Fate in Bleach: Unlimited Blade Works!

In Bleach, with mediocre talent, the protagonist has been flatlining for thirty years. But with the sudden completion of the Zanpakuto conception, he has become a "sword person." Unlimited Blade Works, essentially "unrestricted swords." Since Soul Society does not allow two identical Zanpakutos to exist, then I just won't use my Zanpakuto, and that should be fine, right? Who is the strongest in the Zanjutsu category: Zangetsu or Zangetsu: Black? Who is the number one in Assassination Techniques: Ichimonji or Suzumebachi? Which is stronger: Kinshara or Senbonzakura? Can the Yami no Tachi Shura and Yami no Tachi Rasetsu compete for the title of the strongest Zanpakuto? Unlimited Blade Works, essentially "swords," all the "swords" in the world are mine. Yamamoto, even you, the head of the 1st Division, "Black," cannot take away my "swords." My-Editor: Kim Yune Co-Authors: He Ling, Li Liang Coverart: Miko Please follow/support us at: https://www.patreon.com/ZenpaiTrans

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Back then, Zaraki's spiritual pressure was reduced to just a seated officer level due to his subconscious suppressions.

Although his spiritual pressure increased to captain-level during his battle with Ailin Kenpachi, in Unohana's eyes, the captain-level Zaraki was still considered "weak."

To enhance Zaraki's strength, Retsu Unohana even requested the Captain-Commander Yamamoto to guide Zaraki in the way of the sword.

However, after foreseeing Zaraki's potential, the Captain-Commander played a trick to make Zaraki abandon learning the so-called "way of the sword" himself.

The Captain-Commander thought that since he had already killed Yhwach, the only ones who could cause problems in Soul Society were the Shinigami themselves.

To keep the damage to Soul Society at an acceptable level, weakening the Shinigami was a very feasible measure. The incident with Koga further convinced the Captain-Commander of his decision.

Thinking carefully, if the Shinigami were not "weakened," with Koga's terrifying Zanpakuto ability, overthrowing the entire Soul Society would be no difficult task.

At that time, even if the Captain-Commander killed him, the level of destruction in Soul Society would not be lower than the explosion at the "Soul Modification" research institute.

It's worth noting that the Soul Modification project nearly destroyed one-tenth of Soul Society.

After witnessing the devastation caused by "scientific research" to Soul Society, the Captain-Commander banned all research related to souls.

Not only that, even the demon arts of time and space became "forbidden techniques," and using them would make one a "sinner" of Soul Society.

However, no matter what measures they implemented, the pursuit of "strength" hidden within people's souls could not be easily erased.

Aizen selflessly imparted his cultivation experience, allowing the potential of future Shinigami to greatly increase.

Perhaps this was also why many Shinigami unhesitatingly entrusted everything to Aizen, despite knowing that following him would be very dangerous.

Seeing the regret in the eyes of the remaining Shinigami, Ailin sighed.

It seems these remaining Shinigami also hoped to receive guidance from Aizen.

However, besides increasing their strength, they also had the duty of guarding their divisions.

"Ha, it seems I came at an inopportune time."

Ailin shook his head with a smile, glancing at the Shinigami in front of him, saying: "But since I'm here, it would be inappropriate if I didn't do something before leaving. Here's what we'll do, go call all the remaining squad members over. I'll take this opportunity to guide you all."


The Shinigami before Ailin was startled, then overjoyed.

Who was Ailin? He was the strongest "Kenpachi" who could beat Captain Zaraki. He was the invincible "god" in the hearts of the 11th Division members.

Now hearing Captain Ailin's words about guiding them, what an honor! The Shinigami was so excited that he stuttered: "Yes, yes, Captain, I'll call them right away..."

Then, with hurried steps, he went to summon the other eleven remaining members of the 11th Division.

"Captain Ailin."

The multiple members looked at Ailin with such fervent gazes that Ailin wondered if there was a golden glow behind his head.

"Alright, I've been your captain for decades but haven't properly guided you all yet. This is a dereliction of duty on my part as captain. Today, I'll take this opportunity to make it up to you.

Now, everyone attack me. I'll assess your foundations first, then provide targeted guidance based on your situations."

"Yes, Captain Ailin."

Swish swish...

In an instant, the twelve Shinigami members drew their Zanpakuto and attacked Ailin.





Amidst the strange shouts, Ailin's body shifted slightly, barely avoiding the squad members' attacks by a hair's breadth. Then, he offered guidance from time to time.

"Battle is not just about swordsmanship. You need to change your way of thinking..."

"Don't wait until you've used Shunpo to get into position before drawing your sword. Can't you swing your Zanpakuto during the Shunpo movement itself?"

"Your use of Shunpo is too rigid."

"Does it only count as Shunpo if the spiritual pressure explodes from the soles of both feet?"

"Doesn't a spiritual pressure explosion from just one foot also qualify as Shunpo?"

"Although the speed and distance of single-foot Shunpo can't match that of double-foot Shunpo."

"But if you link them properly, you can keep moving at the speed of single-foot Shunpo continuously."

"In the martial arts of the sword, nothing is invincible except speed. As long as your speed exceeds your opponent's sword-drawing speed, you can evade before they land a hit, just like how none of your attacks can reach me now."

"Because my speed is faster than your sword-drawing speed. Moreover, even greater speed will bring even stronger striking power."

Under Ailin's guidance, the squad members' eyes lit up with pleasant surprise.

One sentence truthfully spoken outweighs ten thousand empty words. Each of Captain Ailin's words made them feel that if they cultivated according to his guidance, even without birthing their Zanpakuto, their strength would surpass those seated officers who had released theirs.


Ailin shook his spiritual pressure, instantly forcing back the Shinigami attacking him.

"That's about enough. If I say more, I'm afraid you won't be able to remember it all. From now on, each of you practice on your own. Strive to reach the level I described. When you do, come find me, and I'll provide the next stage of guidance."

"Yes, Captain Ailin."

"Thank you, Captain Ailin."

After waving to the twelve squad members, Ailin turned and left the 11th Division: "Practice diligently. I'll be going now."

Watching Captain Ailin's departing back, the twelve squad members were dazed for a long while. Then, one of them reached out and slapped himself hard across the face.



"Yamaguchi, what are you doing?"

"Oh, I just wanted to test if I was dreaming. Captain Ailin actually came to guide us..."

"And now?"

"Well, it still doesn't feel quite real. I can't feel any pain."

"You hit my face, you idiot!"

"Haha, sorry, sorry..."

It was real, not a dream.

As the captain of the 11th Division, although Captain Ailin hadn't really come to the division for decades, everyone was quite familiar with him.

After all, this was the "invincible" Captain Ailin!

Aside from his strength, Captain Ailin's most impressive quality was his ability to guide disciples.

Captain Byakuya Kuchiki of the 6th Division received just three months of guidance from Captain Ailin over a decade ago, yet became the 6th Division's 3rd Seat a few years later. After three days of hellish training, he achieved Bankai and was promoted to Captain.

Gin Ichimaru, a genius student at the Spiritual Arts Academy, was taken as Ailin's disciple and guided for three years, becoming the 11th Division's 3rd Seat.

Nowadays, Vice-Captain Aizen of the 5th Division even praised Gin highly, saying that if the 5th Division's vice-captaincy was determined by strength like the 11th, Gin would likely be the vice-captain instead of him.

Under such circumstances, it was said that Vice-Captain Aizen had suggested to 5th Division Captain Shinji Hirako that 3rd Seat Gin be sent to serve as the vice-captain under 3rd Division Captain Rojuro Otoribashi...

Even more outrageous was that the 11th Division's Vice-Captain Zaraki fought Captain Ailin once every ten years, and everyone could see that Zaraki's strength would increase significantly after each battle with Captain Ailin.

Now, it was their turn...


Ailin was unaware of the thoughts of those 11th Division members. He wanted to guide them because he felt it would be unfair if they were the only ones left behind to guard the division while everyone else went to audit Aizen's lectures.

So on a whim, he decided to offer some guidance. After all, if their strength improved, it would also benefit his own division. As for whether their strength would ultimately increase, that depended on their own efforts.

Ailin had already shown them the method to grow stronger. What they needed to do next was diligently cultivate according to Ailin's guidance, striving to fully assimilate everything he taught.

The same techniques could enable some to slay gods and Buddhas, while others could only use them for massage...

To grow stronger required both talent and effort.

Ailin's current strength stemmed not only from his Unlimited Blade Works, but also his own hard work, which accounted for half of it.

If Ailin didn't absorb and assimilate the experiences of the weapon masters, even if he possessed countless Zanpakuto, he could only be considered a "second Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto," "second Aizen," or "second Soya Kenpachi."

To defeat the true masters solely based on the experiences of their Zanpakuto was likely just a dream.

Only one's own strength could bring out a Zanpakuto's full abilities, even surpassing its limits.

"Sosuke Aizen..."

Thinking of Aizen, Ailin couldn't help but furrow his brow. Over a decade had passed since Aizen obtained the "Soul King's Fragment" from Rangiku Matsumoto.

The "Hogyoku" had likely been completed by Aizen.

Currently, Aizen was beginning to hypnotize and control all the Shinigami in Soul Society, likely having discovered the Hogyoku's incompleteness and seeking more Shinigami souls to enhance its wholeness.


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