Harry Potter: John Constantine

Transmigrating to the world of Harry Potter and successfully activating the [Strongest Exorcist System] before enrolling in school. As long as he complete the exorcism, he will be rewarded with a treasure chest corresponding to the level of the evil spirit. Catching the evil spirit alive will get double rewards. As a result, Hogwarts, which was already restless, was in a state of panic. Voldemort: Bastard, isn't there only one basilisk in Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets? What's going on with this terrifying hell demon? ! Dumbledore: Mr. Constantine, could you please explain why there are so many demons in Hogwarts? Hermione: To hell with that damn school rule! I, Granger, want to be an exorcist! Snape: I'm warning you, Mr. Constantine! Don't let that damn succubus turn into Lily again! When the Death Eaters racked their brains and finally resurrected Voldemort. After the resurrection, Voldemort looked at Constantine holding the [Satanic Deal Contract] with a look of pain on his face. "Mr. Constantine, to be fair, I, Tom Riddle, am at least very qualified as your exorcism tool, right?" **************************************** WARNING! I do NOT own Harry Potter or this story i am just translating it. "English isn't my native language, so please correct me if i made any mistakes" original novel我,康斯坦丁,霍格沃茨首席驱魔 Check out my Patreon for early access chapters: patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498 Release Schedule will 1 chapter per day. show your support by giving power stones and reviews and comments.

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Chapter 20 The Holy See Is Coming Again

The Gryffindors who were still excited about getting Harry Potter soon started howling with excitement because of Hermione's "bold confession".

"Oh! Oh my god, what do I hear?!"

"Oh my god, does the new little wizard now have a lover?"

"Shut up you damn idiot, look at the two of them, how well they match..."

Compared to the sincere blessings from Hufflepuff's side, the booing and howling from Gryffindor's side, and the aunty laughter from the Ravenclaw's senior students throughout the whole process.

At this moment, Draco, who was sitting on the Slytherin seat, snorted coldly.

"As expected, people flock together and birds of a feather flock together. Mudbloods should be matched with mudbloods!"

He was proud and arrogant, and he was naturally worried about losing face in front of John today.

However, John at this moment naturally couldn't hear this.

He touched his nose in embarrassment, looking at the sights of the people around him, and in front of him, Hermione, who was almost using the Sorting Hat as a hood, holding on to the brim of the hat, as if she was ashamed to show off to others.

It all caught him off guard.

Over at the professor's seat, Dumbledore let out bursts of hearty laughter.

"It's great to be young, haha. Every year when I see new little wizards enrolling in school, I feel like I'm ten years younger..."

Snape looked at this scene coldly, his eyes cold and no one know what he was thinking.

Fortunately, Professor McGonagall coughed in time.

"Okay, Sorting Hat, start your work quickly."

Hermione was holding the Sorting Hat by the brim. It was obvious that it was quite fun to tease such a cute little girl.

He pondered for a long time.

The name of a college was read out on the spot.


Just as the Sorting Hat sounded, the excited voices of the Weasley twins came from the Gryffindor seat.

"John Constantine! You got your little witch!"

"Hahaha! You must come to our Gryffindor."

Amidst the laughter, Professor McGonagall sent the little witch covering her face to the Gryffindor table with a cold face, and glared angrily at the twin brothers who were never restless.

"Okay! Next, John Constantine!"

Everyone's eyes were focused on John. This junior who had given such big melons to his seniors as soon as school started was immediately recognized by everyone present.

"Wow~ What a magical boy, he really has a beautiful skin. Come on, come on, come on, put me on, I can't wait to break up this little couple like you..."

The Sorting Hat struggled excitedly in Professor McGonagall's hands.

With a voice as unpleasant as a drake's throat, it has long since given up being loved by the little wizards.

Just after saying this, Hermione, who was lying on the Gryffindor table with a blushing face, suddenly raised her head anxiously.

John smiled and comforted the other person.

Slowly put on the sorting hat.

However, just when he was thinking about whether to make some ulterior "py deal" with the Sorting Hat so that he could successfully enter Gryffindor.

A shout like a night owl, full of fear and anxiety, suddenly came from the Sorting Hat.

"The Holy See! He is a spy sent by the Holy See!"

"The damn Holy See Heretic Punishment Center is coming to massacre wizards again!"

"Run! Run!!!!"

Everyone at the scene: "..."

The originally expectant expressions on everyone's faces froze at this moment. They looked at each other with no idea what the Sorting Hat was talking about.

"What? The Holy See? What does that mean?"

"Punishment Center for Heretics... Oh my god, I seem to have seen it in some wizard novels. Well, the guys there are not human beings. They are demons. They... they will burn everyone to death. Wizard! Whether it's an old man or a child..."

"What? John Constantine is from the Holy See?!"

Those who understand the situation and those who don't, after someone on the spot broke the news about the so-called heretic punishment facility.

Everyone looked at John and instantly became horrified.

Some little witches were so frightened that they cried on the spot after hearing about the punishments imposed by the Holy See on heretics.


Looking at the messy scene, John turned his head blankly and looked at Professor McGonagall beside him, spreading his hands innocently.

"Professor McGonagall, as you saw, I didn't do anything!"

However, the Sorting Hat on his head at the moment was still hysterically shouting at the young wizards around him, telling them to flee quickly, otherwise they would be burned to death by the Vatican if they didn't leave.


Professor McGonagall's face was livid with anger. She grabbed the Sorting Hat and threw it to the ground in front of everyone.

She took a deep breath, and under the influence of the amplification spell, a warning instantly made the candlelight in the auditorium dance.


Seeing that everyone was quiet, McGonagall quickly walked to Dumbledore's side and explained in a low voice.

He heard that John might be from a Holy See family, and he had a decent inheritance at all.

Dumbledore couldn't help but glance at the other party in surprise.

Then Dumbledore himself stood up.

"Everyone be silent! Don't be fooled by those travel novels in wizard bookstores. Nowadays, the Holy See no longer hunts wizards. That was thousands of years ago. Mr. John Constantine has no problem!"

Everyone is doubtful.

However, John's label as "descendant of wizard killers" was precisely determined in this way.

"Mr. Constantine, the Sorting Hat is a little confused right now, so I allow you to choose which house you want to go to."

Dumbledore spoke.

Upon hearing this, John bowed to the other party, and then walked towards the Gryffindor, without hesitation.

But at this moment.

A slightly anxious voice came from the small door behind the professor's seat.

"Wait, Mr. Constantine!"

John turned his head, and then saw Ollivander who was wearing a robe, looking dusty, and solemnly holding a box in his arms.

His expression instantly became excited.

"Mr. Ollivander, is my wand ready?!"


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