Fate in Bleach: Unlimited Blade Works!

In Bleach, with mediocre talent, the protagonist has been flatlining for thirty years. But with the sudden completion of the Zanpakuto conception, he has become a "sword person." Unlimited Blade Works, essentially "unrestricted swords." Since Soul Society does not allow two identical Zanpakutos to exist, then I just won't use my Zanpakuto, and that should be fine, right? Who is the strongest in the Zanjutsu category: Zangetsu or Zangetsu: Black? Who is the number one in Assassination Techniques: Ichimonji or Suzumebachi? Which is stronger: Kinshara or Senbonzakura? Can the Yami no Tachi Shura and Yami no Tachi Rasetsu compete for the title of the strongest Zanpakuto? Unlimited Blade Works, essentially "swords," all the "swords" in the world are mine. Yamamoto, even you, the head of the 1st Division, "Black," cannot take away my "swords." My-Editor: Kim Yune Co-Authors: He Ling, Li Liang Coverart: Miko Please follow/support us at: https://www.patreon.com/ZenpaiTrans

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Aizen Take Action  

In the end, Nanao Ise left with Shunsui Kyoraku.

Nanao's departure made Haruko Kuchiki feel depressed for a long time. But this was unavoidable. Nanao Ise had her own burdens to bear.

The downfall of the Ise clan caused quite a stir among the nobles, but for the Seireitei, and the entire Soul Society, it was merely a ripple.

After all, in the Seireitei, ordinary Shinigami were the most numerous.

Moreover, the nobles lived separately from the common folk, and outside the Ise clan had little renown. Additionally, the nobles intentionally or unintentionally suppressed information from reaching the common Shinigami, severely limiting what they could learn. Even becoming a captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads did little to change this.

Just like Sosuke Aizen, if he wanted information, he had to sneak into the Great Spirit Library to research. Even for Ailin, without his past life's memories, he would know nothing.

After keeping Haruko company for a few days until her mood recovered, Ailin felt relieved.

When the Shinigami Women's Association once again commandeered the Kuchiki family's garden, Ailin left to clear his head.

Finding a random tavern, ordering a bottle of sake and some snacks, Ailin enjoyed the tranquility. Suddenly, he overheard some Shinigami at the next table discussing Sosuke Aizen.

"Kyozo, did you gain anything from seeking Vice-Captain Aizen's guidance this time?"

"Ah, of course!"

The questioned Shinigami proudly boasted to his friend, as if he'd found a treasure: "I told Vice-Captain Aizen about the difficulties I encountered in cultivation, and he immediately gave me better training advice. Moreover, at the end Vice-Captain Aizen even lectured us on how to cultivate 'Sword Meditation' to more quickly give birth to our Zanpakuto.

Vice-Captain Aizen said for people like us, cultivating our Zanpakuto is the best and fastest way to increase our strength. To help us better understand a Zanpakuto's abilities, Vice-Captain Aizen even released his own Zanpakuto for us to see, letting us experience its power directly."

"Ah, I'm so envious... Kyozo, I want to join you all and receive Vice-Captain Aizen's guidance too. Kyozo, in the name of our six years as fellow students, show me the way."

After speaking, this Shinigami pushed a small package towards Kyozo.

"Hey, Ryosuke, what are you doing? Vice-Captain Aizen guides us without accepting tuition. How could I just introduce you and demand payment from you?"

Pushing Ryosuke's offered item back, Kyozo lamented to him: "Ryosuke, Vice-Captain Aizen said we common Shinigami cannot compare to the noble Shinigami, whether in talent or resources. The only way for us to have a chance at overtaking them is through more diligent cultivation, striving to give birth to a powerful Zanpakuto and change our destiny.

Vice-Captain Aizen can spare time to guide us, but we can't bother him every day either. So normally we gather groups of over a hundred before going to audit Vice-Captain Aizen's lectures to the students at the Spiritual Arts Academy. Next time the great Vice-Captain Aizen teaches, I'll call for you. Ryosuke, you should reach out to colleagues who also want to improve themselves in the meantime. Then we can all go together."

"Got it, thanks Kyozo."

"Don't thank me, thank the great Vice-Captain Aizen... All these years, I've realized the only one who truly treats us common Shinigami as people is Vice-Captain Aizen.

Look at the other Shinigami who came from the Rukongai Districts, not to mention others, just me - I've been a Shinigami for so long but never thought to do anything for my Rukongai brethren. But Vice-Captain Aizen? He's just the vice-captain of the Fifth Division, higher in status and stronger than us, yet he has never forgotten his roots...

Whenever he has time, he goes to the Spiritual Arts Academy to teach students knowledge the academy never covers... Ryosuke, although I'm in the Seventh Division, my heart belongs to the great Master Aizen..."

The two Shinigami's voices were not loud, but Ailin's hearing easily picked up their conversation.

"So Aizen has already started acting..." After listening, Ailin slowly drank a cup.

Aizen's Zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu can completely hypnotize anyone who sees its release.

In order to have the Hogyoku absorb more Shinigami souls, Aizen schemed to deceive the entire Seireitei single-handedly.

The first step was to have every Shinigami in the Seireitei witness the release of his Zanpakuto.

To hide his Zanpakuto's true ability, Aizen repeatedly released it, each time describing its supposed powers.

Despite being an illusion-type, Aizen claimed Kyoka Suigetsu was a "flowing water-type." Its complete hypnosis over the five senses made all Shinigami see dense mist emerge from Aizen's sword after the release incantation.

According to Aizen's explanation, his "flowing water" Zanpakuto "Kyoka Suigetsu" could obstruct the enemy's vision, causing those trapped in the mist to attack each other blindly...

Well, perhaps it was Aizen's description that misled many captains about his true strength.

After all, at the captain level and above, their speed already exceeded what the eyes could follow in combat. In such cases, they sensed each other's reiatsu and either attacked or evaded based on that. Losing sight wasn't a major issue for them.

Perhaps this was Aizen laying groundwork to portray himself as "the weakest" later, so when he pinned the blame on others, it wouldn't arouse much suspicion.

After finishing his drinks, Ailin tucked his hands into his shihakusho sleeves and leisurely headed for the 11th Division.

If he calculated right, it had been over ten years since he last visited the 11th Division. Some captain he was, being so derelict in his duties.

"Ai...Ailin Captain?"

Upon arriving at the Eleventh Division, the Shinigami there only recognized him as their captain from the "eleven" on the back of his haori.

"Captain Ailin, what brings you here today? Is there some matter?"

Seeing Ailin, the members of the 11th were very surprised. Not just the new recruits, even the veterans likely only remembered serving under Captain Ailin decades ago, when cleaning battlefields required mastering shunpo, unless they recalled his decennial fights with Captain Zaraki.

To the Eleventh's members, Captain Kenpachi was "strong." But Captain Ailin was "invincible"!

"Nothing really, just wandering around."

Casually answering their questions, Ailin curiously asked: "By the way, where's Zaraki? Where did he go?"

"Captain Ailin, Captain Zaraki said staying in the Seireitei was too boring, so he went to the Rukongai Districts to find strong opponents to fight."

"Oh? Then where are the other Division members?" Sensing the lack of Shinigami spiritual pressures in the Division, Ailin frowned.

"They heard that Fifth Division Vice-Captain Aizen was selflessly guiding everyone's cultivation, so they all went to find others to audit his lectures at the Spiritual Arts Academy."


Ailin didn't expect even the Eleventh's Shinigami to be tempted into offering themselves to Aizen at the Academy.

It seemed he underestimated their thirst for power. But thinking about it, why was the first Thirteen Court Guard Squads called "the strongest generation?"

It was because they grew up in battle and slaughter. The weak were culled, while only the battle-hardened survived time and again.

The event that caused the greatest Shinigami casualties was the war with the Empire of Light over eight hundred years ago.

After annihilating the Quincy emperor, the Seireitei enjoyed over eight centuries of peace.

As is well known, long periods of peace breed darkness. Moreover, the ruling class prevented class mobility by weakening the abilities of later generations of Shinigami.

First, common Shinigami could only access low and mid-level Kido incantations below level 40. Even mastering level 40 Kido only elevated them to mid-tier seated officers at best, ranked lower.

Second, almost no Shinigami were trained in sword skills, developing their fighting styles through battle experience instead.

Few ever had the chance to properly study swordsmanship and master it. For geniuses, self-taught styles might suit them better than formal styles. But for the masses, learning sword arts would greatly increase their strength.

Third, shunpo had devolved into just a means of travel.

Fourth, hand-to-hand combat had almost vanished from the four Shinigami disciplines, except for the Shihoin clan's techniques.

With each restriction, Shinigami abilities declined. Even the Captain-Commander Yamamoto was no exception.


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