions:


["Congratulations, Host, on defeating a terrorist and saving civilians. You receive a reward:]

20,000 shop points

100 experience points

"A new quest notification appeared in my mind"

Quest Initiated: "Protect The School"




Defeat all terrorists present within the vicinity.

Assist civilians in need, ensuring their safety and well-being.



1,000,000 shop points

200 experience points


[A serious problem has happened nearby. As terrorists have infiltrated, and are putting innocent people in danger. Your job is to quickly stop these bad guys and help the people who are in trouble.]

After receiving the new quest notification my first concern turned to these students. As I looked at all the students in front of me, there were four who had died, and ten who were very close to dying. Another ten students were badly hurt.

I took out the health potions from my Inventory 20 potions. These potions could make the students feel better and heal their injuries. But I knew they couldn't help the four students who had died.

The students nodded, a male and a female among them. They seemed shocked at what they had witnessed. After all, they had seen the chaos unfold before their eyes. But they trusted me and drank the potions.

To their surprise, after drinking the potions, they felt as if they didn't have any injuries at all. It was like magic. They made a full recovery right before our eyes.

"Whoa, these... I feel like I don't have injuries. I feel energized!" exclaimed the student with red hair and a buzz cut, a wide-eyed expression of astonishment on their face.

Others around nodded in agreement, showing that they felt the same way. They couldn't believe how much better they suddenly felt. It was like magic, and they all felt strong and full of energy. Everyone was amazed by what had happened, especially considering the chaos and destruction around us.

But I felt sad about the four students who had died. I couldn't do anything to bring them back. It made me feel heavy and sad.

I promised myself that I would make sure the people who are behind these would pay for what they did. But for now, I focused on helping the students who were still alive.

I told them to stay put for now, to hide and wait until the police arrived. Then, without wasting any time, I swung away again, hurrying to find my friends. I couldn't shake off the worry for their safety, so I needed to make sure they were alright.


As Brad Larson, Gall Morson, and Dale Dallas and other students found themselves hiding from the terrorists on the other side of the school, they exchanged whispered words to calm their nerves.

Brad, noticing that there were only three terrorists nearby, began to contemplate catching them off guard. He leaned in closer to Gall and Dale, his voice barely audible.

"Guys, I think there's only three of them over there," Brad whispered, his eyes darting toward the direction of the terrorists. "If we act fast and catch them by surprise, maybe we can do something to stop them."

Gall's eyes widened with apprehension, but a determined look crossed his face. "Are you serious, Brad? That sounds risky."

Dale nodded in agreement, but there was a glimmer of determination in his eyes. "It's risky, but if it means we can help stop them and save our classmates, then I'm in."

Despite being known as bullies, Brad, Gall, and Dale cared about their classmates. They didn't want anyone to get hurt or worse. Even though they sometimes picked on others, they still felt a sense of responsibility to help out now.

Brad nodded, his jaw set with determination. "Let's do it. We'll have to move quickly and quietly."

With a silent agreement, the trio began to plan their approach, preparing themselves mentally for the risky but necessary action they were about to take.

Together, Brad, Gall, and Dale got ready for what they needed to do. Brad acted fast, using his hook grappling (martial arts techniques ) to surprise the terrorists. He quickly grabbed and caught one of the terrorists with it, making him lose his balance and stumble.

As the terrorist stumbled, Brad shouted, "Quick, Gall, Dale! Grab their weapons!"

Gall and Dale nodded, feeling the rush as they quickly moved forward. With perfect timing, they grabbed the terrorists' weapons, pulling them away before the attackers could do anything.

" Got 'em!" Gall shouted, as he wrestled the weapon from the terrorist's grip.

Dale, feeling a rush of time, acted swiftly. With determination in his eyes, he moved fast to stop another terrorist. "Take that!" he exclaimed, using all his strength to knock the weapon out of the attacker's hand with his punch.

One of the terrorists sneered at Brad's question. "You brat," he spat out, his tone dripping with contempt.

Without wasting a moment, Brad acted fast. He swung the weapon he grabbed and hit the terrorist hard. The bad guy went down immediately, knocked out cold. Brad made sure he couldn't hurt anyone else.

As Gall and Dale jumped into action, they teamed up smoothly to handle the last of the terrorists. They moved fast and smart, taking out each bad guy one at a time.

Gall landed a solid punch right in the eye of one of the terrorists. The guy stumbled back, holding his face in pain, and then Gall kick his face to the ground, knocked out cold.

At the same time, Dale charged forward and tackled another terrorist to the ground. With a quick and well-placed move, he took down the bad guy, making sure he couldn't cause any more trouble.

Their quick and decisive moves made sure that the remaining threats were gone for good. They did what they had to do to keep everyone safe.


Brad, Gall, and Dale acted fast, making sure their classmates were safe from the bad guys. Even though things were scary, they stayed strong and focused on keeping everyone out of harm's way.


"Are you all okay?" Brad asked, looking around at his classmates to make sure they were all right.

As their classmates, who had been hiding and watching the fight, saw Brad, Gall, and Dale bravely taking on the attackers, they couldn't help but feel proud of them. They started clapping and cheering loudly. Their cheers filled the school corridors, making it clear that they appreciated what Brad, Gall, and Dale were doing to protect everyone.

"Quiet, you morons," Brad said firmly, raising his hand to silence the applause. "We don't know how many of them there are."

His classmates immediately quieted down, realizing the gravity of Brad's words. They exchanged nervous glances, understanding the need for caution in such a dangerous situation.

Brad took a deep breath, preparing himself for whatever might happen next. "Let's stick together and stay focused," he said firmly. "We'll get through this if we work together. And just so you all know, if I ever see any of you not following my commands, I won't hesitate to give you a good punch."


To be continued

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