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What is Fallout Wastelander

Read ‘Fallout Wastelander’ Online for Free, written by the author PowerArmorGuy, This book is a Video Games Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, R18 Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: | Description |A guy who enjoys spending his free time gaming and working out is suddenly reincarnated into an alternate...


| Description | A guy who enjoys spending his free time gaming and working out is suddenly reincarnated into an alternate Fallout world as the lone wanderer from Fallout 3. How will he use his Fallout knowledge to survive in this dog-eat-dog world that has been reduced to a radioactive wasteland for the last 200 years with all sorts of dangers lurking around every corner? | Other information | Other Tags: Relatively Ruthless MC, Kingdom Building, Faction Building, War, Aliens, Space Travel, Multiverse Travel, Mutants, Magic, Robots, Exploration, Cannibals, Sex, Drugs, Slavery, Galactic Conquest, Cultivation | Links | Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NP8e6CymdY

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This is great! You can tell that the author is native to English and is writing well for his first fiction. his use of the fallout universe seems to be up to par for the chapters I have read


Good start to a novel, hoping it continues as it’s going in a good direction sofar with its story and keeping it playing out in a believable manner with not being crazy or stupid with showing the mods right from the start. Can’t wait to see though what mods got braught into that universes lore :)


5 stars for being a fallout fanfic, looking forward to the chaos of the wasteland. We need more fallout fics here, like I'm pretty sure there are more bts fanfics than fallout here on webnovel, it's a travesty.


This is the first time I have left a review but this stor is really good their arnt meny if any other fallout stories and the pacing makes this feel like a lot’s happening even when the MC is checking their stats.


Good, but too OP at the start in my opinion, but as of right now in the way the plot has been written nerfing wouldn't be possible in a logical way without increasing readers frustration, so best hopes on the authors endeavor but for my tastes of a story if he were to heed my selfishness would be a complete rewrite and risk of losing attraction from readers, so it's understandable, tally ho!


It starts with the mc being born in the vault and stuff, he learns stuff and trains stuff, makes good decisions that I don't have a problem with, and stuff. Overall, it's good stuff.


nice one author even though you are saying your new to writing a novel well this speaks you have a talent for it .. hoping this novel finishes or be continued even in a slow update . I gave you 5stars 🌟 over all. because fallout has so few novel out there. I encourage you author and thank you for the good read in this.


I loved it~! It has been a WHOLE MONTH~! WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER!?


ok... Its a fallout hârêm system FF... THats quite the mix. But i wanted to ask who are the wives?... The ONLY girls i remember from all the fallout games are Nora from fallout 4, the MC wife, and Cassidy from las vegas since she was a red head


wish there was more to read right now because I'm looking forward to it. good work on everything


It a good history.................................................................................................................................................I have nothing more to say at this time, only that, the points were to fill


I really liked the story the plot is very interesting, the protagonist's personality is amazing I really liked it, the heroine so far is very good I'm really enjoying the interaction between them


for someone whose writing a fanfic for the first time, good job, it's fun to read and i wish i read it a bit later, i have no complaints about i


An actually good fallout fanfic................ Nuf said..


Was a decent story until he got mechu deru and some super natural ability to repair everything with in radius and created an army of robots in the early chapters. It sounds good but he just got it with no effort. Like it came to him on a silver platter. Everything he got was littlerally offered to him. He got nearly unlimited ammo and guns. And People in the vault Just Let him collect resources enough to create a tank. When He said he was going to leave, nobody refused because he just went 'I am special' and they accept it. I would've liked it if things were harder to get. This is a wasteland afterall. The characters have no depth in character. Female lead Just went 'I cant live without you' without any warning. I mean, I get it, they were together from childhood but we littleraly get no perspective of her falling in love or slowltiy showing affection. It Just felt like she was Just created for him. Not like the 'oh they are match made in heaven' kind. But more like 'You are created only to love him and nothing more'.


Really enjoying this book! So glad to see another Fallout fanfic! It's what I have been searching for. Keep up the good work author! . . . . ..




I've played so much fallout 3 that I know where pretty much everything important is


For being a new author so far this book's coming along pretty well I hope he continues to update it


oo finally a Fallout fanfic I'm currently playing Fallout 4 now with permadeath mod , hope u add more useful perks not in the games hope it's good


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