Fate/Ultimate Antagonist

Getting Isekai'd to another world is indeed awesome, especially embarking on an adventure as a hero to defeat the Demon King, who turns out to be a woman, and making her part of your harem. It is truly the dream of millions of people hoping to be Isekai'd to another world. If Reinhard were to get Isekai'd like that, he might smile for the rest of his life. However, fate has other plans for him, as he becomes the unfortunate isekai victim, landing in the rabbit hole known as the moonlit world. With numerous psychopaths roaming around to fulfill their dreams, he must strive to defend his small life in this chaotic world, especially when the world is set to last only another decade. Fortunately, luck from nine generations of his family comes to his aid in critical moments. Finally, he gets help to secure his small life: [Ding!] "Eh? Has my help finally arrived?" [Congratulations, Host! You have been chosen as the host of the Antagonist Simulator System!] "Finally! Fina-... wait... What do you mean by Antagonist? Shouldn't it just be a Simulator without an Antagonist?" [As the name suggests, the Antagonist Simulator System is specifically designed for individuals with high aspirations to become antagonists, and you have been selected to be the Ultimate Antagonist! Congratulations, Host!] "Huh? Ultimate Antagonist? Wtf? How does someone as gentle as me fit as the ultimate antagonist?" [Not so.] [Host, you undoubtedly possess a strong motivation, clear plans, firm will, undisclosed secrets, outstanding execution, remarkable personality charm, and the determination to subvert the world.] [Undoubtedly, you are the perfect candidate for the ultimate antagonist.] WTF? ... [You were borns as the son of the King Vortigern.] [You pulled out the sword from the stone but inserted it back, and the sword emitted a resounding mournful cry] [You promoted agriculture, popularized education, abolished nobility, knights scorned you as the ominous son of the disaster-bringing white dragon] [You sacrificed Vortigern, gathered the remaining flames of the remnant age of gods, and launched the final assault towards the inner sea of the planet] [Your wife and daughter died at the hands of Ares] . . . [You set the Olympus Temple ablaze] "Oh? Looks like my adventure won't be boring."

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130 Chs

[70] My dear...

Day and night alternated.

The ancient city gradually opened its lazy eyes to the faint morning light, emerging from deep slumber.

As dusk turned to dawn, sunlight streamed in through the glass dome overhead.

In the early morning of London, as always, a thin mist pervaded the air, even seeping into this rarely visited abandoned station, lending an air of chilly emptiness.

Waiting for the train to arrive at the platform.

A black-haired man in formal attire leisurely fiddled with the exquisitely sealed invitation in his hand, his face showing a rather complex smile.

"Unexpectedly, you spent a lot of money to buy a dozen invitations to the Mystic Eyes Collection Train. I must admit, that's truly you, Rein..."

Waver sighed with emotion.

He specially put on the Mystic Eyes Killer glasses for this journey, glanced sideways at the figure standing beside him.

"...Must have cost quite a bit, huh?"

The Mystic Eyes Collection Train.

As the most famous trading auction venue for mystic eyes, it only runs once a year.

Its invitations are extremely rare and not open to the public, operating instead on a membership invitation basis.

And Reinhard...

He directly purchased a full dozen tickets, leaving a few leftovers for everyone else on this trip.

"No problem, Professor. After all, you don't have to pay for it anyway."

Reinhard smiled softly.

"If solving problems with money is easy, then it's not really a problem."

"Tsk~ You, my adorable disciple, when will I get to enjoy the freedom of being rich like you?"

"Freedom... huh?

"In fact..."

The black-haired youth spoke softly,

"... It's you who doesn't want to experience it yourself."

Reinhard averted his gaze and looked at his mentor.

As the current Lord of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory.

If Waver wanted to accumulate wealth, he could have easily become a wealthy tycoon.

Those magus who came to him for commissions weren't people who couldn't afford it.

"By stealing Kayneth's relick, you were indeed at fault first."

"But actually, you didn't have to take on such a huge debt burden. It's more like you couldn't let go."


Waver let go of the snow-white cigar held between his fingertips, taking only one puff.

He sighed deeply, a bitter smile appearing on his face.

"My not-so-adorable disciple..."

You, my not-so-adorable disciple, why are you like me, always liking to see through everything.

Life is already so difficult, why ruin some things... Can't we just let sleeping dogs lie?

As your mentor, I've always taken care of your little thoughts, nurturing your self-esteem without saying anything.

Waver smiled bitterly.

Indeed... what Reinhard said was not wrong.

Waver Velvet, he couldn't let go.

He has always, held a deep sense of guilt towards his mentor Kayneth's death.

Even though Reines has repeatedly emphasized that Kayneth's arrogance almost ensured his fate in the Holy Grail War, Waver still feels that he killed his mentor.

So, just like relying on nicotine to numb the nerves.

He also, relied on the name of overtime fatigue, to numb his body.

In fact, attempting to rely on overtime to repay debts is as unrealistic as claiming that diligence alone can bring happiness, it's not something that can be achieved through hard work alone.

In other words, the more debt you owe, the more you are the boss.

Waver knew this very well.

In his lifetime, it's very difficult to repay the astronomical debt of the El-Melloi family, which is enough to produce a dozen Hollywood blockbusters.

But, he has always been, trying to redeem himself as if making amends.

Waver and Kayneth, are only nominally mentor and student, without any blood relationship, that pile of debt cannot be inherited by him.

In other words, repaying the debt is not actually his responsibility.

It's just... a feeling of guilt.

The man named Waver Velvet, still carries on with a sense of guilt.

After the death of his mentor Kayneth.

Waver didn't dare to stay at the Clock Tower, and wandered outside for a few years.

After passing the master's assessment, he finally realized how much Kayneth had taken care of him.

He was not a genius in magecraft like Reinhard, but just a third-rate magus's descendant.

Reines's sharp criticism hit the nail on the head... Waver's magic circuit can be described as flammable garbage.

But, for such an insignificant role.

Kayneth still read his thesis carefully and gave his disciple enough encouragement to see.

Those heart-wrenching words.

Was his mentor's way of protecting him.

Kayneth was undoubtedly a great teacher, even in terms of moral standards, far surpassing the average magus.

If not, he wouldn't have survived to twenty at the Clock Tower after refuting his thesis on magus lineage in person, at that time.

Take Reinhard himself as an example.

He has encountered all sorts of assassination attempts, and he can't even count them with both hands.

But, at that time, Waver Velvet, who was not familiar with him, couldn't understand such a painstaking effort.


After understanding it, he feels guilty to... an unprecedented extent.

There is no way to say "I'm sorry" to his mentor anymore.

... Regrettable.

Waver Velvet looked up, his gaze passing through the glass dome of the station, and looked at the gradually brightening dawn of London.

The dawn was approaching.

But his mentor, however, was nowhere to be seen.

"Kayneth's death was not your fault..."

Reinhard lowered his eyelids.

"If you want to cherish his memory, what you should do is... live up to his expectations."

Waver is silent for a while.

"...Thank you, Rein."

There was a moment of silence.

It was a touching and melancholic atmosphere.

But suddenly, it was punctured by the light and frivolous voice of a woman.

"Hehe... Don't bother trying to enlighten him, Rein, there's no point in talking to this blockhead~"

Listening to the conversation between mentor and disciple.

Reines, adorned in a high-slit navy blue dress under a gracefully designed lace glove and thin black silk stockings, affectionately held the hand of the black-haired youth, covering her mouth as she giggled.

"After all~"

"My dear brother is just the kind of miserly, narrow-minded, not to mention brooding and secretive character who loves nothing more than lying in bed all day..."

With a playful and mocking smile.

The golden-haired girl's azure pupils slightly narrowed, her eyes gleaming softly like a cat's.

"Always putting on a tired and haggard face, and then calculating behind everyone's back, he's... just someone who loves to cause trouble for others."


The defenses were breached.

Real hurt, it's the most genuine kind of pain.

Waver covered his chest, the words hitting him like a dagger to the heart.

And he couldn't refute them at all.

"Reines, I admit it's an accurate assessment, but at least don't stab like that..."

"Miss Reines..."

Gray tugged slightly at Reines's dress, to remind her not to be too harsh.

She was still slightly concerned about her mentor's mental health.


Reines didn't care and just like a cat she rubbed her face against the black-haired youth's arm, her azure eyes shimmering.

"Hehe, does Rein think so too?"

After pondering for a moment.

Reinhard couldn't help but nod in agreement.

"...You're right."

"Guh... Rein, you..."

This affirmation from his disciple dealt another blow to Waver, piercing him like a stake through the heart.

"But, people are flawed creatures by nature, imperfections and flaws make us seem real."

He pinched Reines's soft cheek.

Reinhard smiled.

"It's because of these flaws that our professor seems particularly endearing."

The black-haired youth reached into his pocket.

He took out a carefully prepared gift and handed it to his mentor.

"Professor, it's fine if you inhale some secondhand smoke."

"Rein, sniff... sniff..."

Waver wiped away the tears that had welled up in his eyes.

In this whole El-Melloi classroom, it was only this disciple who cared for him the most.

Taking the box of luxury cigars with trembling hands.

Waver's hands were shaking.

They were so expensive, he really couldn't bear to smoke them.


Seeing this scene of filial piety between mentor and disciple.

Reines was struck by lightning.

She lost...

Not to Gray, not to Olga Marie.

...But to... her wretched foster brother!

That feeling... no way!!!

It was as if she could see the death star of the loser floating above her head.

Reines covered her chest, her expression pained.

"S-Sob, sob...!"

"Whether in the classroom, in the lounge, or even when you are alone in the infirmary..."

"...In your heart, there's always only this old thing..."

Reinhard raised his hand and touched Reines's golden hair, smiling gently.

"Don't be sad."

"And, for your recent oversight in hospitality, I've prepared gifts for you too."

The black-haired youth smiled and waved his hand slightly.

A rift appeared in the air, revealing a colorful crack.

Imaginary Number Magecraft.

Reinhard, with his magical attribute being rare and balanced, known as Average One, could use any type of magecraft.

But correspondingly, he wasn't particularly skilled in any one type.

Reinhard reached into the void in front of him and pulled out three carefully wrapped gifts.

With a thought.

One of the gifts untied itself, revealing its contents.

A delicately crafted small hat with black lace trim suddenly appeared in his hand.

Adorned with a white rose on the hat, its petals still soaked with dew, emitting a faint fragrance.

"I made this little item myself, and I farming the rose in the workshop, applying a simple solidification magecraft."

Seeing Reines's embarrassed expression.

The black-haired youth smiled gently and placed the exquisite hat on the golden-haired girl's head.

Hmm... it fits quite nicely.

Reines pinched the hat cutely.

"Although... it's a bit rough, don't despise it too much."


The fickle little vixen covered her head with the hat, her face flushed like she was drunk.

Her delicate body trembled.

Looking at the smiling black-haired youth in front of her, Reines couldn't help but avert her gaze in embarrassment.

"It's... just okay..."

"I guess you tried your best!"

Reinhard shook his head at her behavior.

Although her attacks were fierce, her defenses were still so weak.

"Next is... Gray."

As the second gift's packaging was unwrapped, a framed, quaint tome appeared in Reinhard's hand.

"This is..."

"A book senpai wrote for me...?"

Gray took it somewhat dazedly with both hands.

With her fair fingertips, the girl slowly flipped open the framed book.

What appeared before her eyes, however, were not words.

Instead, dancing on the pages were musical notes.

She touched the notes with her fingertips, and a refreshing and elegant melody emanated from the pages, enveloping her entirely.

"On the surface, it's a book, but in reality, it's a music box."

Reinhard nodded to the white-haired man beside him.

Melvin wiped the blood from his mouth, a smile of understanding appearing on his face.

Though this gift was completed under his guidance, it was crafted by Reinhard's own hands.

It was truly commendable, a talent beyond compare...

"By consulting Mr. Melvin, we crafted a musical tome that contains melodies to soothe the soul..."

"... Perhaps, the next time Gray encounters a ghost, she'll be a little more at ease?"

After all, despite being a gravedigger, Gray was particularly afraid of ghosts.

What a contrast.

"Thank... thank you, senpai!"

The girl's meager and nervous words did not fully convey her gratitude.

But her actions, holding the book tightly to her chest, and the blush of happiness on her face, showed her excitement and joy.

"I will... definitely cherish and treasure it!"

"No, it's meant to be listened to. Even if it breaks, that's fine, because that's my intention."


There was still one gift left.

All eyes turned to Reinhard's hand, where the last exquisitely wrapped gift lay.

Was it for Melvin? Or for Touko Aozaki?

Or perhaps, was it still for Waver?

Who else could it be for among those present?

Previously, the recipients were Reines and Gray.

So, this left for Olga Marie?

"No, it's for Add..." Reinhard replied with an unexpected answer, smiling as he opened the packaging.

A dark, shimmering magic cube, exuding a sinister light, floated in his palm.

"It's a new mystic code for you, nothing major... just a change of skin."

With that, Reinhard shattered the magic cube in his hand, and the dim glow attached itself to Add's body.


Add's original golden-blue, luxurious appearance transformed into a subdued, dark purple, exuding a gothic vibe. Even horns sprouted from his head.

It looked much better this way.

The girl carrying the golden birdcage trembled with excitement.

Gray raised the magic cube in her hand, and Dark Add cheered and celebrated within it.

It seemed to really like this new look.

"Wow! Add also has new clothes to wear?!"

"Ah... Rein-boy~ Then... I'll... reluctantly refrain from scolding you this month!"

"I always knew you were the best! I've liked you the most from the very beginning... it wasn't for nothing that I picked you up back then..."

"But even so! My heart will always belong to Gray-chan! You, you better not have any ideas..."


Staring at the luxurious cigar in his hand...

The poor guy who was working overtime couldn't help but let out a melancholic sigh.

Waver hought he was definitely winning big!

Now it seems, he's lost everything...

The gifts given to Reines, Gray, and even Add were all meticulously handmade by Reinhard himself.

The gift given to his own mentor was just buying cigars.

It's clear as day which one holds more sentiment.

It's not about the money.

It's about the fact that Reinhard made the gifts himself.


Lost miserably.

So might as well puff away.

With a sigh of lamentation, Waver took a puff of the expensive cigar that he could never bear to smoke during overtime.


What he inhaled was not nicotine's anesthesia.

It was a cool, refreshing magical energy that invigorated his nerves.

A feeling of contentment.

Like sweet cotton candy melting in the brain.

"What I will provide to you, of course, is a product developed by myself..."

Reinhard smiled contentedly.

"The cigar is made through a mature process, and its ingredients are taken from the purest elemental magical energy source."

Above the cigar, smoke billowed.

In front of Waver's eyes, it formed words that drifted away on the breeze.

Happy Overtime.

"You little rascal..."

Waver muttered somewhat bewilderedly.

"Who wishes for blessings during overtime..."


Laughter filled the air.

Amidst the tranquil atmosphere.

A pair of fair hands reached out and gently caressed the black-haired youth's face.

"What about my gift...?"

With her glasses and a smile on her face, Touko Aozaki appeared before the black-haired youth.

"Triple the salary figure, compared to last time."

Prepared in advance, Reinhard took out a bank card from his pocket and placed it in the puppeteer master.

"The password it's your birthday, Miss Aozaki."

"It's not for nothing that I spoiled you..."

Only little girls like to chase after sentimental things. Mature women prefer things with practical value.

Touko Aozaki rubbed the black-haired youth's face with satisfaction, her words causing Reinhard to chuckle dumbfoundedly.

Indeed, it's not for nothing.

To perform surgery on him, that's also spoiling him.

And it's... excruciatingly painful.

"Wait a minute..."

Touko Aozaki suddenly felt that something was off...

"Rein, how did you know my birthday... A woman's age is the deepest secret buried."

"You were once a student at the Clock Tower, and there are records in the administration office."

"...I'll kill them."

A sinister smile appeared on Touko Aozaki's face, as she vowed to remember this grudge.

Damn it.

Then Reinhard knows that she... approaching forty years old? She hope he doesn't see her as Obasan.

Oh well, age doesn't matter... it's irrelevant.

As the Grand Magus, Touko Aozaki could freely change her body, and even this body she was currently in wasn't her original form.

So... its doesn't matter

"Hehe... What a lively family."

A soft, charming voice of a woman came from the side of their group.

Following the source of the voice.

Reinhard looked at the enchanting woman clad in a kimono with wide sleeves.

"Miss Adashino, I hope you're well..."

Her smooth black hair, almost reaching her ankles, along with her whole demeanor, exuded a charm, like a seductive snake.

A magus affiliated with the Department of Policies, Hishiri Adashino.

The so-called Department of Policies operated independently from the twelve disciplines and was under the jurisdiction of the Barthomeloi family

"I have to say... young people are full of vitality indeed."

The woman in the kimono narrowed her eyes, smiling coyly behind her hand,

"Beating Atrum-kun in the classroom and giving us all this trouble recently... it's one thing after another, isn't it, Reinhard-kun..."

"Tsk, fortunate to have Miss Adashino's care."

"And besides, my fine money payment has surely boosted the Department of Policies's revenue to new heights, hasn't it?"

That's right.

Since Reinhard arrived at the Clock Tower, the Sleeping Magus had never let the Department of Policies rest.

All the chaos caused by the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory over the past ten years combined didn't match what Reinhard had caused in just one year.

"As for that guy Atrum... I did save his life."

Reinhard's words inevitably made Hishiri Adashino smile bitterly, understanding his mercy.


With over a hundred eyewitnesses, plus Reinhard installing surveillance in the El-Melloi classroom.

Anyone could see that it was Atrum who struck first, using the magecraft emanating from his hand, the Primitive Curse that devours bones and souls.

Magus is not bound by secular laws. And in self-defense, Reinhard had the legal right to take his life.

But Reinhard just gave him a concussion and a broken face, which could be considered showing mercy.

Behind Atrum, the Galiasta family, crazily wanted to trouble Reinhard, but unfortunately, they were on the wrong side, and in the end, they even had to pay a large sum for classroom repairs and Reinhard's emotional damages.

Too bad Reinhard didn't mean it that way. His hidden intention was incomprehensible...

After all, according to the Fate/stay night plotline.

Atrum, this oil man, would summon Caster Medea in Fuyuki, and then immediately die from the witch's backstab, receiving a fresh and hot express lunch.

If he's injured and hospitalized, he won't be able to participate in the Holy Grail War anymore.

So... Reinhard did save his life.

Smiling wryly at the black-haired youth in front of him.

He was the only one in the entire Depatment of Modern Magecraft Theory who made Hishiri Adashino feel a headache.

Compared to Waver, he was simply as innocent as a lamb.

"Compared to the commotion you caused in London, Reinhard-kun, Atrum is nothing."

Thinking about these days of crazy overtime, Hishiri Adashino couldn't help but shake her head.

A few days ago.

Reinhard directly pulled out the Holy Lance and struck Doctor Heartless, the brilliant brilliance almost visible to the entire London and Clock Tower.

The investigation team quickly gathered and found that it was Doctor Heartless, the former head of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory who caused the chaos.

And after further investigation, Reinhard's name emerged, and when the Department of Policies wanted to hold him accountable... he coughed up a large sum of money and silenced the Department of Policies.

This resulted in them only being able to issue a verbal warning, so as not to repeat it again in the future.

"Next time for sure."

Reinhard smiled and gave a sincere promise.

The Department of Policies was both pained and happy, as their revenue had increased significantly over the past year, and the overtime bonus was like falling from the sky.

Thanks to the fact that the internet information industry was not yet developed, the fermentation of the whole incident was suppressed by the Department of Policies around London and did not spread further.

For the ordinary people, the explanation was that they were developing new missiles.

Hishiri Adashino came here not to make trouble with Reinhard, but...

"Doctor Heartless, is my adoptive brother, Kurou Adashino, and we were both adopted by the Norwich family."

This secret made everyone present stunned.

They had come here to track Doctor Heartless and ended up like this coincidentally.

"Miss Adashino..."

Waver frowned deeply,

"Why did Doctor Heartless steal my relics?"

"I'm not sure... My so-called genius brother has always been mysterious."

Doctor Heartless.

It is said that he was stolen his heart by fairies but still lived, a man with a mysterious whereabouts, and possessing the teleportation skills to the land of the fairies.

It was precisely because of this characteristic.

That he was named Heartless.

"Why are you sure he will appear on this train?"

As Hishiri Adashino's voice fell.

The gazes of everyone present couldn't help but converge on Reinhard.

"He should."

Reinhard smiled and replied,

"After all, he said so when we met."

That was how the anime plot developed.

But it wouldn't be convenient to say such a reason.

Although his interference disrupted the flow of events, the generous response should not change. That Heartless should still board the train.

It was Reinhard's original intention to stand here.

In order to confront that Faker without any flaws, he even invited Touko Aozaki to join him.

It could be said that he had gathered the most cutting-edge forces of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory.

With such a lineup, Heartless wouldn't dare to come, and if he did, he would have no chance.

"Heh... Then I'll wait and see."

While waiting...

The oddly shaped Mystic Eyes Collection Train buzzed with steam as it slowly pulled into the platform.

Magus of solemn demeanor and various outfits stood silently in front of the carriage doors, standing at a distance from each other, wary of each other.

Every now and then, cautious gazes were cast towards Reinhard's group.

El-Melloi Classroom.

Department of Modern Magecraft Theory.

In London, both names are currently much talked about and famous.

With an invitation letter hard to come by, it was rare for magus to travel in groups like this, and this group had obviously spent a lot of money just to board the upcoming train.

Moreover, there had been many rumors circulating that a few weeks earlier, someone had sold the invitation letter at an exorbitant price.

Because of these rumors, the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory and the people in the group were widely talked about among London magus.

Moreover, the news of Reinhard single-handedly knocking out Atrum Galliasta and causing a brain concussion had already spread like wildfire in the Clock Tower.

Thanks to the aristocrats' deliberate embellishment.

The image of the sleeping magus became more mysterious and terrifying.

It was almost to the point where he was portrayed as a demonic figure who would kill anyone without saying a word.

In the midst of this, even though outward appearances may seem gentle and approachable, no one dared to get too close.


"Rein... Rein..."

Accompanied by the golden-haired maid.

Dressed elegantly and gorgeously, with voluptuous thighs clad in beautiful red stockings, Olga Marie, heiress of the Department of Astromancy, timidly made her way over from the other side of the station.

Seeing the crimson spreading across her face.

Reinhard couldn't help but marvel.

Red stocking is indeed pleasing to the eye, but how did you manage to wrap it all over her face like that?

"Oh, Mary, you're here, how... convenient..."

Suddenly seeing her close friend.

Reines, quickly pounced, joyfully rubbing against Olga Marie and patting her face.

"Yes, yes, so... convenient..."

Olga Marie's gaze flickered with charm.

As if peeping, she blushed and stole a glance from the corner of her eye at the black-haired youth over here.


This scene seemed familiar...

Waver looked at his disciple with some pity.

To be constantly surrounded by young maidens and still manage to find time to study magecraft diligently, Reinhard truly something.

"Um... Miss Marie, are you here to auction off mystic eyes?"

"N... No."

The silver-haired girl struggled to escape Reines's assault.

"My father received word that this time, it seems there will be extremely precious, even difficult-to-appraise-grade mystic eyes up for auction."

"Extremely precious..."

Waver pondered, pushing up his glasses.

"If it can be evaluated like this by Marisbury, at the very least, it's definitely a Jewel rank... No, it's definitely a Rainbow rank."

No wonder.

Magus who hear the news will surely come here in droves.

In this station alone, there are forty or fifty people wanting to board the train, something that has never happened before.

"Everyone. As a precaution, it's better to wear the Mystic Eyes Killer before getting on the train."

Waver took out several pairs of black-framed glasses from his hand.

Mystic Eyes Killer.

This is a mystic code that can suppress the effectiveness of mystic eyes and at the same time slightly block the influence of others' mystic eyes.

There are several forms of Mystic Eye Killer, but the most common is in the form of glasses because it's more flexible and lightweight.

Including Waver himself.

Hishiri Adashino and Touko Aozaki are also currently using the same thing.

Moreover, Touko Aozaki herself is an expert in preparing Mystic Eye Killer.

The downside of this mystic code is that it slightly affects the flow of magical energy, and if there is a critical moment, users of mystic eyes must remove their glasses to activate their mystic eye abilities.

And upon Waver's suggestion.

Everyone immediately put on the Mystic Eyes Killer in the form of glasses.

After wearing the glasses, Reines' temperament seemed a bit softer, while Gray immediately turned into a literary girl.

Reinhard also quickly put on black-framed glasses and gazed at his reflection in the train's window.

After coming to the moonlit world, he hadn't worn glasses for a long time because with his Clairvoyance, he didn't need glasses.

He kind of missed this look...

Moreover, his friends used to comment that he looked like Ren Amamiya.

After putting on the glasses, they began to board the train one by one.

Different from the dim morning light at the station.

As they entered the carriage, the bright light from the spacious hall immediately struck their faces.

Luxurious crystal chandeliers, shining brilliantly.

Intricate velvet red carpets, captivating to the eyes.

The passengers on the train, all of noble status, unconsciously turned their gaze towards the person boarding, expressions of emotion appearing on their faces.

"It's Lord El-Melloi II..."

"And the one behind him, looks like the Scarred Red..."

"Shh! Keep quiet! Do you want to die? You'll be killed!"

"Oh, interesting, even the Miss of the Animusphere family, Olga Marie, is boarding..."

"The intensity of this auction... can already be anticipated. The train conductor must have some precious items to offer, surely, average-grade Mystic Eyes won't satisfy everyone's appetite, right?"

"No, no, those in the front aren't anything special. It's the one at the back, with black hair, emitting the most restrained aura, did you see him?"

"The Sleeping Magus, he's the most terrifying fellow."

"Anyone who dares to oppose him from the Clock Tower will be dead the next day, it's said that he's taken the lives of over a hundred magus..."

Listening to these murmurs and discussions.

Reinhard didn't think much of it.

Touko Aozaki ran her hand through her hair, took off her glasses, and a malicious smile appeared on her face.

"...You bastards who keep chattering like magpies! If I catch you staring, I'll gouge out all your eyes!"

In an instant.

Silence fell over the carriage.

Facing the smiling woman known as the Scarred Red.

The sinister figures in the carriage suddenly fell silent, instinctively averting their gazes.

"Truly your style, Miss Aozaki..."

Waver's face showed a helpless smile.

Originally wanted to keep a low profile...

... No, rather, with this lineup of theirs, it's impossible to keep a low profile, isn't it?

When Touko Aozaki spoke up.

The already solemn atmosphere in the carriage became even more stagnant.

Ignoring the fearful glances of the people and the subdued whispers.

The Clock Tower's dark forces, upon boarding the train, directly occupied the central and most spacious area of the carriage, the round table.

"Like buzzing insects, the annoying gazes are everywhere."

Touko Aozaki threw her personality-switching glasses onto the table, and her orange pupils rippled with ferocity.

"It doesn't matter if they talk about me, after all, I'm already used to it."

"Guh... you're just too patient, making even small characters feel they can speak up in front of you..."

Hearing this remark.

The black-haired young man with glasses, exuding an elegant temperament, just smiled and shrugged.

"It's okay... I've gotten used to it too."

"But... thanks for the consideration, Miss Aozaki."

Reinhard couldn't help but smile.

What a bunch of villains.

Now, their evil reputation is truly established.

He has to say... after all, he is an antagonist.

"Come in, it's huge inside."

Unlike the ordinary exterior of the carriage.

Upon boarding, they found the interior to be a grand hall large enough to accommodate hundreds of people.

Gray carried a birdcage, looking a bit reserved as she glanced around.

In such a grand place, she felt a bit uncomfortable all over.

"It's an imaginary number magecraft."

Waver immediately saw through the mechanics behind it.

"The existence of this train itself is equivalent to another world..."

"To open up such a large space, and to bring in so many characters, this auction is truly a spectacle in the magical world."

With a casual glance.

Waver already noticed dozens of notable figures present, whom he could name.

"Magus families, the Holy Church, the Atlas Institute..."


Reinhard looked up at the banquet hall inside the carriage.

This space was too luxurious and extravagant.

Such a scale of imaginary number magecraft consumed a tremendous amount of magical energy.

Compared to depicted in anime, this train at this moment appeared much grander and more spacious.

"A variable has emerged... so the hospitality has correspondingly upgraded significantly?"

He pondered slightly.

Olga Marie glanced around the banquet hall.

Even with her status and experience, such a scene was considered a top-notch event.

"Most of the people here... should be here for the extraordinary-grade Mystic Eyes that will be auctioned off by the train."

She spoke, snapping her fingers lightly.

By her side, the golden-haired maid immediately understood.

A soundproof bounded field quietly unfolded, enveloping the row of the clock tower, cutting off the voices from inside and outside.

The silver-haired girl raised her hand, gesturing to introduce everyone.

"This is my maid and tutor, Trisha..."

Trisha nodded and smiled.

Reinhard gazed at the gentle face of the blonde woman, subtly furrowing his brows.

If he remembered correctly...

This Olga Marie's maid... in anime, she was the victim of the Mystic Eyes Collecting Train case, and suffered a gruesome beheading.


Doctor Heartless, is he hiding among these passengers?

Reinhard glanced around slightly.

After using the Holy Lance, his synchronization rate had skyrocketed to 10%, and his ability to see through illusions had also greatly improved.

However, he didn't sense Heartless' presence.

Because his disguise as Caules had been discovered early, so, that guy didn't board the train with them?

While he was pondering...

Olga Marie's voice continued to resonate.

"Trisha possesses the Mystic Eyes of Precognition."

"Therefore, she foresaw... the Mystic Eyes that will be auctioned off on the train."

Waver showed a slightly surprised expression.

"That's a very rare and valuable mystic eyes, and its quality is at least on par with a jewel."


Reinhard then thought about his Clairvoyance ability that would sometimes trigger his ability to observe the future.

Those disasters... just thinking about them was exhausting.

He couldn't help but ask.

"Professor, what are the specific differences between Clairvoyance and Mystic Eyes?"

"Well... I haven't explained that to you specifically yet, Reinhard."

Waver glanced at his disciple and slowly spoke.

"Simply put, Clairvoyance is a talent..."

"While Mystic Eyes are a magic circuit of mutation, part of the body's official functions."

"Mystic Eyes can be artificially created, but such postnatal creations are the lowest-grade garbage."

"Just like the magic circuits of mutation in your brain."

"Many magus families tend to inherit and mutate congenital Mystic Eyes."

"That's right..."

"For example, I also possess mystic eyes."

Reines removed her glasses, and the blue pupils emitted a fiery light.

She blinked coquettishly at Reinhard, her smile appearing alluring and enchanting.

"They help me control magical energy and peer into the flow of magical energy."

"I have Mystic Eyes of Enchantment."

Touko Aozaki tilted her gaze towards the black-haired youth, and the orange-colored pupils emitted a faint pink light.

"But it seems, they don't affect you... Rein."

With a hint of amusement, she participated in the discussion.

In fact, her Mystic Eyes were not just limited to that.

Fascination was just the most basic ability, as for the truth... it's best not to reveal it.

"Hehe... I, a third-rate magus, don't dare to aspire to have Mystic Eyes."

Waver chuckled, pointing to his own eyeballs.

"For example..."

"If I also had the talent of Clairvoyance, if my eyeballs were gouged out and replaced with new Mystic Eyes, as long as my vision was normal, my Clairvoyance would still work."

"But if the Mystic Eyes were gouged out, it would be equivalent to truly losing them."


Reinhard nodded with understanding.

"Clairvoyance is passive, while Mystic Eyes are accessories."

"Tsk, your rhetoric is always so incisive."

Waver couldn't help but sigh.

And the tacit understanding between mentor and disciple.

Reinhard didn't need to speak, Waver could understand what his disciple really wanted to ask...

"By the way, the highest-level Clairvoyance often also has the ability to observe the past, present, or future."

"But the future is more like a guess, just a possibility."

"Compared to that, what Mystic Eyes of Precognition see of the future belongs to foresight, some things are destined to happen."

"But its predictive ability is greatly limited in time, generally not exceeding a few days. And the future foreseen must also be witnessed with your own eyes."

"It's like this..."

Waver's voice trailed off.

Everyone's gaze shifted to Trisha.

"It must be witnessed with your own eyes..."

Touko Aozaki looked at Olga Marie and asked...

"So, you brought Trisha on the train for this reason?"

"That's right."

Such information is indeed very rare.

But Olga Marie felt that it was best to say it in front of these people.

"The Mystic Eyes to be auctioned off on that train are called..."

"The Mystic Eyes of Bloodthirsty."

The Mystic Eyes of Bloodthirsty...

Facing this name.

Reinhard, Gray, and Reines had no reaction yet.

However, Touko Aozaki, Hishiri Adashino, Melvin, and Waver all wrinkled their brows deeply, as if by agreement.


Touko Aozaki murmured.

"Doesn't a name like this have something to do with the Dead Apostles?"

"Dead Apostles, the bloodsuckers... This is the ultimate taboo among taboos, the common enemy of the Mage's Association and the Holy Church."

Waver sighed with smoke and a bitter smile.

"This train dares to auction off something like this, no wonder so many magus are interested... It's like a depth charge."

"Dead Apostles... What are they?"

Even though he had been promoted to a Pride Magus.

However, there was still too little time, and Reinhard felt that his knowledge was still somewhat lacking.

"Dead Apostles, also known as immortal vampires."

"The legend of the Twenty-Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors and Crimson Moon is the shared terrifying enemy of all magus."

Stroking his violin case.

Melvin spoke softly.

"The Wizard Marshal, the one who mastered the Second True Magic, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg..."

"It is said that he fought against Crimson Moon in the 300 AD and barely won."

"So, we now have the Mage's Association that can survive until today, cough cough..."

He had spoken too much.

The white-haired man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled.

"In other words..."

"If there are Dead Apostles here, smelling the scent of blood."

"They'll immediately rush over and can't resist tearing into my neck..."

This simple introduction.

Also made Reinhard almost understand.

Understood, so-called Dead Apostles, are they vampires?

Blonde vampires and the like, he's seen enough.

Reinhard just listened to this type of setting and knew it was another one of those things chosen for the pursuit of power rather than humanity.

Tsk, it seems like he doesn't have much of a place to say this.

After all, he's at least the savior of villains...

"Well... So, it all makes sense now."

Waver touched his chest with a complex expression.

There, the Holy Shroud that he had once kept close was placed...

"I can now be almost certain, that Mystic Eyes of Bloodthirsty, must be Doctor Heartless' target."

In the slightly stagnant atmosphere.

The doors of the banquet hall were gently pushed open.

A gentle female voice also came from the doorway.

"Apologies for interrupting the conversation of esteemed guests."

All eyes gathered.

A mysterious golden-haired woman with a deep red eyepatch smiled at everyone's gaze.

"I am Leandra, the auctioneer for this train journey."

Standing beside her, a man in uniform had a cold expression.

"I am Rodin, the conductor of this train."

"The Mystic Eyes Collection Train is about to depart, and in three days, the auction will be held in the auction hall. Please enjoy this pleasant journey, esteemed guests."

Amidst the roaring steam sound.

The Mystic Eyes Collection Train began to move slowly.

"...Let's keep our eyes peeled."

Waver's expression turned solemn as he spoke with a firm tone, pushing up his black-framed glasses.

"Something big is coming, everyone."

"I'm betting on my great detective reputation, so for the next few days, please remain vigilant."

"Within these three days, something major will definitely happen!

"That man, he will definitely appear!"



"No murders!"

"No cases!"

"No abnormalities!"

"Nothing at all...!"

"This... Has Doctor Heartless not shown up?!"

Three days later.

Sitting in the VIP section of the auction hall in the carriage, Waver Velvet, with his hands propping up the table, wore an expression of soullessness, as if he had lost his spirit.

"Tsk, seems like your deduction skills are not up to par, Waver..."

Wearing a smirk on her face,

Sitting beside him, Touko Aozaki, lazily chuckled and shook her head.

"What about the big one?"

"The one you said was coming, I've been waiting for three days already, the auction has started, is he still not coming?"

Sitting on Waver's other side, Reinhard couldn't help but smile, already starting to feel embarrassed for his mentor.

That's right.

Completely contrary to the firm deduction of Waver.

For these three days... Nothing happened at all.

Initially, everyone was on high alert, guarding against the possible ambush by Doctor Heartless.

Reinhard, having seen the anime, had some suspicions.

He specifically instructed Olga Marie and Trisha, giving them pre-prepared mystic code for protection, especially emphasizing the defense of the head.

He didn't want any beheadings or anything... After all, Reinhard wasn't a fan of that thing.

Trembling, Olga Marie accepted the necklace Reinhard made, thinking it was a sign of his affection.

That night, the silver-haired girl blushed in bed, tossing and turning all night, even naming their imaginary child.

But... That tense atmosphere lasted for only a day.

Nothing happened at all.

Trisha didn't die.

And even the expected ambush never came.

The most that happened was when Waver accidentally stubbed his toe while having a drink at the carriage's bar, and then grimaced in pain, paralyzed on his bed.

The second day.

Still, nothing happened at all.

Touko Aozaki made a few puppets, and together with Reinhard, thoroughly fortified everyone's rooms with the bounded field.

Which can withstand a servant's full-strength attack for half an hour.

Of course it was not the strange servants he had fought before.

Two full days of tense anticipation.

Everyone started to relax.

So, the ladies gathered in Reinhard's room and played Uno.

Reinhard, very self-aware... was prepared to win back all the losses from the last game.

But after losing his underwear again...

He slipped away.

It had nothing to do with his Uno skills, okay?

So, Touko Aozaki took his place and battled it out with Olga Marie, Reines, and Gray..

The battlefield among the four women.

In this world, there was nothing more terrifying than this...

Thinking of the suffocating atmosphere that was almost murderous, Reinhard couldn't help but feel a little breathless.

That's right.

What they were fighting for in Uno was... who gets to stay alone in Reinhard's room at night.

"Hey, guys, don't you want to ask if I agree or not?"

He weakly protested like this.

And received unanimous answers.

"Is your opinion important?"

"...To some extent, indeed."

In the early hours of the morning.

Touko Aozaki finally using her extensive experience, defeated the two silver and one gold losers.

What... It seems like the charm of a mature woman like herself was the ultimate winner.

She glanced over.

Reinhard had already shrunk into Waver's room and locked the door.


The woman who was called the Scarred Red took off her glasses, silently lit a cigarette.

"Keep playing. I don't believe he won't come."

So the ladies squatted in Reinhard's room, playing Uno for two days.

And Reinhard squatted in Waver's room, having a heart-to-heart conversation with his mentor about the Holy Lance.

Three days.

Nothing happened.

Waver, who sat in the VIP section of the auction hall, appeared to have been breached.

"Doctor Heartless..."

"This guy, he... He tricked us?!"

Waver hammered the table in impotent rage, attracting a few side glances, his brilliant deductions had completely turned him into a clown.

Reinhard, on the other hand, had anticipated such a turn of events long ago.

After all, if he was Doctor Heartless, he wouldn't show up either.

Seriously, with this lineup...

Even if it's Faker, he wouldn't be able to handle five at once.

Just Touko Aozaki alone was enough to give that doctor a run for his money.

Not to mention, Reinhard wasn't afraid of Heartless's Mystic Eyes.

With Add in his grasp now, his combat power was unmatched in the entire Clock Tower.

Let's see if it's your curses that are more effective, or if my Holy Lance lasts longer.

For Reinhard, the Restraints of the Round Table were nothing, he didn't need the knights' approval, and Artoria and Kay were definitely on his side.

As long as his magic energy was enough, Reinhard could liberate the Holy Lance at any time.

And now, with his magic power greatly enhanced after the modification, he was practically on par with a Servant.


A shameless person is invincible in the world.

Doctor Heartless seemed to reluctantly accept his own weakness, so he stood on an unbeatable ground...

Sighing with regret like this.

Regret echoed through the room.

All eyes turned to the final episode of this journey.

Since they were here already...

Might as well attend the auction.

Reinhard was quite interested in the so-called Mystic Eyes of Bloodthirsty.

In the luxurious auction hall, countless fervent gazes converged on the central auction platform.

There were over ten mystic eyes exhibited this time, all listed in the catalog displayed beside each attendee's seat.

A blindfolded, mysteriously elegant blonde woman caressed a glass container filled with green liquid.

An eyeball with fiery flames swirling around it soaked in a solution.

"First up is a noble-grade, Mystic Eyes of Flame Burn. As it's the most basic noble color grade, the starting price is only one million dollars."

The price kept rising amidst the intense atmosphere.

Melvin casually bid, but no one from the Clock Tower cared about this level of mystic eyes.

The Mystic Eyes of Flame Burn, noble color grade, sold for seven million dollars.

The Mystic Eyes of Plunder, gold grade, sold for thirty-one million dollars.

The Mystic Eyes of Twisted, gold grade, sold for fifty million dollars.

Time steadily progressed.

"...Second to last item, the jewel-grade Mystic Eyes of Transience, sold for six hundred million dollars! We appreciate your generosity, Miss Olga Marie."

Gasps filled the banquet hall.

The elegantly dressed silver-haired girl expressionlessly lowered her bidding card.

This Mystic Eyes of Transience was the item she had set out to acquire on this journey, a specific item she was determined to obtain.

Its vision of the past effect held significant research value for Chaldea's facility construction.

"Thank you, Rein."

Lowering her gaze, Olga Marie's tense face finally showed a hint of blush.

Reinhard helped her raise the bid, making a statement.

Afterwards, the silver-haired girl increased the bid from two hundred million to six hundred million, tripling the amount, showcasing her determination, stunning the entire audience.

"I've saved one billion. It's not much, but I bet Mother will praise me..."

Such boastful words caused Waver's mouth to twitch and his heart to ache...

The last item, not in a glass container but in a black metal box, was brought onto the auction platform.

Olga Marie bowed slightly, left her seat, and went down to the front.

Under envious gazes.

The silver-haired girl reached out, receiving the pair of Mystic Eyes of Transience that belonged to her.



The moment they made contact.

The pair of Mystic Eyes of Transience in the glass container burst into a brilliant and mesmerizing light.

Olga Marie seemed slightly dazed.

In an instant.

The flow of time seemed to stagnate and freeze.

The next moment.


A violent gust of wind suddenly swept through the banquet hall, blowing so fiercely that many guests couldn't even open their eyes.

In the swirling wind.

Reinhard grabbed the hand of the silver-haired girl and pulled Olga Marie into his arms.

With his other left hand, he caught and shattered the container, swiftly grasping the pair of Mystic Eyes of Transience, crushing them.


Even with this triggered by an extremely fast response from Sandevistan.

For the mystic eyes to activate in an instant, it was already too late.


"To have such a surprising reaction."

Accompanied by that gentle and calming voice.

A familiar yet unfamiliar figure stood in the center of the auction.

He was tall.

His seemingly burning red hair, coupled with his fair skin, left a lasting impression at first glance.

It was difficult to determine his age.

Whether in his twenties or forties, any number he stated would probably be accepted.


Only his lips, that radiant smile like a flower.

Clearly so gentle, yet so chilling.

Reinhard slowly released his grip on Olga Marie's right hand, pushing the slightly dazed girl towards Gray who was approaching from behind.

Countless people looked on in astonishment at the chaotic hall.

"Doctor Heartless, I should have guessed. You tampered with that Mystic Eyes of Transience..."

"Yes, Karabo Frampton is under my control. I hypnotized him long ago."

The redhead's smile carried a faint tone.

It made the faces of the conductor and the auctioneer suddenly turn ugly.

The Mystic Eyes Collection Train had made a grave mistake.

Because it was a mystic eyes harvested from a living being.

They... hadn't had the chance to detect any tampering done on it.

Doctor Heartless glanced sideways, looking at the grim-faced conductor and the metal box in his hand.

"Hand over that Mystic Eyes of Bloodthirsty to me."

The redhead smiled.

In contrast to his gentle tone.

The content of his words was extremely cruel.

"In that way, I can avoid killing everyone on this train."

"If you want to die, that's your choice."

Reinhard couldn't help but laugh, his spine cracking with each chuckle.

"Give back my mentor's relic."


The earth trembled.

With an incredibly violent force, Reinhard suddenly punched Doctor Heartless in the face, grabbed the man's flying hair, and elbowed him, snapping his right palm.

Like a rag, he fell to the ground.

The red-haired man staggered to his feet.

"Tsk, I really shouldn't have messed with you, Reinhard."

Even after receiving such a bone-crushing blow, Doctor Heartless's expression still maintained that calm smile.

"Sorry, without a heart, concepts like fatal wounds don't apply to me..."

The red-haired man raised his shattered right hand.

The remaining two command seals suddenly lit up.


A crimson light burst forth.

The figure of a black-haired woman appeared in the center of the venue.

"A Servant... that's a Heroic Spirit?!"

"Hecatic Wheel!"


The horse-drawn carriage pulled by a skeletal dragon plunged down from the sky, crashing into the banquet hall's dome, causing it to collapse suddenly.

In the swirling dust.

Guests who recognized the arrival of the Heroic Spirit scrambled to flee.

How could magus's bodies resist the might of a Heroic Spirit?

As a Servant, Hephaestion swiftly knocked down the conductor and grabbed the metal box from her hand.

"I've got it, Master."


The swiftest of strategies.

The most rapid of plunder.

Once successful.

There wasn't a hint of hesitation.

The red-haired man and his Servant boarded the carriage.

"Next time... I'll definitely scatter you, repaying all the humiliation I've endured."

Facing Reinhard before him.

Hephaestion smirked and ran his hand over his neck.


The wheels of the carriage soared into the air from the hall.




Doctor Heartless, as if hitting an invisible wall, abruptly fell from the carriage, crashing onto the banquet hall floor.


Hephaestion descended back to the carriage. As a magys, she instantly understood what had occurred.

"A bounded field?"

"No... a curse."

The red-haired man smiled, slowly propping himself up and standing once more.

Behind Reinhard.

The grinning Touko Aozaki slowly emerged from the smoke, holding a red-haired doll that increasingly resembled Doctor Heartless.

Countless seemingly invisible threads extended from the doll, connecting to Doctor Heartless's body.

"Thanks, Miss Aozaki."

"No, thanks to you bringing his hair."

"Using hair as material, and casting the Curse of Separation?"

In this way, there's no escape.

Despite facing such adverse circumstances, Doctor Heartless's smile remained unchanged.

"Scarred Red, a troublesome woman indeed..."

"Daring to use that name, you must die here today."


The red-haired man laughed heartily.

"In fact, I am a gentle person. I wasn't joking with you.

"Having obtained the Mystic Eyes of Bloodthirsty, let me go, and I won't kill you all."

"If you don't let me go..."

He said with a smile.

"... Well then, I'll have no choice but to kill all of you."

"Senpai! Catch Add!"

A golden birdcage was tossed by Gray and caught by Reinhard.

In an instant.

Thirteen restraints were suddenly broken free, and a radiant spiral light lance appeared in Reinhard's hand.

"Heh... Holy Lance Rhongomyniad, huh? Even if it's only a fraction of its full power now, I'll have to avoid its edge. But you can only unleash one-tenth of it, right?"

"Killing trash like you is enough."


Doctor Heartless shook his head lightly.

"Reinhard, do you know why I dared to come before you?"

The sunlight above.

Seemingly becoming dim and obscure.

Doctor Heartless raised his gaze, looking at the hole pierced by the Noble Phantasm in the dome of the auction platform.

The sun.

Being devoured.

"Because now is... Solar Eclipse."

A dark sun with flames flickering around its edges.

Appeared above Doctor Heartless's head.


In the brief interval without words.

Freeing the restraint on the Holy Lance, Reinhard activated his maximum rate, a brilliant light burst forth from the lance tip, swiftly piercing through Doctor Heartless's figure.


Facing the impact of the Holy Lance.

The red-haired man pressed his left hand against his chest.

A dim light suddenly emanated from the hollow space where his heart was missing.

"Solar Eclipse."

"Heart Eclipse."

"Together we cast..."

"This World Eclipse."

As the man hoarsely chanted.

A profound black hole suddenly opened in front of Doctor Heartless, swallowing all the light from the Holy Lance into it, much to Touko Aozaki's twitching eyes.

"This... even the brilliance of the Holy Lance...?"

"You know, Reinhard..."

"Sorry, you probably wouldn't know about this secret..."

Bathed in the dark sunlight.

The metal box in the red-haired man's hand began to tremble, spreading eerie veins like blood vessels.

He smiled.

"The so-called Solar Eclipse corrodes the hole of the Holy Lance."

"In other words...

"Solar Eclipse has a special attack against the Holy Lance."

"We're leaving... Rein!"

The two figures, battered and bruised, appeared by Reinhard's side. They struggled through the smoke, coughing.

"Heartless... he's communicating with the Solar Eclipse through the hole in his heart, it's a grand magecraft that connects with the otherworld!"

"Hephaestion... that Faker, she's a magus of the age of gods, she had already set up a ritual circle outside, the Solar Eclipse, this is the time they're confident in!"

"Tsk... indeed, you two saw through my magecraft in an instant. You undoubtedly possess dissecting abilities..."

The red-haired man shook his head, smiling.

"...It's a pity, though. When I wanted to, you wouldn't let me. Now, perhaps it's a bit too late?"

Saying so, the man suddenly opened the metal box in his hand, and from it, a grotesque-eyed, seemingly screaming, eerie eyeball emerged.

He grabbed the Mystic Eyes of Bloodthirsty, inserting it directly into the cavity of his heart.


"By the name of the Bloodsuckers King, Aatrox..."

"Hollow echo of my heart, and the aperture of a solar eclipse..."

"Answer my call, Einnashe!"

As his words faded. 


The dark sun hung high in the sky.

A deep black hole suddenly opened up.

With spreading tentacles of ferocity, gaping maws.

A colossal, grotesque creature, emitting its hoarse roar, emerged from the black hole of that otherworld.

"That is...?!"

"Yes... Only at this eclipse's node can there be a chance of summoning.

"The perfected bloodsucker, Einnashe."


Countless twisted tendrils composed of tree roots surged from the earth, entangling the moving Mystic Eyes Collection Train.

The carriage swayed incessantly, and the wheels on the track emitted a piercing screech.

"It's my... gift to you."


The Mystic Eyes of Bloodthirsty was suddenly pulled out from the cavity of his heart.

Doctor Heartless emitted a muffled groan, and his skin, along with his complexion, seemed to turn gray.

The ferocious, roaring eyeball drank deeply of the fresh blood, gaining a bit of respite.

The red-haired man reinserted the peculiar metal box.


Doctor Heartless said weakly, smiling.

"Hope you... enjoy this gift.

"Enjoy your... bloody demise."

"Reinhard, we have to go!"

Trying to move his disciple's body.

But with his frail strength, he couldn't budge Reinhard an inch.

Touko Aozaki seemed to sense something.

She held onto Reinhard's shoulder.

Suddenly, a sense of palpitation surged into her heart, forcing the Grand Magus back.

Gazing at the dark sun burning with flames on the firmament.

Reinhard's expression seemed somewhat dazed and stagnant.

"Special attack against... Holy Lance?"

10%... 12%... 16%...

The synchronization rate skyrocketed madly.

Behind him were his mentor.

His companions.

What he... cherished.

His brain was flooded with the immense power named Protection.

Gripping the Holy Lance.

The radiant light at the tip of the lance suddenly became somewhat flickering.

He felt...

In that... dark sun.

There was something, seemingly calling out to him...


The dark ring on Reinhard's chest seemed to ripple slightly with dazzling flames.

The light of the Holy Lance.

Suddenly dimmed, becoming silent and profound...

The shadows indoors began to flow and converge.

Seemingly clad in pitch-black, lightless armor, it spread continuously over his body.

The black-haired youth raised the Holy Lance.

The brilliant light at the tip of the lance twisted into a strange, obscure spiral, seemingly absorbing everyone's gaze.

If the Holy Lance was restrained.

Then... what about the Demonic Lance?!

He was going to unleash this shot, Rhongomyniad Morgan, to completely annihilate Heartless' body.


At this moment.


In Heartless' somewhat stunned and bewildered gaze.

A complex summoning circle suddenly lit up under Reinhard's feet.

"These patterns..."

The familiar patterns.

Gave the red-haired man an incredibly familiar feeling.

"Heroic Spirit Summoning?

"No, completely reversed patterns...

"This is... Reverse Summoning?!"

In his dazed eyes.

The black-armored knight raised his gaze in astonishment.

The bright blue witch.

That incredibly familiar figure, already engraved in his memory.

In the summoning circle, slowly condensed.

Accompanied by, those fair, soft palms.

As always, gently caressing his face.

The pitch-black, lightless armor continuously faded and dissolved.

The black-haired youth whose face was held by the witch, stared blankly at others with tears streaming down his face, and spoke softly.

"My dear...

"I'm looking for you."

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