Fate/Ultimate Antagonist

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What is Fate/Ultimate Antagonist

Read Fate/Ultimate Antagonist fanfiction written by the author XElenea on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, system, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Getting Isekai'd to another world is indeed awesome, especially embarking on an adventure as a hero to defeat the Demon King, who turns out to be a woman, and making her part of your harem. It is truly the dream of millions of people hoping to be Isekai'd to another world. If Reinhard were to get Isekai'd like that, he might smile for the rest of his life. However, fate has other plans for him, as he becomes the unfortunate isekai victim, landing in the rabbit hole known as the moonlit world. With numerous psychopaths roaming around to fulfill their dreams, he must strive to defend his small life in this chaotic world, especially when the world is set to last only another decade. Fortunately, luck from nine generations of his family comes to his aid in critical moments. Finally, he gets help to secure his small life: [Ding!] "Eh? Has my help finally arrived?" [Congratulations, Host! You have been chosen as the host of the Antagonist Simulator System!] "Finally! Fina-... wait... What do you mean by Antagonist? Shouldn't it just be a Simulator without an Antagonist?" [As the name suggests, the Antagonist Simulator System is specifically designed for individuals with high aspirations to become antagonists, and you have been selected to be the Ultimate Antagonist! Congratulations, Host!] "Huh? Ultimate Antagonist? Wtf? How does someone as gentle as me fit as the ultimate antagonist?" [Not so.] [Host, you undoubtedly possess a strong motivation, clear plans, firm will, undisclosed secrets, outstanding execution, remarkable personality charm, and the determination to subvert the world.] [Undoubtedly, you are the perfect candidate for the ultimate antagonist.] WTF? ... [You were borns as the son of the King Vortigern.] [You pulled out the sword from the stone but inserted it back, and the sword emitted a resounding mournful cry] [You promoted agriculture, popularized education, abolished nobility, knights scorned you as the ominous son of the disaster-bringing white dragon] [You sacrificed Vortigern, gathered the remaining flames of the remnant age of gods, and launched the final assault towards the inner sea of the planet] [Your wife and daughter died at the hands of Ares] . . . [You set the Olympus Temple ablaze] "Oh? Looks like my adventure won't be boring."

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This review is solely intended to inform you, the current readers, and potentially those who intend to read, that this Fan-fiction is a translated version of the original and contains my personal edits. My purpose in translating this fan-fiction personally is purely out of hobby, and as I am quite interested in this fan-fiction. And as you may know, fan-fiction of this nature usually contains some rather unpleasant elements, and as I have been reading it up to now, there is quite a bit of poison and the author's personal bias embedded within. However, don't worry, I will sacrifice and act as the poison tester for all of you and make edits to remove the poison present in the original version of the fan-fiction. So, you can rest assured if you are hesitant to read this type of fan-fiction due to concerns about poison. I will provide an edited version that is poison-free and devoid of the author's personal bias. That's all, and thank you.


As someone who has mastered the MTL dao, I still can't believe that this fic was written by a Chinese author. But all the credit here should not go to the author, we should thank our friend who translated this story for us. Chinese writers can write really good fiction, but the problem is that it contains a lot of 'poison'. That's why most people don't want to read Chinese authors's fic. I would like to thank our translator friend here for purifying all the 'poison' inside him with the 'heavenly purification pen technique'.


with such a synopsis i have high hopes, also is this a translate.


Translation is awesome i have read original novel it have really unpleasant bias what do you expect form these types of author and story is really get emotional during the end of the simulator Author you have great job


Reveal spoiler


Mongrels! The king approves this ultimate story!!


Reveal spoiler


The translation is wonderful, the story itself is also interesting, I really look forward to continuing, I hope for early updates (100 chapters per minute would be enough, thank you), but the translator should not forget about himself, no matter how painful it may be for us, but rest is also important. In any case, the work is wonderful, the grammar is excellent, I read in my native language through a translator, and there are no problems. This review was also written using translate. Thanks to the translator for his work. Thanks to the translator for his work.


I think this is one if the best translated story Im reading ever.


Pretty good, but author the growth of the fanfic is just to small, I advice you to add Fate at the beginning. Something like [Fate: The Ultimate Antagonist] is more appealing to fate fans. Still, good job, I love how it's going.


I really recommend this novel, at first I was scared by the fact that a system was suddenly added, but it is not like others that are commonly seen in Chinese novels. The system does not ruin the story, in fact, there are moments that it is a great support to give depth to the story and add epicity to certain parts where necessary. For those who hesitate to read because it is a translated Chinese novel, I must say that the translator is doing quite well, I have only found a couple of errors that interrupted my reading rhythm, much less than I find in the commercialized books that I buy from from time to time, so you can read in peace, it is a good novel that found a worthy translator to bring it to us and it is not just another one who seeks to publish as much as possible to drag you to his patreon. trying to charge for a terrible translation. I thank the translator for hoarding all that poison just for him, after reading so much Mtl, any moment of desontication is well received.


first sim is great. Second sim is absolute PEAK


The Translation of this fanfic couldn't be anything more than magnificent. The story is CN and I think it might fall of in the later parts....cuz that's how these types of novels often end up to, but so far? Wow, this is absolutely a great fic to read and I am absolutely enjoying each chap about it. The way the MC causes diversions in the worlds that he hops in is notable and very intriguing. While some are probably grumbling to themselves that this fic should be harem, I think going for a single FL is good in its own way too. Morgan's the best Waifu you could ask for. Literally. Anyways, I hope you have good days ahead for both the Eng Translator and the CN Author! Thanks for bringing this fic into reality.


This reads like a mtl that was ran through ChatGPT; excessive repetition of words, grammar and syntax all over the place, the characters and dialogues are bland and feel robotic and stiff. So overall a generic mid Webnovel fanfic that will make you lose brain cells. Don’t recommended this to anyone.


The Story Is Getting More Interesting And Becoming Fun To Watch. Continue Updating And Don't Stop.


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5 stars of course. The story was fun fresh compared to your other Fanfics


muito bom!!!! espero que o autor se dedique a esta história, parece muito boa!


i haven't write a review for a past 2 years because I'm lazy but for now I'll supress my laziness just to write one.This story is really the peak of the fan fiction story at fight i thought this was just another fate fanfiction with simulated system with a op MC but as the author gradually make new chapter the story gradually reaching the peak of COOKING specially on how the author cook on the first volume about alvin pendragon.I really love this fanfiction plus the updating stability is daily and it is really amazing how the story don't go bad but no it just became great.


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