Fate in Bleach: Unlimited Blade Works!

Author: ZenpaiTrans
Anime & Comics
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What is Fate in Bleach: Unlimited Blade Works!

Read ‘Fate in Bleach: Unlimited Blade Works!’ Online for Free, written by the author ZenpaiTrans, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, MAGIC Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: In Bleach, with mediocre talent, the protagonist has been flatlining for thirty years. But with the sudden completion of...


In Bleach, with mediocre talent, the protagonist has been flatlining for thirty years. But with the sudden completion of the Zanpakuto conception, he has become a "sword person." Unlimited Blade Works, essentially "unrestricted swords." Since Soul Society does not allow two identical Zanpakutos to exist, then I just won't use my Zanpakuto, and that should be fine, right? Who is the strongest in the Zanjutsu category: Zangetsu or Zangetsu: Black? Who is the number one in Assassination Techniques: Ichimonji or Suzumebachi? Which is stronger: Kinshara or Senbonzakura? Can the Yami no Tachi Shura and Yami no Tachi Rasetsu compete for the title of the strongest Zanpakuto? Unlimited Blade Works, essentially "swords," all the "swords" in the world are mine. Yamamoto, even you, the head of the 1st Division, "Black," cannot take away my "swords." My-Editor: Kim Yune Co-Authors: He Ling, Li Liang Coverart: Miko Please follow/support us at: https://www.patreon.com/ZenpaiTrans

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Lots of Bots in here or am I seeing things wrong...


Reveal spoiler


male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist? male or female protagonist?


It has a lot of potential, I liked how you made it bring swords from other worlds so it doesn't have the same plot as the other fanfics. I hope there are many chapters


Imagine if he recreates EA Gilgamesh.


far too many bots fake ratings


I like this fanfic. though in this and the original I wonder if soul society and the gotei patrol the entire planet or if other spiritual factions exist as if they only cover Japan then that leaves the question of who covers the rest of the world and the size of soul society as I assume it should be as large as earth or a little smaller


No hay mucho que decir, aunque la historia no es tan original, está muy bien hecha, es muy fácil de leer, y las batallas son entretenidas, el mc no es un maníaco pervertido, ni un chad que trata a las chicas como aire, es una persona normal con un habilidad OP, y aunque hace abuso de ella, no anda con complejos de elegido, ni es un monstruo indiferente, es muy agradable leer sobre este tipo de personas, sin duda digno de estar en el top 3.








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Alright! Boom! Review! Writing as of 177. Not gonna sugar coat it, it was pretty bad in the beginning, like MTL bad ngl, until for some reason(or I'm just buggin and trippin out) the quality the quality just seemingly got a shot tin better at like round 100~120 cuz that's about where I left of for a while cuz ya boi had exams (around May-June). The book shifted from 'What is MC gonna do' to 'What are people the MC are doing', very refreshing. If you just reading the book uhhhhh... Good luck, it's gonna be a long ride, and for those just reading reviews, y'all are weird. GG


I liked it a lot good read. Good story and character development I just want to Thank you for creating this piece of art. Not a Bot Ch161


Will the main character be with Yoruichi? Will there be a harem?????????????????????harem?????????????????????????????????????????????........


Reveal spoiler










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