I am a villain?

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What is I am a villain?

Read I am a villain? fanfiction written by the author Yusarik on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, isekai, anime, naruto, marvel. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I leave a party with a girl, I had sex with her and the next day she reincarnates in the world of hight school of the dead? God at least I have a system right? English is not my first language, this is my first novel, there may be many spelling errors the most possible thing is that there is no harem, nor love interest, the most possible thing is that the main character uses some techniques of seduction and others to manipulate the girls, have sex with them and forget about them. the first world that is now is hight school of the dead, the anime that of the zombies the characters that I will use are canon, I already have an end of this world, both in fic and anime, after this if the fanfic receives support I will go to whatever world you tell me i was thinking dxd i hate those girls or marvel god tony stark from comics really is rubbish there is also dc u any anime of your choice i know most of them and if there is one i dont i can read till your novels and manga to bring you a fic made of quality, remember that the protagonist is not so kind and one last thing, if someone knows how to improve the English of the fanfic I would appreciate it

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the writing is from google translator but the story is good you should find an editor to correct some errors but apart from that good story hope you get better


Muy buena historia, la traducción decae un poco por Google traductor, pero en realidad es buena, dicho eso procederé a robarla y subirla a mi canal de Youtube adiós


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