Honkai: The Reincarnated One

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What is Honkai: The Reincarnated One

Read ‘Honkai: The Reincarnated One’ Online for Free, written by the author Arata_San, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering MAGIC Fanfiction, HAREM Fan Fiction, ACTION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Imagine waking up in a different world, one that closely resembles your favorite game—a reality now facing Itsuki Kuroka...


Imagine waking up in a different world, one that closely resembles your favorite game—a reality now facing Itsuki Kurokami. Unfortunately, his initial excitement is quickly dampened by the realization of how dangerous this new world could be for someone as ordinary as himself. Fortunately, fate smiles upon him, and he acquires a cheat that allows for rapid growth of his abilities and skills, providing him with limitless growth potential. With this newfound power at his fingertips, Itsuki is faced with a crucial decision. Will he use his abilities to save everyone in this perilous world, or will he use them for his own self-interest? --- (A/N: By the way, there is also a chat group in this fanfic, so expect that this story will not only focus on the world of Honkai, even though it is the primary setting for the main character's adventures.)

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As the author of this book, I would undoubtedly give it a five-star rating. This fanfiction will feature army building and kingdoms, as the main character (MC) will have numerous subordinates, primarily from Rimuru and Makoto Misumi's factions. Additionally, if you notice any peculiar or unusual verbs, I simply want to clarify that I've utilized ChatGPT to enhance the grammar and prose of this fanfiction.


By looking at the synopsis and the storyline, I can tell that this fic will fail. I don't think this fic will be able to reach 100 chapters, even if it can, I'm sure there will be a lot of forced plots or plot holes. Well, good luck


Please don't drop like the transcendent one it's so hard finding some fan fic


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Decent honkai fanfic so far. Not much to really review about the current status of the story considering how early it is in terms of chapters, but overall, it's not bad. Story is a little fast though in terms of power creep.


My glorious king Seonji is here no need for explanation


I like the super-powered protagonist trope as long as it's well written, which, by the way, it is well done. I hope this story isn't abandoned like many others on the platform.


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