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Man battles the heat temperature of his room with his trusty fan, as his eyes was getting a little bit tired, he closed his eyes for a moment. Where he then woke up in an unfamiliar environment. And met a person whom they claimed as God. After a brief talk, the God then gave him a system, and you can already guess where he gets reincarnated to... It's already in the title man. PS: If you're expecting a serious story, then this one ain't for you. Tags: Acting, Adventure, Amnesia?, Angels, Anti-Social, Anti Hero MC, Appearance Changes, Artifacts, Assassin, Average-looking MC, Black Belly, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Carefree Protagonist, Crack FanFic, Cheats, Chuunibyou, Cooking, Cowardly MC, Crafting, Crime, Crossover, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Curious MC, Curses, Dao Comprehension, Delusions, Demi-Humans, Demon Lord, Demonic Cultivation Techniques, Dragons, Evil Gods, Evil Protagonist, Fallen Angels, Familiars, Fanfiction, Fast Cultivation, Gambling, Game Elements, God Protagonist, Goddesses/Gods, Heaven, Heavenly Tribulation, Hell, Hiding True ability/Identity, Indecisive MC, Inheritance, Lazy and Lucky MC, Magic, Maids, Male MC ofc, Misunderstanding, Mythology, Naive and Narcissistic Protagonist, Netori, Overpowered, Parody, R-18, R-Word, Reincarnation, Religions, Second Chance, Secretive MC, Skill Assimilation, Souls, Spirits, Yokai, Honestly if you read the entire tags kudos to you, i just wanted to make this longer. I don't own the things that would be mentioned in this fanfic, as well as the cover.

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Human World(2)

-Omni POV-

An elderly man with long grey hair and a beard who was sitting on a throne looked at his bodyguard and asked.

"Rossweiss-chan do you know where my dear Huginn and Muninn go? They haven't contacted me since I last sent them off." The elderly man asked with a sad look.

"Odin-sama, maybe they're just late..." She replied since she also didn't know.

"It's been a week, and it's making me worry they should've at least given a reply by now." Odin sighed as he looked at Asgard.




-Back to MC-

Vile while mingling with his system heard a knock at the door, who didn't even ask to come in and entered. It was Vasco, Irina, and the blue-haired girl.

"???, Not even a permission?" Vile questioned them.

"Oh, we thought you were sleeping seeing that you fought with Lord Vasco!" Irina replied cheerfully as she waved her hand.

"Then why even knock in the first place?" Vile gave them a blank stare.

"Anyway, who are you two?" Vile looked at Irina and the blue-haired girl.

"I am Irina Shidou." The twin-tailed girl replied first, with enthusiasm.

"I'm Xenovia Quarta." The blue-haired girl replied in a serious tone.

'Ah, now I remember her name now, since she's still here that means that the plot hasn't started yet in a few months or weeks probably.' Vile thought to himself Before replying to them.

"My name is Vile Kuzu." Vile replied with a sad tone as the nun that hope was with them was not there.

After thinking that the door opened up, and a gray-haired nun entered the room, which Vile immediately looked toward to.

"And I'm Griselda Quarta." The nun said in a soft tone.

Vile looked at Xenovia and asked.

"Are you two related?" 

"I am her legal guardian." Which Griselda replied.

"Ah, I see, so what exactly do you guys want?" Vile as he looked at Vasco.

"Vile boy, do you know about the supernatural world?" Vasco asked as he didn't want to investigate Vile's background.

"Of course, I know. Else why would I train my body to this extent." Vile answered as he patted his chest.

"Oh, so how many years have you trained your body, seeing that your movements are fairly refined." which made

Vile immediately replied.

"Hmmm. Like a month ago." Vile replied casually.

"Huh?" The 4 people confused. Vasco then said. "Sorry I don't think I heard you correctly, I must be my old age."

"I started to train since last month..." Vile as he said in very casual tone.

"How? I've been training ever since childhood and I don't think I can keep up with your movements." Xenovia felt confused and thought Vile was lying.

"How? I don't know talent maybe? I just trained and surpassed my limits. Or maybe you haven't you've

surpassed your limits." He shrugged at Xenovia's question.

"Do you want to joi-" Irina asked and got immediately interrupted.

"No." A flat no came from Vile's mouth as he didn't want to be an exorcist as he would be restrained from his antics.

-Small inner monologue-

Because He had one thing and one goal only.'To just have fun.'

In his past life, He found the real world very bland and boring, as he continuously watch anime or just play games in his room.

That's the reason why he didn't ask anything ask God anything that was too overpowered. If He asked for it,

the second life that he would get would be very boring, as there really

isn't a goal as he would immediately find himself at the top, and would go on with his life without any


He also remember a caped baldy in his past life, as he became bored and blitzed to any foes that came his way.

-Inner monologue end-

"At least let me finish talking." Irina pouted at Vile for interrupting her.

"Don't wanna, I already know what you were going to say." Vile looked at her.

"You were going to ask me to become an exorcist, right?" He clarified to her.

"With your strength yes. Or are you already affiliated with any factions?" Vasco asked. As Griselda narrowed 

her eyes at Vile.

"I have no connections nor am I affiliated with anyone from the 3 factions." Vile answered as he looked

at the window dramatically, He right now felt really cool as a wave of air blew past him.

"Why? Wouldn't it be better for someone like yourself to have allies? Seeing that you have the potential and talent, you're bound to have a way in the supernatural world." Griselda asked

"Why you might ask? I'll just say it in simpler words, I don't want to be under by anyone or any factions." Vile answered calmly.

This made Vasco sigh and add "Well since you don't want to join, why don't you train for a couple of days here? Since your body doesn't seem to be used to your movements maybe you would change your mind."

Hearing that Vile accepted since he was offered free power training.







-1 week Later-

1 Week has passed since Vile has after spending time with Irina and Xenovia from training together, all the while trying to flirt with Griselda.

He left the church after being constantly beaten up by Vasco, of course, was confident that he could avoid the beatdown from Vasco by using his magic.

Now Vile is on his way to Greece to find a god and test it at full power, Vasco says then that he can fight toe to toe with high-class beings, as he looked at his status.

[ Name: Vile Kuzu (84)

HP: 5440/5440

MANA: 3700/3700

STR: 211 + 0.3x = 274

END: 544

INT: 370

DEX: 295

LUCK: 42




-Breathing: 10/10(MAX)

-Shadow Magic

-Cleanse Spell

-Flashstep: 6/10

-Taijutsu: 10/10(MAX)

-Iron Skin: 10/10(MAX)

-Natural Cook: 8/10

-Gallery Fake 

-Nuclear Magic


-Background Presence

-Strong Arm


-Lucky E

-Language Comprehension


-110x System Dirt

-Rusty Dagger

-1x Coffin Piece

-Chain of a Thousand Miles

-Casull 454 ]

Satisfied at his 'hard work', He then used flash-step and released pressure around the forest areas, before a panel suddenly popped out in front of him.

[Task: The hunter becomes the hunted

Description: Hunt down your pursuers

Objective: Defeat your opponents

Reward: Color Custom Magic, MP4 (+Ultra), 500 System points

Punishment: The regular]

"A task about hunting... The goddess of the hunting perhaps." As vile cloaked himself with shadow magic making his

appearance unrecognizable to others, since he didn't want his identity to be revealed and get tracked down.

His outfit right now was like Alucard from Hellsing but black instead of red and white hair. As he put on a round glasses and took out his Casull 454 that can fire exploding mana bullets.

He stood under the moonlight as he waited for his prey to come at him.

minutes later... An arrow misses and lands near his foot.

[Lucky E has triggered]

'Oh, I didn't see the incoming arrow, this Lucky E is broken.' He thought. He found several women 

surrounded him, as their boss came last.

Seeing her Vile was now sure he was against Goddess Artemis. She had green eyes, long blue hair, and is

wearing a white pale blue outfit.

"Oh~ Don't you not find the moon to be just as beautiful as you?" He looked at the Goddess.

One of Artemis's followers who is about to shoot at Vile, is stopped by Artemis.

"Who are you? and what business do you have?" Artemis was looking at Vile's glasses with a very very serious

gaze, trying to intimidate him.

Hearing her words, Vile thought. 'Hmm, what name should I use this time?' He then revealed a big smile, and

answered her question.

"I am John Smith, and my business in coming here is... You~. " Vile replied confidently while bowing towards the Goddess slightly.








-Chapter End-