I Became the Center of Attention after Inheriting a Church Book

novel - Magical Realism

I Became the Center of Attention after Inheriting a Church


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John inherited his deceased grandfather’s will and became the priest of a church. However, things didn’t go as he had expected. There was nothing magical about the church that he’d inherited. Other than praying and solving other people’s problems, there was nothing else for John to do. To make matters worse, the villagers stopped frequenting the church as they used to when John’s grandfather was still alive. The situation of the church made him desperate as he might not have enough to live on. Fortunately for him, he’d awoken to a special system just in the nick of time. You have received [Healing Light]: The Healing Light will be able to cure any diseases, including cancers. You have received [Divine Beast Language]: You will be able to converse with every animal. You will also gain the ability to understand plants through telepathy. You have received [Holy Cross Sword]: You have gained the power to materialize a Holy Cross Sword that can cut through anything. When a cancer patient with only days to live came to John and was cured by a ray of light… His name began to spread throughout the globe.


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