Harry Potter: John Constantine

Transmigrating to the world of Harry Potter and successfully activating the [Strongest Exorcist System] before enrolling in school. As long as he complete the exorcism, he will be rewarded with a treasure chest corresponding to the level of the evil spirit. Catching the evil spirit alive will get double rewards. As a result, Hogwarts, which was already restless, was in a state of panic. Voldemort: Bastard, isn't there only one basilisk in Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets? What's going on with this terrifying hell demon? ! Dumbledore: Mr. Constantine, could you please explain why there are so many demons in Hogwarts? Hermione: To hell with that damn school rule! I, Granger, want to be an exorcist! Snape: I'm warning you, Mr. Constantine! Don't let that damn succubus turn into Lily again! When the Death Eaters racked their brains and finally resurrected Voldemort. After the resurrection, Voldemort looked at Constantine holding the [Satanic Deal Contract] with a look of pain on his face. "Mr. Constantine, to be fair, I, Tom Riddle, am at least very qualified as your exorcism tool, right?" **************************************** WARNING! I do NOT own Harry Potter or this story i am just translating it. "English isn't my native language, so please correct me if i made any mistakes" original novel我,康斯坦丁,霍格沃茨首席驱魔 Check out my Patreon for early access chapters: patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498 Release Schedule will 1 chapter per day. show your support by giving power stones and reviews and comments.

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Mcgonagall: Mr. Constantine, Children Are Not Allowed To Fall In Love

Amidst the roar of the train.

The box where Harry Potter and the others were at this moment was surprisingly quiet.

John sat at the window seat with a smile on his face,

Hermione buried her head in unconsciously flipping through the book "Introductory Herbalism" in front of him, pretending that nothing happened.

And in front of her.

Harry, who was sitting with Ronald, looked with admiration at John, whose side face was reflected in the dusk outside the window, looking rather mysterious.

The admiration for John in his heart was as flowing as the Thames.

"Harry, why do I feel like...John likes this girl?"

Ronald whispered something in Harry's ear.

However, he did not notice that just as he finished speaking, the hand of Miss Know-it-all in front of him, which was holding a book page, visibly froze.

Hidden by the fluffy chipmunk-like hair, the roots of her ears began to turn red quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Especially when she felt John's hand on her shoulder.

Hermione's body became stiff on the spot, as if she had been cast under a petrifying spell.

But it was the other party's cute behavior that made John, who seemed to be looking out the window all the time, feel so happy.

Life at Hogwarts seems to be getting more and more interesting~


"All freshmen, come to me... your ceremony will be delivered to your dormitory by a special elf. I hope that all of you have now neatly put on your wizard robes... ..."

Hagrid's tall figure held up a lamp on the platform to welcome the new students.

"John, are you a Catholic? Also, don't tell me that your cross is made of pure gold..."

After getting off the train, Hermione looked at the little wizards around her, and finally couldn't restrain her strong curiosity.

Hearing this, John smiled and took out a gold cross from his collar.

"That's right, but... this is not pure gold. As you can see, there is an ordinary stone on top."

Hermione looked at the diamond-shaped stone with a dog-like mark in the middle of the cross that John held up, with a puzzled look on her face.

"Why are there such strange things? Even if there are inlays on the cross, shouldn't they all be statues of Jesus?"

John put the things away and blinked mysteriously.

Once again, a hand quickly stopped the opponent's shoulder without giving the opponent a chance to dodge.

"Miss Hermione, you have to know that even if God exists, he may not necessarily bless me with a long life. However, I think my stone can."

He didn't explain much.

But the smile in his eyes could not be concealed.

"[Zodiac Charm·Dog]: A treasure from the mysterious East. People who wear the [Dog Charm] will be completely immune to poisons, diseases and other negative effects, and will have unlimited lifespan and energy."

The reward of the S-level [Exorcist Treasure Box], combined with the [Tut's Cursed Mirror], made John feel like he was cheating.

Without any concerns about longevity.

In just one month, John had completely mastered the knowledge of magic theory from all the books he bought in Diagon Alley.

Master it all.

John's aboveboard behavior of hugging a little witch, coupled with his unique temperament, quickly made the two of them the focus of the crowd.

When they got on the ferry, Harry, who was riding with them, immediately sat down at the seat farthest away from them.

All the way through the Black Lake, which looked unprecedentedly cold in the dark night, and across the bridge hole.

Hogwarts' towering and huge building full of medieval mystery catches everyone's eyes.

Even John couldn't help but sigh secretly when he looked at this majestic building.

If Constantine Castle were as big as Hogwarts...even Wesker would be paralyzed from exhaustion.

Under the leadership of Hagrid, everyone entered the interior of Hogwarts Castle.

In front of the branch hall.

Professor McGonagall was standing here early in the morning. When she saw the little wizards walking up the steps one by one, a gentle smile suddenly appeared in her eyes.

These little wizards will be there in the next few years.

After being taught by Hogwarts, they will become an outstanding wizard.

As a senior professor at Hogwarts, what Professor McGonagall enjoys most is precisely this process.

However, just when she was about to explain to everyone the situation of the four major branches of Hogwarts and some common sense about admission to everyone, as usual.

The smile on her face instantly froze at the sight of two figures that stood out among the crowd.

"Mr. Constantine! Although I know you should be very good at making friends, I think I still need to remind you..."

"Children, it is forbidden to fall in love!"

Instantly, eyes focused on John and Hermione at the back of the crowd.

The latter's already red face reached its peak in an instant.

Like a frightened rabbit, she hurriedly broke away from John's arm.

"No, professor, you misunderstood, we, I..."

Hermione was so anxious that she almost cried, but John shrugged as if nothing was wrong.

"Professor, we just have a very good relationship. After all, I think even you can't refuse an excellent little witch who can preview all the first-grade books one month before the start of school, right?"

"I can't refuse anyway."

Hear the words.

Professor McGonagall was stunned for a moment, then glanced at Hermione in surprise, who indeed had the spirit of a top student, nodded slowly, and let the two of them go.

"Oh, it's really strange. Are Muggles able to master spells through self-study now?"

A disdainful chuckle spread from the crowd.

John glanced flatly at the kid with dazzling blond hair, and he could guess the identity of the other person at a glance from the lineup of two fat guys behind him who looked like door gods.

"Draco Malfoy, a rich second-generation wizard who always likes to find trouble no matter what."

He smiled.

"This Gentleman, who seems destined to be the first in the grade, if I can drive away the two fat guys behind you who look exactly like the troll illustrations, maybe I will still applaud your confidence, but now... ..."

"There is a saying in our Muggle world, that is, birds of a same feather flock together, two idiots are paired with one."

John raised a few fingers and said regretfully, but his eyes were full of undisguised disdain.

"The wizard robes on your body reek of stupidity."

"What! You bastard! What did you say?!"

Hermione opened her mouth wide: "This shameless guy has such a vicious mouth."


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