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Elder Blood Witcher


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Most people who die and are confronted with a godlike being like to take the easy route... Not this guy. I have been sitting on this concept for a while and want to see if I can write it, starting with the Witcher then the game Absolver and then onto Darksouls 1. Don't rely on there being consistent updates because its unlikely... If you want to support my work or tip me enough to buy a drink please go here >https://www.p.atreon.com/Nagross Also, if you wanna join my Discord, here's the link : https://discord.gg/mG4vG5SUbF My next work, a Fallout Newvegas Fanfic : https://www.webnovel.com/book/steel-waste_18419577106748205 I don't own the cover art and have no idea who does, so don't sue me I guess? I also don't own, the Witcher, Absolver, DarkSouls or any other games, anime, books or movies written about.


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