I Am the Mentor of Spider-Man

Come with me as I start my adventure in the Spider-Man world. I'm Jonathan Anderson from California, and I'm half Filipino and half American. When I died, I didn't end up where I thought I would. Now, I'm in the Spider-Man universe. But I'm not alone. I'm going to be a Spider-Man with Peter Parker, teaching him along the way. And remember, with great power comes with great responsibility.

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Chapter 19: School Arc (3)

"Stay close, guys," I said, trying to sound brave even though I was scared. "We need to find a way to safety."

As we hurried through the smoke-filled corridors, I couldn't shake the worry gnawing at me. "I'm not scared because I'm afraid," I thought to myself, clinging to my resolve. "I'm scared because what if my friends get caught up in this? After all, I'm Spider-Man. I have a responsibility to save everyone."

Emily held onto Mark tightly, her eyes wide with fear. "What if the people who did this are still here?" she whispered.

Chris stayed focused, scanning the corridors for any sign of danger. "We can't take any chances," he said firmly. "Let's keep moving."

As the chaos unfolded around us, Chris urged us to keep moving, emphasizing the importance of not taking any chances. I knew he was right, but I also knew I had to act fast.

"Guys, follow Teacher Dan," I said quickly, trying to sound casual as I made my decision. "I'll catch up with you in a bit."

I hesitated for a moment, then decided to lie. "I have something I need to take care of," I said vaguely, knowing I couldn't reveal my true intentions.

Before they could say anything, I ran off, leaving them behind. I heard Mark get upset, but I had to go. I couldn't let anything bad happen to them.

"Mark, let's go," Chris said firmly, taking charge. "Michael said he'll come later. We should stay with Teacher Dan now."

Mark hesitated, torn between following me and obeying Chris's logic. "But I can't just leave Michael," he argued.

Chris remained resolute. "Michael told us to follow Teacher Dan. We have to trust that he knows what he's doing. Let's go."

Chris took Mark with him, following Teacher Dan, and I was left alone to do what I needed to do. I knew they would be safer with the group, but I felt bad for leaving them behind.


When I looked around and saw nobody nearby, I knew it was time to do something. "Hero On," I whispered, and suddenly, I changed into my Spider-Man suit.

I quickly changed into my Spider-Man suit, hoping I could get back to them soon and help out.

"Please be safe, guys," I murmured to myself, hoping that my friends were out of danger


Meanwhile, Teacher Dan led the group of students, including Mark, Chris, and Emily, through the smoky hallways. His voice, though urgent, stayed strong as he guided them to safety.

"Stay close, everyone! We gotta move fast," Teacher Dan said loudly, making sure everyone heard him. "Follow me, and stick together!"

As they hurried along, they heard footsteps getting louder. Suddenly, some masked people with guns showed up.

"Get down!" Teacher Dan yelled, pushing students behind him as the shots rang out.


"What's happening? Who are these people?" Mark said, His voice was hard to hear because of the loud gunfire.

"Chris gritted his teeth, his mind racing as he assessed the situation. "We need to hide and stay quiet," Chris said, trying to keep calm.

Meanwhile, Mark's thoughts raced with worry for his best friend, Michael. "Michael, you better be okay. I will kill you if you're not," he muttered under his breath, his concern for his friend outweighing the danger that surrounded them.

As the attackers came closer, the students hurried to find places to hide. They ducked behind desks and blocked doorways with whatever they could find to protect themselves. Emily held onto Mark, her eyes wide with fear.

As time went on, things got scarier and scarier. The students knew they were in big trouble. They clung to each other, feeling terrified, their hearts beating fast together. They knew they had to prepare for whatever horrors awaited them in the smoke-filled halls of Midtown High School.


As I swung through this chaos, my heart pounded with worry for my friends. "Where are the other students?" I muttered to myself, my determination driving me forward as I scanned the smoke-filled corridors.

Seeing a bunch of students gathered in a corner, I quickly swung down, landing smoothly. ""Hey, are you guys okay?" I said, trying to sound strong and comforting for the students to not panic

The students looked up, relief washing over their faces at the sight of me. "Spider-Man! Thank goodness you're here!" one of them exclaimed, his voice trembling with fear. Their expressions shifted from fear to hope as they realized that the vigilante who had become widely known over the past four months had appeared in their school. It was a moment of reassurance amid the chaos, knowing that they had a hero to protect them in their time of need.

I wasted no time. "Stay calm, everyone. Follow me, and I'll get you out of here safely," I instructed, taking charge of the situation with confidence . I felt a sense of duty as the city's protector.

The students nodded, relieved to have guidance. "Thank you, Spider-Man!" one of them exclaimed.

With me in the lead, we carefully made our way. My spider senses helped me avoid danger as we moved, ensuring everyone stayed safe.


Meanwhile, the attackers continued their ruthless assault, spreading chaos and destruction throughout the school. Jord, the mastermind behind the sickening plot, showed no mercy as he ordered his henchmen to inflict harm on the innocent students. Jord did this because he was told to carry out these heinous acts by his boss, driven by a twisted sense of loyalty and obedience to his boss

Jord grinned with satisfaction, pleased that their plan had worked. "Good," he said, his voice filled with wickedness. He didn't waste a moment before throwing a powerful right hook at one of the students in the chest using his reinforced Vibranium hand. The impact was so strong that the student collapsed immediately, knocked out and badly hurt.

Watching the chaos around him, Jord gave his henchmen a chilling order. his tone cold and cruel. "Injure every student you come across," he ordered, his words dripping with malice. "You have my permission to inflict as much harm as you desire. If necessary, you may even take their lives."

His bald henchman, Dart, and his other henchman nodded in approval, ready to carry out Jord's commands without hesitation.


As chaos raged through the school, Chris, Mark, and Emily found themselves crouched together, terrified, as gunshots echoed around them. They struggled to catch their breath, praying the attackers wouldn't spot them.

Meanwhile, Teacher Dan and the others hid in a classroom, their hearts racing. They knew they weren't safe.

A bunch of bad guys, wearing masks to hide their faces, walked around the school halls, wrecking everything as they went. The air was heavy with worry as the students hoped the bad guys wouldn't see them hiding.

Meanwhile, Teacher Dan and the other students who had followed him were hiding in a nearby classroom, their breaths shallow as they crouched behind desks and chairs. The thick smoke provided some cover, but they knew they weren't totally safe.

The attackers kept shooting, not stopping for a second. With each passing moment, things got scarier. The students tried to stay calm, but it was hard with all the chaos around them.

They already killed 20 students who were running and panicking. Even though they couldn't see well because of the smoke from the fire, they kept shooting randomly. It was like they didn't care who they hit, as long as someone got hurt.

Despite the chaos and fear all around, the students understood they were in danger. They huddled together, scared and hoping the shooting would stop soon. They prayed for help to come before more people got hurt by the terrorists' cruel actions.

"Spider-Man, please help us!" a student cried out, their voice filled with desperation, hoping that the new vigilante Hero would come to their rescue and put an end to the terror they were facing.

To be continued