Galaxy Wars: The Asiar System Book

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Galaxy Wars: The Asiar System


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In a galaxy consumed by the devastating Galaxy Wars, humanity's survival rests on the shoulders of the ENHANCED—individuals bestowed with unique abilities by the enigmatic Aravians to combat the Troglodyte menace. At the heart of this epic struggle is Bellatrix, a sixteen-year-old girl initially unable to access her latent powers. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she inherits a necklace from her fallen father, unlocking a powerful system she dubs 'Amon.' Empowered and determined, Bellatrix enrolls in Demacia Military Academy, where she forges strong bonds with a group of allies. Together, they navigate the challenges of training, uncovering hidden truths about the war, and mastering their abilities. As Bellatrix and her friends grow stronger, they unite in a quest to bring an end to the devastating conflict threatening their galaxy. With teamwork, determination, and the newfound strength of Amon, they stand as humanity's last hope against the relentless Troglodyte onslaught. Read to find out what happens


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