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What is Grandpa Universe In Multiverse [COMPLETE]

Read Grandpa Universe In Multiverse [COMPLETE] fanfiction written by the author MisterImmortal on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, overpowered, sliceoflife, anime, marvel. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Alexander Maxim Universe, A kind old man, a war veteran, the most renowned scientist in the world. After a life full of hardship Alexander finally completes his promise to his dead wife. He made a super-effective medicine for cancer. But his kindness was greeted with ugly politics and betrayal from his loved ones. However, something different awaited him on the other side. ... After his death, due to unknowingly saving the lives of billions of people, God adopted him as his son and gave him the job to purify the multiverse from sin. From that day onwards, Angels and demons called him the God's Advocate. "My son, enjoy yourself while working, okay!. I don't want you to get bored from your job like Jesus. Damn, I miss Jesus, why did I send him there" ***Warning - No Harem, Extremely OP protagonist, more of a slice of life story.*** ___________________________ 2 Chapters daily [1st major world - Harry potter. Will not strictly follow the canon - Chapter 4-45] [2nd major world - Game of thrones - Chapter 47-105] [3rd major world - Marvel - 107 - 228] [4th major world - One Piece - 229 - 300] [5th mini-world - Star Wars - 302 - 329] [6th major world - Naruto - 330 - 402] [7th major world - Avatar: The Last Airbender - 406 - 452] [8th major world - Bleach - 460 -492] [9th major world - My Hero Academia - 493 -528] [10th major world - Full Metal Alchemist Bro. - 529 -584] [11th major world - Dragon Ball - 595 - 663] [12th Final Arc - DC world - 663 - 704] ____________________________ I do not own anything except the main character in this fanfiction. ____________________________ For advance chapters- www.patreon.com/misterimmortal Check out my other fics if you like this one by going into my profile. Thank You.

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Volume 7 :Bleach
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Volume 9 :Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
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Hey guys, author here, hope you all are doing great in tough times like these. Let's all pray that Corona-chan quickly dies, so that I can go out and buy some bananas. *Sigh* I need a banana🦍.


Writing Quality: Amazing. There are almost NO grammatical errors from my perspective. (English is my second language so...) Stability of Updates: Really good, 2 chapters of intriguing and extremely interesting chapters a day. Story Development: Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow, depending on the universe Grandpa is in, but I like it! Character Design: Honestly I love 'em all. Especially Grandpa Universe. Gosh, he's so god damn nice it just sometimes makes my heart melt. But, of course, he still knows how to be ruthless when it comes to it. World Background: Although a lot of things change with the involvement of Grandpa, I like every way it has changed up to this point. And a heads up to those that don't like wish fulfillment, cuz this is kind of that. So if you don't like it, don't read it and don't complain about it. But honestly, this is probably my favorite fanfiction of all time. I absolutely love every god damn thing about it, and I sometimes wish that there were more chapters released every day. But, I can't get too greedy, now can I? Either way, all I can say is, I god damn recommend this. It is so good!


Honestly I went into this story with pretty high expectations because of the overwhelmingly good reviews, but it's really nothing much. The MC is already completely overpowered 5 chapters in and the author doesn't even pretend that he has the intention to create any t*nsion at all. He starts out as a genius above Einstein level, with military background and overwhelming wealth even before reincarnation. He then has his comprehensive ability multiplied by a million as well as getting his talent for any future skills maxed out assuring the reader that there will be absolutely no challenges to the MC power fantasy. If that isn't enough he is allowed circumvent even death, through the ability to respawn with zero repercussions, should he mess up despite all the cheats he's already been given. On top of this the story lacks the humor or character exploration necessary to pull of an OP protagonist. But let's be honest I'm a sucker for some good fanfiction and I'd be willing to ignore all these glaring flaws given the ability to revisit all my favourite novel and comic worlds, but the author treats the worlds in a way that completely eliminates their original charm, running around with machine guns in the harry potter world, in a way that reminds me of the "My immortal fanfiction". I'm just disappointed.




I am at chapter 51. 1. First of all, author made MC an old man who acts like a grandpa, so romance is thrown out of the equation. 2. MC is basically a puppet of God. He is overpowered, yet he has no power to decide his own fate. 3. He can't choose when he would leave the world he is randomly thrown into. As soon as the purity of any world reaches more than 90%, he is thrown out. 4. God just randomly gives MC an identity and past, which takes the whole adventure vibe out of the equation. 5. MC is apparently millions of times smarter than when he was human, yet he is content on being a puppet. 6. MC merely acts as an agent of god, so all the interactions are meaningless because after the world is purified, the only characters left would be God and MC. 7. Since MC is overpowered, there is little to almost no real action. 8. MC can only punish people based on their karmic points. Every moment of his life is controlled by god. MC is basically a slave who can't decide how to live his own life. That is very annoying. No romance. No sense of adventure. No action. Puppet/Slave MC. Unreasonable karma point system. Why would god grant him that position if MC can't even create a cake identity? How does god keep giving him millions if he can't enter the multiverse?


Incredible novel! Looking forward to when he is going to overpowered worlds, like DC or Marvel. And if you send him there you could even explore the universe and other worlds to develop better the story and until now don't see no one going to space in a DC and Marvel fic, that of course if the person is not already in space, but even if he is, they all go to earth.


This Grandpa is just full of damn good moments to carry this story, For all I care gramps can sit and eat sweets and i'll still be invested in his character! And the story, Ohhh the story is even more fulfilling to read. And even better this old man can throw fisticuffs! Bringing the Pain train to town! I can. In full confidence say that this book is entertaining and just oozing with bingeability!


Nothing but the allfather is below him, he makes even the mightiest beings bp Bow down to him, Jesus is his brother who also reincarnated in other world's to take everyone's sins away from Them and put him on his own. This dude, is an amazing Author and a badass grandpa, he is not a manipulative bastard not a goody two shoes hero that likes to stick to the cannon. Author this is one of the most amazing book I have age read. Don't ever drop this book or I will come to your house to find you the you to a chair, and force you to type! Don't even think about putting it on hiatus either!. Anyway, I'll be waiting for more chapters and eagerly awaits the marvel universe where he willbecome higher than the one above all


Really minor spoiler. Like really really minor. I like the whole premise of the story you did a good job with it. The only thing is that he wanted to be a superhero and got over it but it seemed too easy for to just start killing people. Also the mc looks like a modern version of sebas tian from overlord which is pretty cool. The part about sebas tian was what i mainly wanted to say but it looks like i went on a rant.


this is the most creative story ive ever read in my entire life, i would vote right now but im out of power stones. Mister_Immortal you are an excellent and innovative author!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍❤❤❤🖤🖤🖤💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡💜💜💜😁😁😁🤯🤯🤯💓💓💓💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💝💝💝🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🤑🤑🤑🤪🤪🤪😜😜😜😀😀😀


realmente es una grandiosa historia, el personaje esta muy bien creado y es novedoso el uso de un abuelo como para personaje principal. :D :D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


One of the most interesting and amazing books, novels, etc…. you will ever read in your life, this book will make you see the world in a different light, you will always remember the characters, the plot and the ideas in the story. They will give you enlightenment, no matter if you seek it, or you don’t May this forever be an example of writing beyond our limited understanding. Tears will be shed They will not be gone Until your dead But that doesn’t mean That everything you’ve read Has been in vain So rest…. Rest Your little Head For your dreams will take you To where you’ve Been led and so you shall be Always and forever Dead (Pretty much this whole book in a nutshell of emotion)


(sorry for the English I write through a translator) I can say for my 6 years of experience reading short stories, one of my favorite books is this work, I mostly read Chinese books, so I can only compare with them. Compared to them, this work is positive, the hero improves the worlds, helps people, he has a family and he is not a racist who only deprives his country and opens his heart to the whole world, and when he travels to another world, it does not feel that he forgot the past world as garbage, does not feel alienated from the hero to the world. In Chinese works, the heroes some selfish, when you go to another world, either for strength or for the treasure, nothing in return they don't steal the chances of others, do not want to help the world grow on the grounds that it is not their home world, and they still go to another, and if they develop only when they are profitable or growing China which is located in another world and make it dominant, while you can just unite and together bring peace to prosperity. When he goes to another world, leaving no legacy to this world, and immediately feels as if this world did not exist, and you do not even know why you read this arc. constantly compares China with other countries of the world, saying what their country is prosperous, what their country is loving, helping its citizens and others are all evil, through others saying-I heard in the East a huge country there is something, etc. -) Uses the harem only as a tool without emotions.But I never saw that when a hero comes across a system of technologies, he developed the whole world at once, how much power was given to the hero to improve the world, I only saw the improvement of China, how much they made of their mythical creatures higher and Western as backward, supposedly some of the jade Emperor governs all sendername and mythical creatures. How many I saw fanfikov Harry Potter, there hero eats all and want to eat all, and Phoenix and owls and dragons, I not saw nor one sympathizer to these creatures and this even in other fanfikov, they their consider only food, I understand from despair but hi, they this do only for taste and improvement forces, When hero raste and becomes stronger, then they even universes destroy not thinking about how many creatures they killed. They never help people because they think that only the fittest survive, and they don't want to help the homeless because they think that they are lazy and don't deserve help. I read about the system of good deeds so he again helps only because of the benefits, our grandfather helps everyone for free without receiving any awards, improves people's lives without making anyone deprived)) (sorry for my verbosity, just really boiled)more of these positive works, please do not leave this work))


Reveal spoiler


Truely an incredible fanfiction, You have done this prime well, Did you have to kill me though? It was like three chapters aday and all of a sudden you have reduced it too two? I thought I thought youd be in the marvel universe right now?! Anyway I was just expressing my dissappointment, asI was filled with Anxiety and anticpatiion. Also, authour you have inspired me to write my own story, Hp, involving A Hp crossover, hopefully you can check it out if youd like? Thanks for the story my good man.


First let me say this!!! There is by far no other fan fiction more original than this one!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 From the original MC that’s not a young teen or born as a baby and growing up to the use of the other characters for the different worlds he travels to, every thing is thought out perfectly! And the story and plot have a balance you can’t find in other regular novel emotional and fun, scary and lovable there was not one moment where it was boring or bad to read!!! This is a jewel 💎 of a fan fiction worth the time to read every day and every power stone you can throw at it!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Guys give this one a try and you will definitely not regret it!!! 😎😎😎😎


Great Story BUT please hurry up with GoT.. not many seen it or read it (me included).... Please hurry up to the Marvel Universe (please make it long; due to that Universe being huge... make sure Tony is in it... maybe save him eventually).... Then try a Percy Jackson Universe....


This is amazing can't wait for more.............................................................................😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


I just finished reading Grandpa Universe and currently reading Harry Potter: Blood of the Dragon. To author-nim, I must say you've become one of my idol. As an avid reader, your works' rocks! The plot and the characters are so well-characterize. I love how you put your soul into your works. And best of all, it's free🤧. Me, who don't have the money to buy coins to unlock chapters. I am so happy, and that's plus points for yah! You're just superb! You deserve all the stones that I've got everyday for free😤.


The point is that all the tags related to this fanfic are correct& spot on the fanfic itself, and many spoilers said in the comments section are also quite true. Among, perhaps, hundreds of fanfic or stories that I've read, this is the best. Thanks to the author for this "real" story 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍


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