Naruto:God level Reward System Book

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Naruto:God level Reward System


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SUMMARY After staying at home for a month, in addition to playing games, watching live broadcasts, and watching videos, I eat and sleep every day! The bored Masao was going to review the classic anime “Naruto”, however, he passed through as soon as he opened the video. Moreover, a god-level reward system is also bound! The first reward: ①【Increased talent by 100 times】 ②【Chakra up to 100 times】 ③【The power of one tailed beast 】(i.e. one-tailed beast Shukaku chakra) The second reward: ①【Talent increased by 1000 times】 ②【Chakra increase up to 1000 times】 ③【The power of two tailed beast】(namely Matatabi Chakra) … So far, Masao has started a legendary life in Naruto World!


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