Harry Potter: John Constantine

Transmigrating to the world of Harry Potter and successfully activating the [Strongest Exorcist System] before enrolling in school. As long as he complete the exorcism, he will be rewarded with a treasure chest corresponding to the level of the evil spirit. Catching the evil spirit alive will get double rewards. As a result, Hogwarts, which was already restless, was in a state of panic. Voldemort: Bastard, isn't there only one basilisk in Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets? What's going on with this terrifying hell demon? ! Dumbledore: Mr. Constantine, could you please explain why there are so many demons in Hogwarts? Hermione: To hell with that damn school rule! I, Granger, want to be an exorcist! Snape: I'm warning you, Mr. Constantine! Don't let that damn succubus turn into Lily again! When the Death Eaters racked their brains and finally resurrected Voldemort. After the resurrection, Voldemort looked at Constantine holding the [Satanic Deal Contract] with a look of pain on his face. "Mr. Constantine, to be fair, I, Tom Riddle, am at least very qualified as your exorcism tool, right?" **************************************** WARNING! I do NOT own Harry Potter or this story i am just translating it. "English isn't my native language, so please correct me if i made any mistakes" original novel我,康斯坦丁,霍格沃茨首席驱魔 Check out my Patreon for early access chapters: patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498 Release Schedule will 1 chapter per day. show your support by giving power stones and reviews and comments.

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Does This Count As A Confession In Public?

"You bastard! How dare you scold me?!"

He never thought that as the eldest son of the Malfoy family, he would one day be called a fool by Draco, a dirty Mudblood.

He was so angry that he rushed towards John.


Professor McGonagall, who saw everything in her eyes, just let out a questioning snort, which instantly made his movements freeze on the spot.

A face that had to be admitted to be very handsome, was now livid with anger.

John shrugged and shook his head.

"Oh~so bad~"

Draco Malfoy: "..."

At this moment, he wished so much that his eyes could be like the mythical Medusa. With one glance, he could turn the damn bastard in front of him into a stone.

Then he went up and smashed the opponent to pieces.

It would be better to sink these dirty stones into the black lake of Hogwarts...

"Ahem! Okay, everyone, be quiet. Next, you need to be formally sorted. All the little wizards, line up in two rows and follow me..."

Professor McGonagall coughed slightly.

Everyone hurriedly stood up obediently.

Hermione, who was standing in front of John, suddenly bumped her head backwards and muttered in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

"The symbol of Slytherin House is a viper. I think you must be sorted into Slytherin."

There was a slight smile on her lips.

At the same time, she couldn't help but think about it in her heart.

"The annoying guy who just stood up and sprayed venom at the blond didn't seem that annoying."

A smirk appeared on John's lips.

"If that's the case, then Miss Granger will probably be in big trouble in the branch today. None of the four major branches have a cute white rabbit as their logo."


Hermione instantly understood what John meant, and her face that had just cooled down instantly turned red again.

"Bang!" With a sound, her head hit John's chest again.

Just when the two of them were flirting with each other under the strange eyes of the people around them.

As the door of the auditorium opened in front of them, several rows of tables and wizards belonging to different colleges clapped happily, looking at these new wizards who enrolled this year.

And John's eyes were immediately fixed on Dumbledore, who was sitting in the headmaster's seat.

It's just like in the plot.

He has a tall body like a warrior, but with his long silver-white beard and the generous and decent robe, he looks like a wise man with an extremely rich heart.

It's just...this guy really didn't pay attention to him at all.

Whether it was Dumbledore or the greasy-headed prince in black robes, Severus Snape, who was sitting on the professor's chair at the moment, their eyes were always staring at Harry Potter in the crowd.

Oh, by the way, so does our Professor Quirrell.

At this moment, in addition to these, in front of everyone, on a high stool, a hat that seemed to have a faint smell of dust was placed on it.

Seeing this scene, John had the foresight to reach out and cover the ears of the little witch in front of him.

"what you do?"

The little witch turned back with dissatisfied eyes and took John's hand away from her ear.

However, the next moment.

"Welcome, welcome~warm welcome~"

"The show is about to begin~"

"I am the Hogwarts Sorting Hat, and now it's my turn to fulfill my duties..."

The Hermione got scared suddenly!

The she felt ashamed and took the initiative to cover John's hands on her ears again.

She blushed with embarrassment, gritted her teeth, and looked at the weird-looking hat in front of her. She couldn't believe that there could be such an ugly and harsh singing voice in the world...

The song of the Sorting Hat that made the surrounding students cover their ears in advance ended.

Professor McGonagall, who didn't look very good, picked up the list and glared dissatisfiedly. Dumbledore, who was still enjoying the Sorting Hat Song, took a deep breath.

"Next, the new student whose name I read will come up and sit in this seat. I will put the sorting hat on you, and then assign you your future college."

Before the newcomers and wizards present could react, John had already heard the name of the deafening Iron Hat King of Hogwarts.

"Hannah Abbott!"

Everyone's strange eyes were fixed on John who suddenly let out a strange scream, and Hannah Abbott, whose name was called, heard that John praised her name so boldly in front of so many people.

The little girl couldn't help but reveal a hint of blush on her face.

John coughed twice, but he didn't expect that his reaction to seeing the Iron Hat King would be so big.

Professor McGonagall glared at him, and then placed the Sorting Hat on Hannah's head.


There was a burst of applause from Hufflepuff Academy.

As the names were read one by one, Harry Potter, Ronald, and Draco completed the sorting.

Looking at Harry Potter who was indeed assigned to Gryffindor, Professor McGonagall also had a happy smile on her face.


"Hermione Granger!"

The little witch took John's palm off her shoulder and sat nervously on the chair.

The Sorting Hat was placed on Hermione Granger's head by Professor McGonagall.


"What? Who is John Constantine? This little girl wants to be assigned to the same academy as you!"

Hermione: "???"

Hermione: "!!!"

John also looked dumbfounded, his eyes facing each other, and the gossipy eyes around him instantly focused on the two of them.

Especially the glances from the Ravenclaw seniors were full of excitement.

"Ahhhh! Does this count as a confession in public!!!"


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