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Alexander Maxim Universe, A kind old man, a war veteran, the most renowned scientist in the world. After a life full of hardship Alexander finally completes his promise to his dead wife. He made a super-effective medicine for cancer. But his kindness was greeted with ugly politics and betrayal from his loved ones. However, something different awaited him on the other side. ... After his death, due to unknowingly saving the lives of billions of people, God adopted him as his son and gave him the job to purify the multiverse from sin. From that day onwards, Angels and demons called him the God's Advocate. "My son, enjoy yourself while working, okay!. I don't want you to get bored from your job like Jesus. Damn, I miss Jesus, why did I send him there" ***Warning - No Harem, Extremely OP protagonist, more of a slice of life story.*** ___________________________ 2 Chapters daily [1st major world - Harry potter. Will not strictly follow the canon - Chapter 4-45] [2nd major world - Game of thrones - Chapter 47-105] [3rd major world - Marvel - 107 - 228] [4th major world - One Piece - 229 - 300] [5th mini-world - Star Wars - 302 - 329] [6th major world - Naruto - 330 - 402] [7th major world - Avatar: The Last Airbender - 406 - 452] [8th major world - Bleach - 460 -492] [9th major world - My Hero Academia - 493 -528] [10th major world - Full Metal Alchemist Bro. - 529 -584] [11th major world - Dragon Ball - 595 - 663] [12th Final Arc - DC world - 663 - 704] ____________________________ I do not own anything except the main character in this fanfiction. ____________________________ For advance chapters- www.patreon.com/misterimmortal Check out my other fics if you like this one by going into my profile. Thank You.

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41. Forgiveness

"We have gathered here for the appointment of the Supreme Mugwump. By the unanimous vote we have arrived on the results that Wizard god, Alexander Maxim Universe is to be appointed as the next Supreme Mugwump." An announcer said from the podium.

The ceremony ended and Alexander was given a white-colored coin that had merlin on one side and his face on the other carved on it. It was a new identity token for the Supreme Magwump and the members of the confederation. The other members would have a grey token with the same carvings. Then Alexander took the podium and gave his speech.

~Let's see if my fabulous performance with Morgan le Fay has made them my staunch supporter~

"Thank you for choosing me. I will do everything in my power to keep peace and bring justice to any misdeeds. There is one thing that I want to do today though. Please look at the duplicate contract in front of you. I will also pass the original contract to you so you can check it. We have lost so many great and powerful Wizards and witches in pointless wars. This is my first step to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Why confine every criminals when we can use some of them to correct what they destroyed in the first place?

Why must we spend money on keeping them in prisons? Prisons should be only for those that are beyond hope or reason and only deserve death punishment. But others, with blood contract, we can make the oath-bound, not do evil and only do good. If they break the oath then their own magic will kill them. The first one is Grindelwald. You can check the contract. Runemasters and enchanters might be able to detect something extra in it," he said and sat down.

They all read the copy and murmured. The original contract was passed from one to another for them to check.

Once ancient runes master from the U.S.A spoke. "This... There's a curse in it?"

Other people also became attentive. Those who had already touched it looked at their hands.

"No need to fear. The curse is for the signer of the contract. This curse is as strong as 1 thousand killing curse pointed at a single point at the same time. It will activate if the person tries to break the contract. I think no one will be able to get away from this Curse." He explained.

"Yes, but you probably can," one guy said.

"Well, I am an exception," Alexander said while scratching his beard.

The people chuckled a bit and then they showed their agreement in the experiment. They believed that the Wizard God would not do something harmful.

"There's another thing I want to talk about. I want the confederation to actively participate in the world to keep the wizarding world moving forward in magical advancements while taking actions against any threat to the muggle or world safety. Don't forget, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We, the world's strongest Wizards, gathered under one roof. We should use our gift of magic for good." Alexander said.

"But won't the various wizarding governments will get angry at that?" one of them voiced.

"Yes, they will at the beginning. But remember, ICW does not exist to serve governments. We exist to serve all magical beings. Our job is to protect all in need. If some government has objection to our helpline people, then I'll deal with them." Alexander replied.

Most of the members nodded in contemplation. Alexander quickly checked each one with his eye of judgment and marked those that were beyond retribution. Then he cast a silent curse on them which will make them somehow die from random accidents. He also cast a curse like the one on D.A.D.A position. Except, in this case, the curse would make all unworthy people with evil agenda retire for some reason under 1 month of them taking the seat. It was meant to go on for thousands of years.

After his work was done, he returned to his office to start preparing for his departure from the world. Honestly, he was feeling sad about leaving behind his friends and people who he considered family. He'd miss messing with Dumbledore. He'd miss hugs from Hermione and teaching Edward. He had the idea of taking them with him so he decided to talk to the old man God.

"Old man, are you there?" He asked.


"Oh, hey son. I was playing with puppies. You finally got time to remember me," God said, still puppy's voice coming in the background.

"Well, yeah... I had free time. My work is about to be finished in this world. I wanted to ask you if I can bring Hermione and Edward with me on my travels." He asked, knowing that he didn't need to tell him who the 2 were.

"Yes you can, but then all you did will be for nothing. They are supposed to be major characters in the development of the world for at least the next 300 years. If you take them away then the world will stay the same. There will be no improvement." God explained.

*Sigh* "I figured as much. alright, then can you create a solar system in my dimensional pocket? It should have at least 10 planets, all of them should be similar to earth but without extreme climate phenomenons. I am going to save some endangered species in this world." He asked.

"Oh, that's easy. Done. I've made a big sun, around it 10 planets revolve in the same orbit with equal distance. They all have the same speed of rotation and revolution, I've also nullified their gravitational pull so they will not colloid with each other. You can also customize them in any way you want. You can even make meat trees for the dragon's you are saving, the whole system will stay separated from the rest of the pocket." God said.

"Nice, thanks, old man. You want unicorns in your place? I can send you some. They are pretty nice guys"

"Nah, son. I've already got enough of them. Okay bye, the puppies are getting angry now. Btw, I have a surprise planned for you. Be sure to come to me after completing your work" God said and left.

Alexander kept on guessing what surprise he was planning. Edward came into the office.

"Congratulations on becoming the Supreme Mugwump, grandpa," he said.

"You too"

"What do you mean?" Edward asked.

"You will be the next Supreme Magwump when I'm gone," Alexander answered.

Edward suddenly had a bad premonition. "How long do you have?"

"Well, according to the speed I'm getting the work done. I have about 3 years. I calculated it wrong last time. I'll have to come up with another plan to make sure that Hermione becomes the minister of magic swiftly. By the time I leave, she'll be about 19 years old. Too young to become the minister. People won't accept her. I am thinking about getting Dumbledore to take up the position for 5 years. I know he hates to work as a bureaucrat but before I leave I'll make sure things stay calm and you'll help him in work too. Meanwhile, Hermione will work as his undersecretary and gain experience. I'm going to leave a lot of D.A.D.A. like curse but good ones on many big positions in the ministry so they can never be used by the wrong people." Alexander spoke non-stop.

Edward quickly put a hand on his shoulder, "Calm down old man... Take it easy. You have already done more than enough. Just enjoy your remaining days and leave things to me. Though I would still like you to place those curses."

*Sigh* "Yeah, I'm getting too worked up." He told himself.

"I'll go and start doing what I like the most. Invent new things." He said and walked to his small workshop.

He then went on an invention spree and made many machines that could make the lives of people better. Machines that could purify seawater. Machines that could produce electricity from mixing sunlight and magic in the air. Machines that could make infertile soil fertile. In the end, a secret machine that could create portals between earth and Mars.

Only Edward will have its knowledge. When Earth becomes too crowded, the wizards will use magic to terraform Mars and make it Earth 2.0. His muggle company had also started to sell many medicines, including cancer medicine. His company had enough strength to compel the world to enforce a strict 2 child policy to curb the population increases. Japan and countries like it were exempted though. They were told to have as much sex as possible.


4th year of Hogwarts came to an end. Dumbledore announced his retirement. McGonagall became the new headmistress and Snape became the new deputy Headmaster. Dumbledore was given a nice see off party and after that, Alexander took him to his office to show his surprise.

Alexander walked behind, Dumbledore opened the door and entered the office. As soon as he stepped in he took out his wand.

"How did you get here?" He asked.

Alexander felt good that his methods to keep his surprise a secret didn't fail.

"You break my heart, my friend. I came to meet you." Grindelwald said from the headmaster's seat.

"But you are supposed to be in prison," Dumbledore retorted.

"I was recently released. All thanks to our old friend there," he said and pointed at Alexander.

Dumbledore looked at him, "Why?"

"No need to be afraid, Albus. He has signed a blood contract. He can't do anything evil anymore." He said.

"And nor was I planning to. I am going to travel the world and see new places like a retired old man," Grindelwald said with a smile.

Dumbledore had a small smile which he tried to hide. "But, what will the world say?"

"No need to worry about that. ICW agreed to release him as long as he signed the contract. The media will also tell the world that he's under contract and will only work to help society... Okay, the last surprise now. It's for the 3 of you" Alexander said and brought Aberforth Dumbledore into the room.

He put some magic in his ring and a white light came out of it. Alexander just left the room after that. The three had a long chat with Ariana Dumbledore. By the time they called him back in, he only heard the last words of Ariana to her brothers and Grindelwald.

"I forgive you" then she looked at Alexander, gave a slight bow and vanished.

He looked around and noticed that the 3 old boys had tears in their eyes. He waved his hand and glasses and bottles of Firewhiskey appeared in front of them. They all sat down and talked for the rest of the night while drinking. Remembering about old days. Alexander also shared some experiences from his past life, making it seem like they happened there.


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