189 189. God In Trouble?

Alexander looked around and saw the same old golden throne he had seen when he died for the first time.

But it looked more like he was seeing a movie going on in front of him as the God in the giant chair and the small unknown man in front of him didn't notice Alexander.

He started hearing their voices.

"So, you have a decent amount of Karma. Barely enough to go to heaven. So, tell me. Do you want to reincarnate or go to heaven?" God asked.

"What?! What about 5 wishes? I saved that school bus from falling into the river. I deserve a wish." The man argued.

"Fine, only two wish is what you will get." God agreed.

"Okay, give me the powers to convince anyone to do anything for me. My second wish is that I want to be sent to the DC world," the man requested.

"It's done. Now you will be sent to DC world." God nonchalantly said and sent the man away.

Suddenly all the scenes vanished and the old man walked up to him in human size. "That was one of the biggest mistakes I made in the entirety of my existence. I had grown so arrogant and ignorant that I gave him all that without looking into his mind.

"The man went to DC and climbed the ladder of strength. The stronger he got the stronger his all convincing ability became. After a million years, he was finally able to breach into Heaven. There he acted like an angel but secretly made everyone his follower. The same he did with Hell.

"He wants to overthrow me and take my godhood. Which isn't impossible but just too hard. And I am ashamed to say that he has come close." God showed an extremely rare expression of sorrow.

Alexander was a smart man. It didn't take him long to understand the situation, so he went close and patted God's shoulder. "And that is why you adopted me. So that I can grow stronger and help you?"

God looked at Alexander's eyes and didn't see any resentment. Even he was shocked by Alexander's selflessness. It had been too long since he had seen a human with that kind of nature.

"Yes and No. Zulrak still needs thousands of years to gather enough power to launch an attack. I know my end. I brought you so that one day you can get stronger and overthrow him and become my replacement.

"It's really amusing how both of you come from the same planet and yet are so different," God exclaimed.

Alexander looked at God with determination. "You call me son and I call you father. To me, those are not just empty words. When the son is in trouble, the father helps. It is also a son's duty to help his father when the time comes.

"Don't worry, father. I will get stronger and beat him up. If by the speed I am going I don't think it will take too long. Tell me, how close am I to your strength right now?" Alexander asked.

"11 percent," God answered.

"And I'm not even done with Marvel. There are a ton of other worlds where I can get stronger. You said we have a few thousand years, right? Don't worry, I'll be strong enough by then." He reassured.

"Hahaha... you really are a good son." God patted him.

"What about Jesus? Is he on our side?" Alexander asked.

"Yes, he is. But he's mostly so busy with his messiah work that he doesn't have time to do anything else. Alright, they all must be waiting. Go and get stronger, my boy. I have also sent you a gift." God vanished and suddenly the white room disappeared. He found himself back in black space.

He looked around and saw Earth in some distance. All the gods and Galactus noticed him. He flew back to them in his tattered clothes.

Everyone cheered at his arrival. The celestials were defeated. Fulcrum was defeated. Now they just had to worry about the Horde. It was going to be troublesome but they will surely find a way.

"Everyone, thanks for working hard. Your contribution will not be forgotten. But remember, we are not safe as long as the Horde is still there. We can only rest after they are gone. But for now, it's time to rest as we all are tired." He loudly stated.

He then looked at Galactus, "Don't you want to see your daughter?"

Galactus was conflicted. But Alexander didn't wait and brought Gali out. It was not a good thing for a father to not see their daughter. Even more so when she is a cute chubby clutz like Gali.

"Hi, papa." Gali greeted him.

"Hello, my daughter. How has your stay been on Terra?" Galactus asked. He couldn't make himself smaller as his body had too much energy.

But Alexander had the reality stone. So he changed Galactus to the size of a normal male. Gali was always intimidated by her father's size but now that he was regular sized she jumped and hugged him.

"I missed you, papa." She nearly cried out. She had left Galactus at a small age and had come to earth. But she was slowly fearing her own hunger. Thankfully Alexander came when she was about to lose her mind.

Galactus patted his daughter's back. "Don't be sad, Gali. It's the curse of our kind to live in hunger and loneliness. There just aren't enough beings of our level out there. But thankfully you found Alexander."

"Un... Grandpa Universe is very nice to me. He gives me the best food with enough quantity to eat until my heart's content. You should come and visit me sometime. I've made so many new friends. There is also this blue bird and he cries a lot when watching TV..." Gali started telling him about her life and Galactus kept listening like a good father.

Alexander left the duo alone for a while and went to Odin and other gods.

"Nice armor you got there, Odin." He praised.

"Thank you. It took quite an amount of time and magic in making it. Oh, meet these two. They are also leaders of godheads. Zeus and Vishnu." Odin introduced.

Alexander's eyes rested on the duck on Zeus's shoulder. He controlled himself from laughing and gave him simple greetings.

Then Alexander greeted the Hindu god, Vishnu. He saw Lord Shiva also standing behind him. Alexander remembered Ganesh with an elephant head he had met years ago.

He looked at Lord Shiva and asked, "Hey, tell me. Why did you give Ganesh an Elephant's head? He was complaining when we last met."

"Oh, that was because I was in a haste or else my wife would have destroyed earth in her fury. The only requirement for the head was that the creature must be facing north. So the first such creature to be found was an elephant." Lord Shiva answered.

"Not too convincing but alright. I believe you." Alexander shrugged and walked to Ikaris. They had it the worst. They found out the truth of their existence, just to later realize that their strength was too punitive in comparison to their creator.

"Ikaris, my boy. How are you?" Alexander asked.

"I am good, sir. Thanks to you we didn't receive many injuries." He said.

"Haha... You did well. And just call me Old Man. Sir is just too formal. I came to tell you that in some years I'll make it normal for super-powered people to roam freely on the streets. You all won't have to stay hidden then. I'll also deal with the Deviants so don't worry about that either. Just enjoy and live to the fullest." He loudly cheered and took out thousands of bottles of drinks and plates of food.

The live telecast on earth and any other surveillance tools were stopped by him so they could have their party on the moon.

He waved his hand and hundreds of tables appeared. Soon Uatu the Watcher also came and joined them.

"So, how are we going to deal with the horde?" Zeus asked while feeding his little duck.

Galactus was also interested in knowing that and looked at him while feeding his daughter some dishes.

"Well, Horde is a horde of insects right. So we'll just need a strong enough insecticide. A cosmic insecticide. Do any of you have a sample of Horde's blood?" He asked.

"Oh, I have it. Here." Galactus threw a bottle at him.

"I was studying their genetic makeup to find out how they came to be." He said and busied himself with Gali. Alexander remembered that Galactus was a genius man before he became Galactus so It was not a big deal that he had stuff like this.

"So I have a sample. I will start working. When I have an effective insecticide I'll contact you all. Deal?" He asked.

"Let's Cheers to that." Thor stood up with his glass held high.

"For Victory" all the gods clanked their glasses and drank in one go.

Gali looked at the drink with longing eyes, but Galactus quickly stopped her. "Now my girl, that is for adults. You are still small. Here, drink this instead."

He passed her a glass of juice. Alexander secretly smiled looking at the scene. Who'd have thought that Galactus would be such a caring father?

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