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Fairy Tail: Sun Eater


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Ben Cooper was an elite soldier, but a tragedy change his life. That tragedy lead to his death, but it isn't the end for him. He get a new life in a new world, and he won't waste it, he will enjoy it in his own way. He is born in Earthland, World of the fantasy manga/anime Fairy Tail, world of magic. Given the Sun Dragon Slayer Magic by the one who give him this new life. So, he is basically a Sun Eater with his Dragon Slayer ability. ______________________________________ Cover is MC's face that was drawn by my sister's friend. I will post more pictures of MC in my patreon for my patrons. Artist name: Fatma (Instagram:@fatmaqn_) ____________________________________ Disclaimer: I don't own FT and it's character English is not my first language, so pardon my bad grammar. I've tried to improve it after messy early chapters. It might still not good enough, but I hope it's better now. ________________________________________________ Follow me on Patreon to read some up to 35+35 chapters ahead of this story. https://www.patreon.com/CaptMermain My fanfics are: "Transcended as Lord Buggy" & "Fairy Tail: Sun Eater"


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